Pini Zahavi Net Worth

Pini Zahavi, an Israeli sports agent, has a net worth $1.1 million in 2022. She is ranked #3 in the list of Sports Agents. This does not include any of her other assets such as property, cars, or yachts. You can check her profile on different public sources and see her bio. She has a daughter, and a son. You can also find her biography on other sites.

Pini Zahavi is an agent for the English football club Chelsea. He has been a consultant to Roman Abramovich, a billionaire, since 2003. He was also involved in major football transfers, including the move of Rio Ferdinand from Chelsea to Brazil. He is a widower with two children. He lives in an apartment on the seaside in the north of Tel Aviv. His net worth is estimated to be around PS170 million.

Pini Zahavi has an impressive net worth of over PS60 million. He was affected by a stock market crash in 2001 and had to sell American Capital for between PS50 and PS60 millions. He founded Media Sports Investments in 2002, which was a partner with Corinthians. In 2007, he briefly considered Arsenal for a move to London. Pele, the agent, suggested that he go to the Brazilian game. “It made sense for me to work alongside Pini because he was an old friend.”

Pini Zahavi has a remarkable net worth. His remarkable career has earned him many awards and made him one the most successful sports agents in the world. His net worth is the result of his efforts to make life easier for star players. And while his name is not on the Forbes list, it is definitely one of the highest paid agents in the world. But despite his vast wealth, Pini is not only successful in the world of sports, but also in real life.

Pini Zahavi, a well-known agent, is part of Roman Abramovich’s inner circle. As a member of Abramovich’s inner circle, Pini has accumulated a remarkable net worth. Currently, he lives in a seaside apartment in the north of Tel Aviv with his two children. And he is a single father of two.

Pini Zahavi is worth approximately PS60 million. His income is derived from his work as an agent for Chelsea football club. He is part of Abramovich’s inner circle and has been associated since 2003 with the billionaire. As a result, he is among the richest and most famous agents in the world. He is also Israel’s most well-known and popular sports agent.

Pini Zahavi is worth PS5 billion. Since 2003, he has been working for Chelsea football club in England. His relationship with Roman Abramovich has made him one of the richest agents in the world. His job is to negotiate contracts for star players. The contract of a star player must be valid for at least two years after the transfer. Pini Zahavi, an Israeli billionaire, is worth approximately PS50 million.

Pini Zahavi is one of the richest football agents in the world. His net worth is a great deal higher than his salary. The agent has been working with the English football club more than a decade. The former Premier League manager has an estimated net worth of PS5 million. It’s possible that the agent will make a lot of money if he works for a club such as Chelsea.

Pini Zahavi works as an agent for Chelsea, the English football club. He has been a part of Abramovich’s inner circle since 2003. His net worth is a staggering amount of money, and he has a lot of money to spare. It’s no wonder that he’s one of the richest people in the world. You can find out more about Pini Zahavi and her wealth on Celebrity IQ.

Another notable aspect of Pini Zahavi’s net worth is his reputation. Pini Zahavi is a well-respected football agent. He is known for being the first soccer agent in Europe and has worked with clients like Carlos Tevez, Rio Ferdinand, and Etienne Capoue. His net worth is estimated to be about EUR80 million. There are several other agents who have similar reputations, and they all have large networths.

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