Pictures Of Randy Orton And John Cena

Until recently, John Cena and Randy Orton were the only wrestlers with a picture of one another on their social media profiles. But in recent months, they’ve become more of a couple, and fans are feeling the effects. They were once rivals but have now teamed up with different WWE stars, both televised and non-televised.

Previously known as a babyface, Randy Orton has emerged as a superstar in the WWE. The third generation superstar has become a megastar in the company, and is the third-highest paid athlete in the world. He has won nine WWE Championships and four World Heavyweight Championships. The World Heavyweight Championship is his most prominent title, and he is the youngest to have ever won it. He defeated John Cena in a last-man-standing match, and he has not lost it since.

Although they’ve never shared a ring, they have always been rivals, and their recent meeting has led to some great memories. While there’s been plenty of backstage drama, the two stars’ friendship remained intact and even made it possible for them to meet again. The fans were very happy to see Randy Orton, as it provided an opportunity to catch up. The two have worked together on several occasions, and Orton was the first man to win the World Heavyweight championship.

Randy Orton and John Cena’s friendship is more than a decade old. The two have worked together on various occasions and are still close. The feud between them continued until their split in the mid-2000s. While it was unknown whether they’d reunite, it was clear that their rivalry was still alive. The two shared some of the same values, including the importance of loyalty and respect.

They were both champions in the WWE. In the past, John Cena was known as a babyface. However, his renascent to megastardom has been fueled by a rivalry with Randy Orton. Both men were able to win titles in the World Heavyweight division and became the face of the WWE for many years. They are both pictured here, and it’s not difficult to see which one of them is more attractive.

The two are famous for their feuds in the WWE. Both have been champions of the company at different times. In October 2009, Orton defended the WWE title with a devastating RKO, and John Cena won the Royal Rumble. Their rivalry was a great one, and they are both considered superstars. They have worked together in various rivalries and have been praised by each other on the WWE show.

In addition to their feud, they have worked together on other projects in the WWE. They have even been involved in a few TV shows. The two men are also good friends. The three of them share a great love for each other. Despite their differences, they remain great rivals. The World Heavyweight Championship was won by John Cena in a single elimination match in August 2021.

While Randy Orton is the most famous of the two men in WWE, John Cena is the most popular among them. The WWE World Heavyweight Championship is won by Orton after a long battle. He has won it four times and is the third youngest World Heavyweight Champion. They have been in a feud since September 2002 and have been compared to each other on numerous occasions.

Before the WrestleMania PPV, Orton and Cena had worked together for years. In March 2013, they had a one-on-one match. The World Heavyweight Championship was won by Orton. The two wrestlers are rivals and had a great deal in common. The WWE has been a great place to watch the matches and enjoy the show.

The two wrestled in two Hell in a Cell matches in the same year. While the WWE rarely has the same match twice, this is a rare case where the two wrestlers have a long rivalry. While Orton is the more successful of the two, Orton has more world championships and is a great performer. He is a fan favorite and has a big following in the wrestling world.

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