React Native Development Problems and How To Solve Them

If you are looking for the best tool for cross-platform development, there is nothing better than react native. Facebook designed it for an exceptional mobile experience; it has now made its name in different application markets. And there are numerous benefits of using it for mobile application development.

You can use react native development for performance optimization, support of third-party and premade components, ease of testing, and updation of apps. But as it is with every development solution, there are challenges one may have to deal with. In this article, let’s look at some and how to solve them.

What Are The Various Problems In React Native Development And Their Solutions?

Irrespective you are a new or seasoned programmer on react native, there are times when you can face specific issues. Below listed are a few of such problems that you can experience while working on react native. Simultaneously, you can even take the help of React native development services if you feel you have experienced such issues but find it challenging to manage the situation.

Dynamically Typed Framework

With Reach native development comes along with the benefit of JavaScript in cross-platform development. Even though it is a benefit, it is also a drawback at the same time. JavaScript is dynamically typed, meaning it doesn’t enforce parameters to variables and functions. Although it is helpful in many cases, it can make unwanted uncertainties, especially where a variable means everything.

Solution: To avoid such a solution, your React native developer must follow specific rules and regulations. Moreover, many other solutions, such as TypeScript, make reading and understanding the JavaScript framework easier.

Fewer APIs And Modules

Again it is also a feature and a drawback of going with React Native. React Native supports many modules and APIs, eventually making the development process easy and quick. But its drawback is that it does not support all the solutions, which may be a problem if you plan to solve a specific issue. Moreover, even if the required solution is there, it may be outdated compared to the OS version.

Solution: You can use the available ones and create a custom module in case you wish to solve any specific issue. It can be difficult at first, but it will be better than finding a solution elsewhere.

May Need Only Native Developers

Even though React Native is a cross-platform development, you may only react native developers to work on it. And it is more evident when there is some big operation of application computation that is based on React Native. And in such situations, you may have to discard the calculation to the mobile app native part and will need a developer to handle the native module.

Solution: You can hire mobile app development services who are experienced & experts in their field & can help you overcome the situation.

Library Errors

You may get specific problems and issues like FirebaseCore.h not found or Firebase. h not found while using React Native’s Firebase library. It is an indicator that the library is either not installed or linked. In such situations, it can be challenging for you to perform your tasks.

Solution: To avoid such situations, you will either re-link or re-install your React Native library manually again rather than linking it automatically.

Bottom Line

There is no suspicion that React Native is a very adaptive and versatile framework. It can be easily used for various projects, but it comes with its set of challenges. Some problems are platform or framework based, while others can be specific to the nature of React Native. But there are solutions to each situation that can be managed easily.

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