Patty Breton Net Worth

If you’re wondering how much Patty Breton is worth, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s an estimate of her income in 2020 and beyond. Patty Breton was born on July 7, 1971. She rose to fame in the American drama, Baywatch. Although her career started as a model, she soon switched to acting and starred in many movies. Married with Children and Playboy are two other notable roles.

Patty Breton was born Patricia Yanet Breton. However, she is better known as her stage name. The actress was first known for her role in the Playboy film “Cheerleaders” in 1992. Later, she appeared in Baywatch. Her net worth has increased significantly as a result of her many roles, but there are still some rumors. Although her net worth is not known, it will make you curious about her personal and professional life.

In 1989, Breton married a man from her cheerleading team. However, her relationship with this man was controversial. She is accused of assaulting him and spitting hot water on him during a flight. She has also faced accusations of sexual assault. In addition, her social media posts have been widely shared online. Patty Breton’s net worth is approximately $1 million. If you want to know how much money she has made, you should check her wiki bio to see where she’s made it.

Despite her success in her career, Patty Breton has faced numerous scandals. In addition to her sex with playboy models, she has also been involved in some controversial situations. Patty Breton is a well-known celebrity for her fight on a Delta flight. Her monthly salary was a modest $85k per month. Her net worth is $6 million.

Her controversial character in the drama Baywatch has made her famous. She was filmed throwing water at another flight passenger and beating her. She also played a part in the movie Cheerleaders and the Las Vegas Raiders. Patty Breton is a married woman who has five credits on TV. The viral video went viral on social media. The actress is working hard to make a name for her self, despite having a few responsibilities in life.

While her career in the Baywatch series may have peaked, she has yet to achieve a successful net worth. She is currently facing charges of assault and sexual harassment. The actress has been an inspiration to many. She is also known by the name Delta Karen. The website below will provide more information about Patty Breton’s net worth. It has a wealth of information on this famous actress.

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