What is the meaning of the name Jeanne

Each female name endows its bearer with certain character traits, moreover, it is indirectly connected with her life events.

In this material, we will consider the influence of Jeanne’s complaints on the girl’s life, and also talk about its origin and meaning. Stay with us.

Jeanne meaning of the name health

Meaning and origin

The woman named Jeanne has a divine, very strong energy. This is due to the fact that this gripe is a French version of the biblical name “John”. In interpretation, it means “God’s grace.”

The criticism in question is of Jewish origin. Previously, it was very popular in Western countries. It had several forms: Joanna, Zhanet, Zhanka, etc.

Fortunately, this beautiful name is making a comeback again. In the ranking of popular girls’ complaints in Russia, it occupies 79th position.

Interesting! According to statistics, for every 1000 newborn girls today, two of them will be called Jeanne.

A woman named so from birth has the strongest energy. She has many positive character traits that are required to achieve success, not only financial, but also personal.


There is something in Jeanne that makes the people around her respect her immensely. Maybe it’s a sense of purpose or an inability to give up. In any case, she is a very strong-willed person.

The meaning of the name Jeanne for a girl

Baby Jeanne is a fidget. She loves noisy and active games, is energetic and perky. Loves to explore the world. The parents of such a baby may prematurely develop gray hair due to her restlessness. Such a child is very active, but successful.

Important! Esotericists note that luck patronizes girls with this name.

It doesn’t change during adolescence. Remains the same energetic and inquisitive. The bearer of this gripe will not find a common language with every person. She is stubborn. She hardly compromises, as she believes that only her opinion is correct.

Such a woman is incredibly purposeful. She does not know how to give up, she always competently plans all her steps, which will ultimately lead her to victory.

She never gets lost in the gray mass, prefers to stand out, so she often wears bright, even extravagant clothes that emphasize her individuality.

Has a penchant for leadership. She believes that she knows a lot about people, so she does not miss the opportunity to give them valuable, in her opinion, instructions. Those, in turn, often see her as their patron.

Jeanne name meaning character and destiny

Jeanne is a very determined person. If she has outlined a plan of action, she will never back down. Will fight to the last. As a “weapon” he often uses his charisma.

An important point! Jeanne, born under the fire sign of the zodiac (Sagittarius, Leo, Aries), are characterized by vanity and selfishness.

Often relies on intuition. This feeling is perfectly developed in young Jeanne. With age, she becomes more rational, therefore, when making decisions, she relies more on reason, and not on instinct.

Despite stubbornness, excessive self-confidence and a certain bombast, the bearer of this name is cheerful, witty and open. She loves her family and friends with all her heart, never leaving any of them in trouble. Yes, she is very kind. She is not characterized by such traits as self-interest and hypocrisy. Such a woman does not know the feeling of pity. If the people around her are doing well, she truly feels joy.

Jeanne has a heightened sense of justice. She perceives important issues of human society as her own. Always acts honestly, especially in family matters.

Such a woman is repulsed by weak-minded people. She believes that it takes a lot of vitality to accomplish great things. And absolutely right in this! Indecisive and weak-willed people annoy her. The carrier of this criticism does not want to deal with them.

The meaning of the name Jeanne

Work and career

Zhanna is an excellent negotiator. She has a well-developed speech apparatus. The girl knows a lot about strategic planning, she has many interests. She has an extraordinary mind and good intuition. All this together makes her a promising and skillful businessman.

Such a woman knows her worth, so she will never engage in uninteresting activities that bring little income. Yes, she loves money and happily spends her life energy on earning it. She is very sociable and open, therefore she loves work related to communication.

Can be:

  • Social worker.
  • A psychologist.
  • Teacher.
  • Operator.
  • Office manager.
  • Creative director, etc.

The bearer of this name is a good leader. Starting from the lowest positions, she can reach the management, becoming the director. She has every chance of creating a successful business.

Advice! Jeanne, if you have an investment idea, but you are afraid to take risks, know that Heaven favors you. Cast aside your fears, weigh the pros and cons, and take the risk.

Jeanne name meaning family

Marriage and family

Jeanne knows what it is like to be the favorite of guys at school or university. She receives signs of attention from the opposite sex on a regular basis. Nevertheless, he is in no hurry to get married.

Surely, such a bright person as she will change several partners before marriage. Due to a rather contradictory nature, it will be difficult for her to find a person in a relationship with whom there would be complete harmony. Jeanne is a strong woman with a penchant for independence.

A successful marriage awaits her only with a kind, flexible man who will agree to give the “reins” to her. He should be quite witty, like her, frank, not concealing secrets, benevolent and compromising.

It is important that Jeanne’s husband understands her eccentric behavior, does not take offense when she, being in a bad mood, becomes rude. Having found such a person, she will become an excellent wife and mother. She adores her children. Sacrifices time, money and personal interests for their sake. She will never leave any of her household in trouble.


Jeanne is an emotive person. All the events happening around her are deeply worried and takes too close to heart. Unfortunately, it is this organ that often fails her. The carrier of this gripe, at any age, may experience tachycardia, hypertension or vascular dystonia.

Jeanne meaning of the name health

Prevention of heart pathologies – regular sports and the ability to relax.

And even closer to the age of 50, Jeanne may have problems with the lungs or kidneys. To prevent this, you need to adhere to the rules of a healthy lifestyle. First of all, give up bad habits, if any, and secondly, reduce the consumption of salty foods.

Jeanne, did you recognize yourself from our description? Leave your answer in the comments below the article.

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