Ray Rice Net Worth 2021

Ray Rice Net Worth 2021

Ray Rice has been playing professional American Football since 2008. Drafted by the Baltimore Ravens and playing until his suspension in 2014, Rice amassed significant wealth through both NFL earnings and investments outside of sports. His net worth has increased exponentially due to both factors.

Born 22 January 1987 and African-American, Baltimore Ravens star Ed Reed was raised in New Rochelle, New York after losing both parents early. Surviving on his mother’s special education teacher salary alone with three siblings helped the family cope while attending high school and Rutgers University before making his professional debut with them.

Throughout his time with the Ravens, he earned numerous accolades as an elite runner in the league and even helped lead them to their Super Bowl victory in 2013.

In 2014, video footage emerged that depicted Ray Rice punching Janay Palmer unconscious with an accidental blow while inside an Atlantic City casino elevator. This incident was considered domestic violence and resulted in Rice being banned from the NFL; upon trying to return later on but no teams would hire him due to his past transgressions.

Since that time, Rice has taken steps to diversify his income streams. He now works as a sports analyst/commentator for several networks, earning considerable sums; has co-written several books which earned royalties; appeared on reality TV shows; as well as investing in real estate and other businesses.

At present, his estimated net worth stands at $14 Million; an increase from his earlier estimate of $12 Million. His income sources include salaries and bonuses from the Baltimore Ravens along with other sources.

Rice owns a home in Reisterstown, Maryland that covers 4,736 square feet with an indoor swimming pool. He purchased it for $850,000 in 2012. It sits on an acre of land.

Ray and Janay have two children together. The couple lives a relatively simple lifestyle and focuses on raising their kids. They watch how they speak and aim to settle disagreements quickly if any arise, promising not to prolong an argument longer than necessary. Ray despises who he was when the elevator video came out, thankful that instead he got another chance at building a fulfilling family life instead of NFL playing career; giving Janay the childhood she deserves while building healthy relationship and creating even greater success together in future.

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