Women’s bomber jacket – how and with what to wear to follow fashion

Women's bomber - what to wearIt is easier to be always on trend if you have a bomber jacket in your wardrobe. Girls can wear the product in autumn, spring and even summer. In cool weather, it is convenient to wear a warm sweater under the jacket.

The bomber allows you to create various looks and bows, as it is harmoniously combined with both jeans and long skirts.

The content of the article:

  1. What is a bomber jacket?
  2. Materials, feature of cut bomber jackets
  3. The décor of this season’s trendy women’s bomber jackets
  4. We select a bomber jacket for every season!
  5. What to wear with a bomber jacket, what to complement?
  6. 5 stylish feminine looks with bomber jackets
  7. Prices for branded bomber jackets today
  8. What do star bombers wear?

What is bomber jacket in women’s wardrobe, and how it appeared in fashion – a little history

Outwardly, the model looks like a short jacket, to the bottom of which elastic knitted inserts are sewn (their width can reach 20 cm). The product differs from other options for jackets by the presence of cuffs.

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The bomber jacket is very comfortable and practical to wear, as it is complemented by a zipper.

The history of the bomber jacket

This wardrobe item is made from fabrics of various density. In the collections of many famous brands, you will be able to find a demi-season bomber jacket, as well as summer and winter versions of models.

  • For the first time, the Douglas brothers were engaged in the manufacture of jackets in 1930. The product was sewn for the American troops, namely, for bomber pilots, which is why the model got its name. The jacket was tough, as it was made of horse leather, warm models were made of sheepskin. The history of the bomber jacket
  • In 1955, the thing was improved by the Douglas brothers, its weight became lighter, and the material was more pleasant to the touch.
  • In the 1980s, the jacket was worn by rock performers, football fans, and skinheads.
  • In the 90s, the product began to be worn by residents of Great Britain, namely young people.
  • Since 2008, the item has been actively used not only in men’s, but also in women’s wardrobe.

Materials and cut features of bomber jackets for women

Including a bomber jacket in your wardrobe will work every season.

  • Most often, in the manufacture of bomber jackets, designers use nylon, leather, suede.
  • When sewing summer models of jackets, jeans and cotton are used.
  • Bomber jackets are sewn from thin tanned sheepskin and leather for the winter. Wearing the product is very comfortable and warm in cold weather.
  • Other seasons use cashmere, fine wool, suede, nylon and tweed.
  • Models made of satin and guipure look special.

Women's bomber jacket

You can distinguish a bomber jacket from other models by a number of signs:

  1. Free silhouette. The product does not adhere to the body, there are no darts on the jacket.
  2. Rounded neckline. The neckline is decorated with elastic or leather.
  3. Single-breasted jacket with zipper… Some products can be unfastened on both sides due to the presence of a special slider.
  4. The presence of an elastic band in the area of ​​cuffs and at the bottom of the product.

The décor of this season’s trendy women’s bomber jackets – for every taste

More and more designers are moving away from the classic bomber jacket. Only the presence of elastic bands in the area of ​​the cuffs and the lower part unites all the models with each other.

Color blocks and various prints… In various collections, this wardrobe element can be found with prints in the form of abstraction, geometric shapes, as well as floral motifs.

Bomber jacket prints for women

In addition to jackets with prints, products decorated with other decor are in fashion. Availability sequins, patches, appliques now in trend. Fashionistas wishing to experiment with the image can give preference to jackets, complemented by rhinestones, stones, fringes and other inserts.

You can buy a bomber jacket with different types of gates… Many designers experiment with looks, and make a jacket with a deep cut – or a stand-up collar.

We select a bomber jacket for every season!

If earlier the bomber jacket was considered just sportswear, now the design of the product has changed dramatically. You can choose such a thing in a universal color and style for every season.

This season is in vogue – shortened versions of models for the summer. The product is sewn from light and pleasant to the touch fabrics.

Complement your wardrobe will turn out beautiful bomber jacket made of satin

Women's bomber jackets

The real hit of the season – transparent jacket made of tulle, sheer material or lace, complemented by cuffs.

Transparent women's bomber jacket

Winter options look more voluminous on the figure, but at the same time – no less attractive. Models that are insulated will help to decorate a sophisticated figure. fur lining or holofiber… Winter bombers are made from natural suede, polyester, fur and leather

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In addition to classic models, in spring they will be especially popular oversized long bomber jackets… On cool spring days, it is important to wear a product made of leather, quilted fabric or velor… Products are insulated with padding on padding polyester.

Women's bomber winter

Spring and summer models are sewn from cotton, satin, leather… A universal option for spring and summer will be things with asymmetric cut… Models look beautiful where the front part is shorter than the back.

Some styles of bombers are complemented zipper from behind… If necessary, the product increases in size, diverging in section.

With what things is it relevant to wear a bomber jacket for a stylish woman?

To create the most sophisticated and feminine image will allow black leather jacket, which is actual to combine with a dress that is tapered downwards, or a product of a straight cut. Another good combination is a fluffy, straight or tapered skirt. High-heeled boots or ankle boots will complete the sophisticated look.

Will decorate a romantic look pink bomber, which can be combined with dresses as well as trousers. A good solution would be to choose white trousers or light-colored jeans under the jacket.

A dress with a fluffy skirt, made in pastel colors, will perfectly fit into the image. Ballerinas or sandals with heels will organically fit a delicate bow.

It will look no less stylish dark jacket, complemented by a contrasting geometric pattern, with high boots and a short dress.

In the summertime, you should pay attention to jackets made in bright colors… Wearing a wardrobe item is relevant with capri pants, shorts, jeans or a skirt.

Complement the sports bow with a bomber jacket in the same style and properly selected clothes. This can be loose trousers, jeans, or shorts. Under the jacket, it is important to wear a T-shirt or top in a calm color, as well as a plaid shirt.

If you choose a bomber jacket in a sporty style with lettering or geometric prints, then you can wear it for a walk, or for every day.

It is important to combine elegant options for jackets with dresses, skirts and trousers, which is ideal for both dates and going to work.

5 stylish feminine looks with bomber jackets

  1. Looks very nice bright bomber jacket with jeans… Wearing such a combination is important for any occasion.

Bomber with jeans

2. Create a gentle and feminine image if combine a bomber jacket with a dressdecorated in light shades. Flamboyant athletic shoes add a touch of style to your style.

Bomber with dress

3. Create athleisure style will allow sports pants, leggings, sweatshirts and tops that can be worn under a jacket.

Athleisure bomber jacket

4. Light chiffon skirt and bomber jacket in pastel shades Is a wonderful feminine combination.

Bomber with an airy skirt

5. Daring and sexy at the same time – a jacket in a sporty style, with a short skirt and high boots with lacing.

Daring and sexy look with a bomber jacket

Pricing policy – how much is a branded bomber jacket worth today

Buy a bomber jacket from a famous American brand Tommy hilfiger in a sporty style will be possible for 24,990 rubles.

Bomber Tommy Hilfiger - 24,990 rubles.

Bomber Tommy Hilfiger – 24,990 rubles.

Stylish bomber jacket in pink or black colors from Reebok perfect complement to both sporty and casual look.

  Bomber Reebok - 4390 RUB.

Bomber Reebok – 4390 RUB.

Warm enough and comfortable model from the Russian brand Forward – this is exactly what you need for cold weather.

Bomber Forward - 6900 rubles.

Bomber Forward – 6900 rubles.

Black classic jacket from the Belarusian brand Nat max will go well with leggings or trousers.

Bomber Nat Max - 3572 rubles.

Bomber Nat Max – 3572 rubles.

Spring bomber jacket with a floral print from the Belarusian company VLADOR perfect for light-colored trousers or dress.

Bomber VLADOR - 3990 rubles.

Bomber VLADOR – 3990 rubles.

What do star bombers wear?

Street style is very popular among celebrities in everyday life. Two American supermodels Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid prefer bomber jackets in calm colors. The stars pair the jacket with leggings, athletic shoes, top and sunglasses.

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid prefer bomber jackets in calm colors

Telediva Kim Kardashian likes to wear a black bomber jacket with leggings and a tank top in the same color scheme, as well as light-colored sneakers. Sunglasses complete the look.

Kim Kardashian likes to wear a black bomber jacket with leggings and a tank top

The singer is not afraid to experiment with the image Rihanna… The celebrity combines a blue long bomber jacket with sweatpants and white heeled boots. Sunglasses in white frames complement the shocking look.


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The bomber jacket has become a universal and indispensable item in the wardrobe of all fashionistas in the world. This practical product does not hinder movement, and allows you to create a variety of bows for every day.

Complementing your wardrobe is relevant both with sporty models of jackets and beautiful feminine models with a floral print – and more.

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