7 ways to tell if this person is from your past life

Have you ever met someone with whom you immediately felt a strong connection? Although you were previously unfamiliar, however, you feel that you know him to the extent that you knew him before.

Reincarnation theories are quite fascinating, and according to psychics, most of us constantly intersect with people from a past life and even with pets.

So, the presence of past lives, in fact, means that your soul, your essence has returned again, only in a different body, which means that it is quite possible to meet your own “Old acquaintances.” How can you recognize this?

1. It is present in your astrological chart


If you want to know for sure whether your partner lived a previous life with you or not, your astrological chart can give the answer. There is a section of astrology called synastrythat compares two or more birth charts for compatibility. Usually synastry is used to predict the development of relations between two potential partners, but experts can see in two maps and a more “long-standing relationship”.

2. Meeting with “your” person will cause you a certain reaction

Meeting one of your soul mates usually triggers a reaction in you. It can be both positive and negative. You involuntarily feel sympathy or, on the contrary, antipathy for a new person in your environment. Whatever your reaction to a meeting with a person from a past life, it will never be neutral.

3. This person is extremely interested in without any real reason.

Soul mates you once knew may have different relationships with you in this life. It doesn’t have to be your spouse or loved one. It could also be your friend, relative, or even your neighbor. A common sign for all connections from a past life is that you feel interest in the person, again with a plus or minus sign. Your souls have unfinished business that needs to be settled, and, apparently, still unlearned lessons. No one comes into your life by accident – there is a reason for any meeting.

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4. This is love at first sight (as you think)

The feeling of love at first sight is a powerful and very eloquent signal. However, as mediums say, there is no love at first sight, but there is love at first memory. Two people, without knowing it, remember a past life in which they were probably in love with each other.

5. It seems to you that you have changed roles in life with someone

During reincarnation, a person often finds himself in the “company” of the same souls, but at a new stage they can play different roles in everyone’s life. For example, if you and your mother lived together in the past, but now the roles are reversed (that is, you were a parent and she was a child), this will be felt. Perhaps you should go through a certain karmic balance and work it out.

6. You absolutely unexpectedly got yourself a pet.


Past life relationships are not limited to people, then your favorite animal could be with you. In many cases, animals instinctively know where to find you – the home they want or the person they are looking for. So, if you suddenly see a helpless street kitten under your feet, you should know that he met you for a reason.

7. You and your best friend can easily resume a conversation that was interrupted.

Some friendships last a lifetime. Even if you lost touch many years ago, but suddenly were able to re-establish contact, it means a lot. Moreover, time and distance do not change anything, and you again communicate with ease, as if you never parted. And this is more than likely a strong past life relationship. With the help of social networks, you can easily find lost people, but only if they want to be found.

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