How To Profitably Present Weaknesses In A Resume?

How to please the future chef if his profile contains an insidious point – weaknesses of character? In a resume, unlike ordinary conversation, every word carries weight, so it is better to prepare in advance for uncomfortable questions, and weak qualities in the resume should be presented as very useful for the business.

Bologny will teach you how to describe your weaknesses on a resume correctly in order to avoid embarrassment and get the job of your dreams.

How to write weaknesses in a resume - examples of how to turn flaws in a resume into strengths
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  • You can simply not indicate your weak professional qualities in the resume. Concentrate on your skills, experience, education, and personal qualities can be discussed during the interview. However, it is impossible to refuse that item if you fill out the resume electronically. See also: Skype interview – what to prepare for and what to expect?
  • A dash instead of information is another mistake of future employees. If the chief decided to leave this column, it means that he is really interested in this information. And it’s not even about her, but about checking the adequate perception of oneself, the ability to learn and understand the leader. Emptiness can speak of excessively high self-esteem or, on the contrary, of self-doubt. See also: How to successfully pass an interview and get a job?
  • Of course, you should not list all the shortcomings in too much detail or engage in self-flagellation. It is enough to remember that any weaknesses in a resume have a downside for the employer. And what will be a problem for one may be an advantage for another. For example, if you are an accountant, your lack of communication will be useful in your work. And if you are a manager, then this is a serious omission.
  • When filling out your strengths and weaknesses on your resume, try to build on the position you want to occupy. For example, select disadvantages that are not related to your business. Restlessness is the norm for a sales manager, but a minus for an accountant.
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  • “Turn disadvantages into advantages” Is the old approach. It works if you can think creatively. Otherwise, the efforts will be too primitive and they will bite you. So the ploy “with a heightened sense of responsibility, workaholism and perfectionism” can be unsuccessful.
  • Remember that some bosses aren’t looking for flaws at all., but only assess the adequacy, truthfulness and self-criticism.
  • It is better to describe such weaknesses of yours in your resume that you can improve. This must also be reported in the text of the questionnaire. There are some chefs who want to train employees for themselves. In this case, your frankness and willingness to work on yourself will be appreciated with dignity.
  • Indicate not only individual characteristics, but also your properties in teamwork
  • Don’t use florid phrases like “my faults are extensions of my strengths.” This will not surprise, but only show a reluctance to conduct a dialogue with the employer.
  • The optimal number of disadvantages is 2 or 3… Don’t get carried away!

Weaknesses in a resume – examples

How to write weaknesses in a resume - examples of how to turn flaws in a resume into strengths
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  • Selfishness, pride, scrupulousness, inflexibility in labor issues, the habit of telling the truth directly, inability to establish contact with strangers, increased exactingness.
  • Inclination to formalism, overweight, lack of punctuality, slowness, restlessness, fear of airplanes, impulsivity.
  • Reliability, high anxiety, hyperactivity, mistrust, straightforwardness, the need for external motivation.
  • Hot temper, isolation, self-confidence, stubbornness.
  • Among the weaknesses, it is possible to indicate in the resume that you do not always express your thoughts perfectly or are prone to reflection… And if you are asked why it interferes, answer that you would like to spend less time analyzing the problem.

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