Promotion of a personal brand on the Internet

We invite experts in the field of beauty, health, women’s happiness (psychologists, stylists, doctors, nutritionists, teachers, professional astrologers, numerologists and other professionals in their field) to cooperate. Write to

We help experts in development!

Are you a professional in your field and dream of developing in the Internet space: about your own audience, about fame?

Or maybe you have enough customers, but it’s time to grow in price or promote your own brand and information products?

The universe has brought you to this page for a reason!

We invite experts

We provide full assistance in promoting your personal brand:

  • personal marketing strategy;
  • SMM support, maintenance and advice on your accounts;
  • producing, creating a name, working with the image;
  • PR in the largest mass media of Runet (even in foreign and scientific publications);
  • mutual PR and collaboration with experts and bloggers.

Permanent expert

One-time PR

Working with the image

Suitable for those who are just starting their journey in the formation of a personal brand and in online sales. But

  • do not understand which tools are better for you to use;
  • don’t know how to find clients on the Internet;
  • do something yourself for several months, but there is no result;
  • want to be taught, helped.
You already have an understanding of who your client is and where to look for him. You are in constant active work.

Consider that:

  • it’s time for growth;
  • it’s time to get out of the shadows;
  • make a name for yourself;
  • create a personal brand;
  • tell about yourself.
You are actively working on your image, fame and reputation.

You are primarily interested in cooperation with the media and PR of yourself and your brand.

What do we do in this case:

  1. We register as an expert in the journal.
  2. We present in the social. networks.
  3. We help to draw up a content plan for publications for a year.
  4. We work on the comments in the news.
  5. We assist in promotion and mentions.
Which is best for you:

premium posting with a one-time interview in the magazine + beautiful announcement in all social media. networks – 15,000 rubles.

(30,000 rubles with active links to your networks, courses)

What can we offer you:

  1. Replace expensive services of PR agencies for you.
  2. Guarantee at least 2 media publications per month about you and your brand.

Journals for publication:

  • other
Cost: 15,000 rubles. Cost – 15,000 rubles.

(30,000 rubles with active links to your networks, courses)

Monthly: 30 thousand per month

One-time package of 10 turnkey publications in different editions 110,000 rubles.

We invite experts We invite

7 (931) 530-72-02

Additional promotion services for all experts of the magazine with a 15% discount from the regular price:

  • organization of educational courses;
  • creation of a sales funnel;
  • smm;
  • consultation on setting up targeted advertising;
  • creating a landing page for selling courses;
  • contextual advertising Yandex and Google.

We invite experts

Colady magazine considers cooperation only with experts who have specialized or additional education in their specialty.

All companies, services and products in the magazine are placed as advertising.

Contacts for communication:

Phone: 8 (911) 761-00-27 or 8 (931) 530-72-02



We invite ALL experts, bloggers and their PR specialists to our private chat of SMM support in Telegram “PR COLADY”. Add me to friends!

Chat rules apply mutual subscription, mutual hiking, mutual support and friendship. It was created, first of all, for mutual promotion of each other!

  • After adding, be sure to tell about yourself. There are different experts in the chat – perhaps one of them will become your client, friend or partner.
  • Professional SMMs and group members help with promotion issues.
  • PR specialists send requests for expert comments here.
  • Here you can ask any question and get a prompt answer.

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