Paul Stanley thinks it’s no longer necessary to release new songs with Kiss

Musician Paul Stanley doesn’t expect Kiss to record songs before going on tour. Fans of new music “just endure”, and they themselves are waiting for the rockers to play old hits.

Stanley, 66, believes there are so many classic songs among the band’s legacy that there is no need to record new tracks. The team hasn’t released a compilation album since 2012. Their last album was the disc “Monster” (Monster).

Paul Stanley

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“I don’t think it’s possible to release new material,” says Paul. – Times have changed. I can write something, but people will shout, “This is great. Now play the hit Detroit Rock City. ” And I am sympathetic to this, because the listeners have a personal story associated with the song. For them, it is a cast of a period in life. And there is nothing else that can take this place overnight. It is interesting to see how people keep repeating that we need to write something else. And during the show they ask for old hits, but they barely tolerate new material. They ask for new entries, wait for them, but they don’t really want it.

A musician comes to the studio only when he himself feels the need for self-expression.


In September 2018, the Kiss group released a statement stating that they would be retiring 45 years after starting their career.

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