Polina Belaya about the technique of fulfilling desires and places of power

Polina Belaya is a witch, shaman, runologist, esotericist. She prefers to call herself the Magician Woman. For many years he has been working with runes, making amulets, working with the elements.

In 2019, Polina passed the casting of the “Battle of Psychics”, but did not go further. I became interested not in the object behind the screen, but in a more complex life situation among the participants. Despite the fact that she did not get into the project, she considers it a good experience in her esoteric life.

Маг Полина Белая рассказала о технике исполнения желаний, как найти своё место силы и отработать карму

In her work, Polina Belaya uses many tools, including not only stones, runes, a tambourine and a jew’s harp. Working with the elements is an inexplicable thing and not always understandable to ordinary people. Therefore, today Polina decided to share with the readers of Bologny her secrets, the technique of fulfilling desires and ways of contacting the Universe.

The interviewer is Bologny magazine journalist Maria Pavlei.

Bologny Polina, tell us, you work with energies. What does it mean?

Polina Belaya : Energy is something that cannot be felt with hands and described in words. This is power. This is a weakness. This is laughter. These are tears. This is energy.

Every emotion we have is energy. Any interaction we have with anything is energy. Our entire world is energy. Conception is energy. The process of creation is energy. The process of destruction is energy.

I don’t even know what example to give to make it as clear as possible. Energy cannot be felt, only felt. She is the engine of all life.

The most important thing when working with energies is the understanding that its competent direction in the “right direction” leads to the solution of life tasks.

Маг Полина Белая рассказала о технике исполнения желаний, как найти своё место силы и отработать карму

Bologny : What can you say about a person by his energy?

Polina Belaya : We have light bulbs for 60W, 100W, 75W, LED lamps, cold or warm lighting. Here, too, people shine in different ways and with different powers. This is what energy is about.

A lot can be seen in the energy of a person. What kind of health he has, what potential for family life, for a career, travel, for which there are predispositions. Each person has an individual energy field that leads him to events in his life.

You can determine the main problems in human life by the level of luminosity of the energy field. Now psychologists call it blocks, restrictions. Often so-called psychological problems in the energy field are seen as “holes”, “holes” or “dark spots”. The fewer spots, the better. The more equal the energy of a person, the more harmonious his life.

Маг Полина Белая рассказала о технике исполнения желаний, как найти своё место силы и отработать карму

Bologny Please tell us more about meditations. What are they for and what can be achieved with them?

Polina Belaya : Achieve, achieve, achieve …. The whole world has gone crazy in pursuit of a result that you can definitely “touch”, for desires, money, statuses. Meditation is not about “achieving”, meditation is a process that has no end. It does not have a final result, only intermediate ones. It always has a continuation.

Meditation is not a struggle, not an effort. Meditation is about finding peace and inner harmony. This is life in the present moment. This is a rest from thoughts – both one’s own and others’. This is the path to your true self.

How long will you go to your place? Unknown.

What will happen along the way? It is not known – this is your path. These are your legs. This is your uniqueness given at birth. And of course you have to go. Someone on this path will come to the stars, someone to the sea, someone will go to live in a metropolis, someone will build a business, someone will start teaching creativity to children, and someone will go to live in the forest and go into solitude . Something truly yours will happen to you. You will come to yourself.

“Who am I?” This is the question that meditation answers. No one has the right to tell you who you are. Only you yourself can understand it. Neither mom, nor dad, nor husband, nor wife can decide for you who you should be and how you should live. Only you.

Meditation is needed in order to find happiness and joy in life through understanding yourself and who you really are. After all, when we are in our place and do what we love, we are happy.

Bologny What is a lucid dream? Can a person independently master such a practice?

 Polina Belaya : A lucid dream is a dream in which you realize that you are sleeping. Exact awareness of yourself in a dream. For example, a picture is dreaming that you are sitting on some kind of sofa and talking with a loved one who has passed away. And suddenly comes the understanding “I’m sleeping!” At this moment, you can adjust the conversation with your loved one, ask important questions for you and get useful answers, change the picture in your dream, visit Barcelona, ​​Rome or Sri Lanka. In a lucid dream, everything is tangible, changeable and dynamic. And very interesting.

A person can independently master this practice. This requires training and an even energy field. Lucid dreams require energy. If you are constantly in a state of fatigue, depression, malaise, then there can be no talk of lucid dreams. Yes, dreams can be dreamed in such states, but it is unlikely that you will be able to realize yourself in them.

Маг Полина Белая рассказала о технике исполнения желаний, как найти своё место силы и отработать карму

Bologny Do you know the technique of making wishes come true, share your secrets with our readers?

Polina Belaya : Now there really are many techniques and practices that fulfill wishes. The main approach that leads to the fulfillment of desires, which I use, is to understand where a person has true desires and where imaginary ones.

I’ll explain a little. Our upbringing, school, universities, public opinion, the Internet, social networks “gave complications” to our lives. Very often we cannot distinguish our own desires from the desires imposed by society. We are all born different, but they try to make us the same. What for?

That’s when the desire is true, then the question of its fulfillment does not arise at all. Everything happens by itself. For example, your mother dreamed that you were an astronaut, but for some reason they don’t take you. You think you want to go there, but they don’t take you. You are suffering! Your wish is not fulfilled! And what to do? The answer here is unequivocal – do not go. After all, this is your mother’s desire, not yours.

That’s when a person has a state from the series “Lyuska from the next entrance has it, but I don’t. I want too! ”, then such desires are usually difficult to come true. True desires come from within. They themselves lead a person to where they can be fulfilled. There are no problems with them.

Do you want your wish to come true? First find your true self. You can find it yourself, you can do it with the help of specialists. If you are interested in how I personally do it, then I do it with the help of consultations and the Runic Transformation project.

It was with the runes that I began my esoteric path. We have been together for over eight years. Initially, I tried the project on myself several times (I always try it myself first and only then advise people). Corrected several times. And only after understanding what it could lead to, I launched “third-party” people into it.

This project helps to achieve the desired through understanding oneself, external conditions, external resources and through understanding where to move, through the ability to see opportunities and use them. I never cease to be amazed when I see the results of this work. So far I am satisfied, but I have reduced the size of the group and the number of launches per year.

I recruit a mini-group only after the diagnosis. I don’t take all. I take only those who are ready for change. In 2021, I decided that I would only launch a group once a year. There has not been a launch this year yet.

Маг Полина Белая рассказала о технике исполнения желаний, как найти своё место силы и отработать карму

Bologny : What is karma? How to work it out and what does it affect?

Polina Belaya : Karma is a vital task with which we come into this world. For some, it is positive – these are people who succeed in everything, no matter what they undertake. As if the Guardian Angel is with them. Any goal is achieved easily and simply. Everything goes by itself.

There is negative karma – these are tasks associated with difficult life situations, from which it is difficult to get out. This includes any difficult relationship (now it is fashionable to say toxic), situations of harm to health, debts, difficulties in building a career, having children, etc. People with burdened karma often have deadlock situations, as if they cannot “break through” a wall in some issue. And as soon as they do not rise, but at least it does not work out.

For example, a woman chooses only those who mock her, walk. Psychologists already had it, and magical people had it – and things are still there. The task itself is complex and the same. The task is repeated.

Or a man – and hard-working, and sensible, and all so good, but constantly gets into situations of losing money. And he can’t figure out what’s going on. He changes actions, changes the environment, changes work, and the situation does not move anywhere. Same.

Karma is worked out individually, there is no general method. Everyone has their own.

But to understand that the karmic task has been worked out easily – the same situation ceases to exist. Problem solved.

In one life, as a rule, there are several karmic tasks.

Bologny Do you think people come into our lives by chance? Or is it fate?

Polina Belaya : There are no accidents in our life. All people come for something. And about fate – an interesting question. Most of us have multiple scenarios for the future.

Imagine a map here. We need to get from point A to point B. Point A is our birth. Point B is the end point. Near these points there are many more points around. And during our life we ​​build our own individual route, adding more points to this map. On this canvas of life, a number of permanent points – constants – are also applied. They cannot be bypassed. Whatever route we take, we must visit this point along the way. This is what fate is.

You can often hear the phrase “fateful meeting.” This really happens. But it is not a fact that this particular person was supposed to meet initially. Depending on the chosen scenario of the future, these can be different people. BUT! The situation had to happen.

There may be different “decorations”, different locations for such meetings, different people. Destiny is a situation from which it is impossible to escape. The people we meet are just a way to get through this situation.

Bologny You practice wax casting. If yes, tell me, how can you see on wax what worries a person? Fear or spoilage?

Polina Belaya : I have just started to practice, and I don’t have the habit of saying what is still at the testing stage. There is, of course, a lot to see. Until the problem occurs. But in order to state this, more practice is needed than I have now. Perhaps I will refrain from details.

Маг Полина Белая рассказала о технике исполнения желаний, как найти своё место силы и отработать карму

Bologny : You work with the elements, visit places of power, make amulets. Tell our readers more, please. How can a person, for example, find his own “place of power”?

Polina Belaya : The name “place of power” speaks for itself. It may not necessarily be mountains, sea or forest, as is commonly thought. Depending on the individual characteristics of the person, these may be different points.

The place of power nourishes and restores us. For example, you have a chair in one place at home. You can sit there for 5 minutes, but as if you slept for several hours. The state is leveling off, you are calmer and ready for exploits. But on other stools, chairs and in other corners – this is not the case. This is your home place of power. Everyone has it. It can be found.

Or do you have a favorite park. There are ten of them in the city, and you go to the same one. And sit on the same bench. And the state after such walks is as if reborn. This is your place of power.

It can be different places: rivers, mountains, densely populated or sparsely populated areas. Everything is very individual. Look for each one of your own – then you will easily be charged with energy, relax and keep in touch with the Universe.

In order to find it, you need to trust your body. The body always knows where it is recovering. Where the body feels good and the mind calms down, there is your place of power.

Маг Полина Белая рассказала о технике исполнения желаний, как найти своё место силы и отработать карму

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