Rating of popular beauty bloggers in Russia – how to become a beauty blogger?

Beauty blogging is an interesting, exciting and profitable occupation. Most of the girls switched to video blogging, as this is an opportunity not only to tell, but also to show fashionable news. So, which beauty bloggers are the best of the best, and how do you get started with beauty blogging?

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10 popular beauty bloggers in Russia – the best of the best

Over time, every woman begins to realize that all information about fashion, cosmetics, perfumes, stylish clothes can be obtained not from glossy magazines, but on the Internet. Beauty blogs, which are gaining immense popularity, have become one of the main sources of information on fashionable topics.

On the Russian-speaking YouTube and on the Internet in general, there are a sufficient number of world-famous video bloggers. Which girls have become the best of the best and deserve special attention from the public?

  • Sonya Esman (Сlassisinternal)

A young girl who moved from Russia to Canada has still not forgotten about her Russian roots, and is shooting her videos for the Russian-speaking population. The girl is not only a wonderful blogger with almost a million subscribers, but also a popular model. Sonya is fluent in Russian and shoots only high-quality material, which has pleased her subscribers for several years.


  • Maria Way (MWaytv)

An energetic, smiling, charming girl living in Moscow – this is how Masha can be described. This girl is known by almost everyone who has ever visited the site “YouTube”. Masha can be safely called a make-up guru, as she makes excellent video tutorials on make-up, make-up-make-up and make-up-transformations. Also on her channel you can find many different blogs, videos on the topic of beauty, personal care, etc.

  • Anastasia Shpagina (Anastasiya18ful)

This girl conquered everyone with her extraordinary appearance. The Odessa-born blogger attracts attention with her unusually large eyes (it was thanks to her puppet appearance that Anastasia was able to attract a large audience). Anastasia creates wonderful reincarnations, completely changing the image. Also on her channel you can find classic makeup lessons (for example, how to enlarge your eyes with makeup).

  • Elena Krygina (Elenakrygina)

This girl can also be called a makeup guru, since she is a professional make-up artist and has been pleasing her subscribers (and even subscribers) with great makeup lessons for several years. And Lena does it with all her inherent sincerity, simplicity and love. Many women start experimenting with their appearance after watching Elena’s video, so she deserves to be in the top 10 beauty bloggers in Russia.

  • Alina Solopova (Alinasolopova1)

One of the youngest, but also the most demanded beauty bloggers. Alina is only 16, however, she has already been able to win the love of more than 300,000 subscribers. Openness, positive attitude, the beauty of this girl attracts attention and makes her watch her videos one after another. She never ceases to delight her viewers with amazing images and special style.

One of the very first to discover beauty blogging. Now she lives in Norway, although she was born and lived in Kherson (Ukraine). She explains her hobby by the fact that she started taking pictures because of the excess of free time and a huge love for cosmetics. Soon her unusual hobby turned into a real job, which brings her pleasure to this day.

  • Lisa onair (lizaonair)

Lisa is 27 years old, currently lives in New York, but she shoots exclusively for Russian YouTube. On the girls’ channel, you can find videos with detailed step-by-step makeup instructions, as well as fashionable looks, beautiful clothing selections, Lisa’s purchases, etc.


  • Estonianna

A funny and cute girl named Anna has been pleasing her subscribers with unique and high-quality content for 4 years, maintains an Instagram page and often uploads new videos on YouTube. A girl was born and lives in Estonia, despite this, she shoots the video exclusively with Russian accompaniment and for a Russian-speaking audience.

  • VikaKofka (koffkathecat)

A young blogger who maintains a huge number of pages on social networks, has her own blog, produces wonderful videos on YouTube, and at the same time does not lose the quality of the material. Victoria also collaborates with other famous beauty bloggers and creates joint projects with them.

  • MissAnsh (Мissannsh)

A wonderful blogger, mother of a wonderful baby, wife, beauty and just a good girl. Yes, this is how you can describe Anna – a video blogger with a very solid experience. Anna gives girls beauty advice, talks about the secrets of makeup, and also gives recommendations on the selection of hairstyles, clothes, etc.

How to become a beauty blogger – recipes for success from famous Russian beauty bloggers.

Almost all the girls who have seen a video or article of beauty bloggers at least once wondered – isn’t it time for me, too, to take my modest niche in this area? So that there is pleasure and profit.
So, where to start in order to become a successful beauty blogger in the future?

Without the desire to do this business, nothing will work. If the desire is ripe, then you should be aware that this will take a lot of time, effort and even money.

In order to start somehow promoting in the fashion world, you must first come up with a sonorous nickname in order to publish all posts or videos on behalf of the nickname. There is an option to leave your real name, but it should be supplemented with some laconic prefix to make it stand out from the rest.


  • Own style

Without your own style and ideas, you will become one of the thousands of bloggers who cannot get beyond a thousand subscribers due to the hackneyed material and lack of creativity. If you can find in yourself the spark that the public is looking for, then success will not be long in coming.

For a start, it is better to take basic topics in order to cover a large circle of people who will come and look at the result of your labors.

  • Quiet place to work

Yes, this is exactly what is required for fruitful work. Processing information, thinking through a script for a video or article, editing a video or photographs – all this takes time and a high concentration of attention that cannot be achieved in a noisy environment.

  • Camera / still camera selection

This is a very important stage, because the better your photo or video material is, the more pleasant it will be for your readers / viewers to watch your work. You can start small – shoot with an amateur camera (this will be quite enough for a personal start).

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