Passionate romance between married Harrison Ford and young Carrie Fisher

Probably, there is not a single celebrity who has bypassed gossip and gossip about secret and overt novels and intrigues. Carrie Fisher or Princess Leia from the movie “Star Wars” once revealed a secret that she had been keeping for 40 years.

An ancient secret for two

Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher

In her book The Princess Diaries (2016), the actress admits that she and Harrison Ford had an affair on the set:

“It was so passionate and emotional. During the working days we are Leia and Han, and on the weekends we are Harrison and Carrie. “

By the way, 33-year-old Ford at that time was married to his first wife Mary Marquardt, and they had two children, and Carrie herself was then only 19 years old. And 40 years later, she re-read her old entries in the diary, which she found during the renovation, and decided that she could voice this ancient secret for two.

A flamboyant novel, three months long

Their feelings flashed in London at the birthday party of the film’s director George Lucas, where the entire film crew was present. Carrie didn’t like the smell and taste of alcohol, but she succumbed to the persuasion of colleagues to fit into the team:

“Alcohol makes me stupid. No, not drunk, but just stupid and weak-willed. “

Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher 2

At that moment, just like in a movie, Ford intervened and took the young actress out into the street to breathe some air. They got into the car and suddenly started kissing.

“I was shocked that I liked Harrison. I was a very insecure girl with no relationship experience, ”Carrie Fisher recalled.

She even admitted that such close communication with Ford made her doubt herself:

“I looked at him and admired his hero’s face. How could this superman pay attention to me? “

Although Carrie suffered from low self-esteem, she still dreamed of her future with the actor and that he would leave his wife for her:

“I was obsessed with Harrison long before he was megapopular. Alas, I was so inexperienced. I would not want to live it again. It was an obsession and I was confused. “

Their amazing and passionate relationship ended after filming, but the actress could not forget her office romance. She recalled Harrison once told her: “You underestimate yourself. You are very smart. You have doe eyes and samurai eggs. “

Publication of the book

star Wars

Carrie Fisher tried to contact Ford, but he did not answer her:

“I told him that I was writing a book, and if he didn’t like something, I would have deleted this information, but he didn’t react in any way.”

The story of the romance between Princess Leia and Han Solo in real life certainly became a sensation for everyone, but Ford decided to remain silent. “It was weird. For me”, – he replied succinctly about the book. The actor is reluctant to discuss any details as Fischer died at the end of 2016: “You know, after Carrie’s untimely departure, I don’t intend to bring this up.”

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