where and what can be bought in stores using a children’s card

All young mothers of St. Petersburg are entitled to money for the maintenance of a newborn child. For this there is a “Children’s Card”, where a certain amount of money is transferred at a time. Separate layers of the population receive money for the “children’s card” every month.

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Children's card Petersburg

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The amount of the benefit on a child’s card – how to check the balance of a child’s card in St. Petersburg?

This card is issued at Bank Saint Petersburg and looks like an ordinary plastic card to pay for purchases. This card is subject to restrictions, so you will not be able to pay for purchases in all stores.

Children's card Petersburg - how to check the balance

How much will be transferred to the child card?

  • When the first child is born 20,153 rubles are transferred to the children’s card at a time.
  • After the birth of the second baby 26 870 rubles will be credited to your child card.
  • At the birth of the third child the amount will be equal to 33 588 p.
  • If the family is poor, then every month 1.5 times the established subsistence minimum will be transferred to the child’s card. For 2014 – the amount is 10,339 rubles.
  • For one child in a complete family 2,393 rubles are transferred per month.
  • If the family is incomplete, then 2 702 rubles are issued for the maintenance of one child. per month.
  • For the maintenance of a child in a military family transferred 2 702 p. per month.
  • For the maintenance of the second and subsequent child transferred 3088 p. per month.

Children's card Petersburg - how to check the balance

How to check the balance of a child’s card?

  • View the balance on the check. If the goods were purchased using a children’s card, then the check will indicate the balance on the account.
  • By phone. If you call 329-50-12, you can find out the balance of the card in the automatic service, which exists for holders of children’s cards.
  • You can also “link” the Internet bank to the card in advance., which will help you to check the balance on the card at any time.

Shops with a children’s card – a list of St. Petersburg stores where you can buy goods with a children’s card

Unfortunately, the list of shops where you can buy things for a baby using a children’s card is limited… In any stores other than those listed below, they simply will not accept this card to pay for goods.

Children's map Petersburg - list of shops

The list includes such St. Petersburg stores as:

  • All stores of the Detsky Mir chain
  • All stores of the Zdorovy Malysh chain (including the online store)
  • Binko pharmacies
  • All stores of the “children” chain
  • Shops “Kroha”
  • All shops of the Lukomorye chain
  • Okey hypermarket chain
  • Children’s departments in Gostiny Dvor (on Nevsky).
  • Department store “Moskovsky”.
  • Shop “Multi World”, on Bolshaya Raznochinnaya.
  • In SELA stores.
  • In the chain of stores “Junior”.
  • In some Lenta stores (on Rustaveli Avenue and Khasanskaya Street).
  • On Prospekt Nauki and Tozhkovskaya, in the Musi-Pusi ​​stores.

What products can I buy with a children’s card?

In the listed stores you can buy with this card almost any children’s things (except toys)

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Children's card Petersburg - what you can buy

For instance:

  • Strollers (strollers, transformers, etc.).
  • Bed.
  • Diapers.
  • Highchairs (or a feeding chair).
  • Car seat. If parents have a car, then a child seat for the car is a must.
  • Baby food (mixes, yoghurts, cereals, etc.).
  • Shoes and clothing.
  • Essentials, items for baby care, feeding, etc. Read: What you need to buy to feed your newborn – a helpful list.

Also, with money from the card, you can purchase shampoos, shower gels, foams, oils and other baby cosmetics

Is it possible to cash out a children’s card in St. Petersburg, and how to do it?

Many parents, after receiving a child card, think about can it be cashed in St. Petersburg… This is possible – but, unfortunately, only in one way.

Children's card Petersburg - how to cash out
You can pay someone else’s purchase for a certain amount by card in exchange for cash (by mutual agreement, of course). There are no other options for withdrawing funds from the card.

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