The best films for pregnant women – positive and kind movies

Everyone needs positive emotions. And especially for expectant mothers. Therefore, heavy dramas, bloody thrillers and chilling horrors – aside. We recharge ourselves with cheerfulness and joy only from those films that are distinguished by sincerity and gaiety, lightness and a good cast.

What films can cheer up an expectant mother?

The most positive films for pregnant women

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Nine months (1995)

Dance teacher Rebecca’s dream is to have a baby. Her husband Samuel (Hugh Grant) is not yet ready for such changes. Everything happens suddenly as always – Rebecca’s dream comes true.

Samuel is confused – now he needs a bigger apartment, a more spacious car, and he will have to get rid of the cat.
Most Positive Movies for Pregnant Women - Nine Months Movie
Samuel’s childless friend adds fuel to the fire, explaining the unexpected pregnancy with female meanness … A simple, sincere picture, high-quality humor, good actors and, of course, a good ending.

Junior (1994)

A fabulous storyline, but surprisingly kind and funny film, which during pregnancy is twice as interesting to watch or watch.

The most unusual role of “The Terminator”, which became a very successful experiment in Schwarzenegger’s career.
The most positive films for pregnant women - the film Junior
Dr. Hess decides to experiment – whether a man can bear a baby. The fertilized egg is implanted into the abdomen, the test drug “Expectan” is taken regularly, changes in the physiology and mood of Dr. Hess begin, typical of any expectant mother. Will he be able to bear and give birth to his baby?

Love and Doves (1984)

Home, children, beloved wife and … pigeons. It seems that nothing else is needed for happiness. But the injury and the voucher to the sanatorium change everything – Vasya returns from the resort not to his wife in his native village, but home to his new lover – Raisa Zakharovna …
The most positive films for pregnant women - the film Love and Doves
One of the most brilliant films in our cinema about love and unchanging family values.

Sparkling humor, incomparable sincere play of actors, each line of which is a catch phrase. An upbeat, upbeat tape that everyone should watch.

You’ve got a letter (1998)

Kathleen and Joe, secretly from their halves, correspond on the Internet. They have never seen each other, but this does not prevent them from pouring out their souls in short messages and with bated breath waiting for the next – “you have a letter.”
The most positive films for pregnant women
Outside the monitor, Kathleen is the owner of a cozy bookstore, Joe is the owner of a chain of book supermarkets. Kathleen’s store faces ruin due to the opening of a new bookstore.

A real war breaks out between competitors. And the Internet romance between them continues …

Offer (2009)

Margaret is not just a boss. According to subordinates, she is a real bitch. They are afraid of her, they hide from her, they hate her.

Margaret’s assistant, Andrew, is forced to fulfill all her wishes and requirements – from a cup of coffee to after-hours work. He is tired, but the dismissal is not in his plans.
Most Positive Movies for Pregnant Women - Movie Proposal
Fate unexpectedly changes everyone’s life: Margaret is threatened with deportation, and she persuades Andrew to a fictitious marriage. Andrew is taking his “young wife” to visit relatives who are confident in their universal love.

The “honeymoon trip” on the terms of the deal turns into a clash of characters, as a result of which Margaret and Andrew, with the help of relatives, really fall in love with each other.

A picture with great music, fantastic nature in the frame, a beautiful love story and good humor.

Michael (1996)

He lives in an old motel in the middle of Iowa. He loves to drink, smoke and play around. Loves women. His name is Michael and he is … an angel. An ordinary angel – with wings, family shorts and a passion for sweets.
Most Positive Pregnancy Movies - Michael's Movie
And, probably, no one would have found out about its existence if the story about Michael had not got into the newspaper, and the journalists had not come to the motel – each with their own life drama, cynical and do not believe in miracles.

An amazingly kind and touching movie about how we forget to ask for forgiveness in time, sing a song or look at the world’s largest frying pan. The role of the angel is John Travolta.

Exchange Vacation (2006)

Iris lives in the English province, in a small cottage, writes a column in the newspaper and is hopelessly unrequited in love with her boss. Amanda is in California. She owns an advertising agency, does not know how to cry and dreams of a change of scenery after the betrayal of her loved one.
Most Positive Movies for Pregnant Women - Exchange Vacation Movie
Iris and Amanda cross on the internet in a housing exchange forum and change houses for the Christmas holidays to heal their wounds.

A wonderful movie about how it is useful sometimes to change the environment.

Love with and without rules (2003)

Harry, an aging playboy (Jack Nicholson), is dating a young Marin. They enjoy each other at her mother’s house, Erica, in her absence. Until Harry collapses with a heart attack.

The doctor called at home and the patient himself fall in love with the charming writer Erica.
The most positive films for pregnant women - Love with and without rules
But Erica is a girl of considerable age who dreams of a reliable relationship, the doctor is too young, and Harry is a real womanizer with the prospect of another heart attack.

An easy, tragicomic picture, an ideal cast, an excellent script that allows you to enjoy dialogues, landscapes and humor.

While you were sleeping (1995)

Lucy has no one but a cat. And dreams. She sees her dream every morning at work – an unfamiliar handsome Peter walks by her every day. But Lucy is too shy to come up and talk to him.
Most Positive Movies for Pregnant Women - While You were Sleeping
Chance brings them together: Lucy saves Peter’s life. He lies in a coma, she can admire him from morning to evening. Peter’s family mistakes an embarrassed and frightened Lucy for his real fiancée. And while the “groom” is unconscious, Lucy manages to become firmly attached to his relatives. And especially to brother Peter …

A fabulous, mesmerizing movie about love, which is worth watching at least once.

The Naked Truth (2009)

She is a TV producer, he is a shocking presenter. Life confronts them on the set of the program “The Naked Truth”.
The Most Positive Pregnancy Films - The Naked Truth
A realistic, hilarious comedy, talented actors, a love story of two stubborn, uncompromising people of our time.

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