Phora Net Worth

Phora’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 million. The multi-talented artist was born in 1994 and has released several albums, including a mixtape called “Sorry,” which reached the top ten on the Billboard charts. Though he has not disclosed his romantic status, he has remained relatively private. Phora earns a significant portion of his money from a YouTube channel that is popular among fans.

Phora was born in Anaheim on 11 October 1994. Phora’s father died shortly after her birth. Since her father left her, Phora was raised by her mother, who is an Internet VIP and hugely prevalent on Instagram. Phora and Destiny split on social media but they were spotted reuniting half a year before Destiny’s 2018 visit.

Phora’s net worth has risen steadily since he first began rapping at the age of seven. His music career has led to the artist being one of the highest-paid rap artists. While Phora’s income comes from rap music, he also has many sources of income. As he continues to grow and become more successful, his net worth will surely rise. He will be a major artist if he continues to pursue his passion and work hard.

Phora started her career as a tattoo artist but she soon turned her attention towards rap music. She has been featured on Hopsin’s album and other popular rappers have mentioned her name. She has also uploaded her music on YouTube, in addition to her tattoo career. As of January 2018, her music has more than 109 K subscribers and 125 million views per month. It’s no surprise, then, that Phora has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Phora is multi-talented, but he’s still a child at his core. His rap songs have become popular with both young and old fans. Despite his enormous success, he has kept his personal life under wraps. Phora has also had a romance with Instagram star Destiny Blakely, who he dated for a few months. He is still single and has no children. Nonetheless, his net worth is still high and is steadily growing.

Phora is rumored be dating Destiny, a popular rapper and TV host. The relationship between Phora and Destiny started in 2012 and is going well. Although she has not revealed her educational background, she did post a photo of herself with her boyfriend in Wendy Williams’ “It’s All in the Game” controversy. In addition, Destiny’s comments have been widely publicized, which has raised speculations about the relationship between the two.

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