Rejuvenating lymphatic drainage facial massage Zogan, or Asahi – lessons from Yukuko Tanaka on video

Rejuvenating lymphatic drainage facial massage Zogan, or Asahi - lessons from Yukuko Tanaka on videoWho among us women would not like to remain always young and beautiful? Of course, everyone wants it. As you know, the skin on the face ages faster than on the body, and creams do not always help.

Today we will tell you about a unique method of rejuvenating lymphatic drainage facial massage – Zogan.

The content of the article:

  1. Benefits of Asahi massage, or Zogan
  2. Indications and contraindications for Asahi facial massage
  3. Preparing the face for a Zogan or Asahi massage
  4. Video tutorials by Yukuko Tanaka and recommendations of specialists

What is Asahi massage, or Zogan – the benefits of this Japanese facial massage

This massage was developed and presented to the public by the famous Japanese stylist and cosmetologist – Yukuko Tanaka. During her work as a make-up artist on television, she was faced with the task of giving the actors a young and “fresh” face. Simple makeup did not produce the desired effect. She even tried a regular cosmetic massage before applying makeup – but that didn’t work either.

This prompted Yukuko to spend years of research looking for a facial rejuvenation method. She studied ancient Japanese techniques and the relationship between skin, muscles, bones and lymph glands, and as a result she developed her own rejuvenating facial massage technique called Zogan, which literally means “face creation” in Japanese.

Yukuko Tanaka

This – “Deep” massage, in which there is an effect not only on the skin and muscles of the face, but also on the lymph nodes, and even the bones of the head, through a small force.

In this case, you should take special care in the area of ​​the lymph nodes: there should be no pain. If you feel pain, it means that you are doing something wrong.

It should be noted that in her 60 years, Tanaka looked no more than 40.

Yukuko Tanaka anti-aging massage is unique and has several advantages:

  • It accelerates the lymph flow, which helps to eliminate toxins.
  • It improves blood circulation, which gives the skin a healthy glow and a good complexion.
  • Promotes better tissue nutrition.
  • Models the oval of the face.
  • Smoothes wrinkles.
  • Increases skin tone and turgor.
  • Removes the “second” chin.
  • Eliminates excess fluid, which helps to eliminate puffiness, including under the eyes.
  • Eliminates signs of premature aging.

To perform this massage, you only need 10-15 minutes a day… If done correctly, the result will come quickly.

It can be done by both young and mature women.

Contraindications and indications for face massage Asahi

The Zogan rejuvenating lymphatic drainage facial massage has a number of contraindications, namely:

  1. Inflammation, rosacea and other skin diseases;
  2. Diseases of ENT organs.
  3. Disease of the lymphatic system.
  4. Colds.
  5. Chronic fatigue.
  6. Malaise.
  7. Critical days.
  8. Feeling unwell.

Also, Asahi is not recommended for owners of a thin face, since this type of massage contributes to even greater weight loss.

Therefore, for those who have a small fat layer on the face, it is better to perform manipulations only on the upper part of the face – or not at all.

Indications to the use of Zogan lymphatic drainage massage:

  • Stagnation of fluid in the body.
  • Premature aging.
  • Withering of the skin.
  • Poor circulation.
  • Sluggish and tired skin.
  • To prevent the appearance of wrinkles.
  • “Floated” oval of the face.
  • Excess subcutaneous fat on the face.
  • Pale complexion.
  • Double chin.
  • Dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Massage daily for the first 2-3 weeks, further, the intensity should be reduced to 2-3 times a week.

Preparing the face for a Zogan or Asahi massage – what is important to remember?

Before starting the procedure of Japanese lymphatic drainage massage from Yukuko Tanaka, you must thoroughly cleanse your face. You can use any cleanser – foam, milk, gel – whatever you like best, you can use a brush to cleanse your face, then blot your face with a tissue.

The next step in preparing for a massage is to apply massage oil to your face. If you do not have exactly the “massage” oil, it can be replaced by a cosmetic one. Almond, apricot, or wheat germ oil is great for this. You can use a greasy cream instead of oil.

Next – go to the massage itself

Zogan is best done in the morning, when the facial muscles are not yet tense and the skin has not yet been applied. The result is a beautiful, fresh and ruddy complexion for the whole day.

But, if in the morning you do not have time for a massage, then it can be done in the evening.

It is important to remember that this massage is done in a sitting or standing position with a straight back – but not lying down!

Advice: after completing the massage, sit quietly for a couple of minutes, then cleanse your face again and wash yourself with warm water.

Finally, apply your usual skincare products to your face.

How to do Asahi massage correctly – video tutorials by Yukuko Tanaka

The massage itself includes basic exercises and a final movement.

Remember: all manipulations are done smoothly, unhurriedly – and strictly in accordance with the instructions!

After the preparation for the massage is completed, we proceed to the Zogan massage technique (Asahi).

Video: Lessons from Yukuko Tanaka on the technique of rejuvenating lymphatic drainage massage of the face Zogan, or Asahi

1. Warming up the lymphatic tract

To do this, with tightly compressed straight fingers, we lead from the ear – along the neck, to the collarbones. We repeat 3 times.

2. Strengthen the forehead

Place the index, middle and ring fingers of both hands in the middle of the forehead, then with straight fingers continue to move with light pressure – down to the collarbone, slowing down the movement in the temporal region.

Do this exercise slowly, 3 times.

3. Smoothing wrinkles and removing puffiness around the eyes

With the middle fingers of both hands, we begin to move from the outer corners of the eyes, under the lower eyelid – to the inner corners of the eyes.

Then we run our fingers under the eyebrows – and we return back to the outer corners.

Now, from the inner corners of the eyes, draw your fingers just under the lower eyelid to the outer corners. Further, the fingers smoothly move to the temporal region and down to the clavicle.

We repeat 3 times.

4. Lifting the area around the mouth

Place the index and middle fingers of both hands in the middle of the chin.

Start a slow movement with pressure – to the corners of the lips, then with the middle fingers we lead to the area under the nose, where you need to increase the pressure.

Throughout the exercise, we constantly maintain pressure.

We repeat the exercise 3 times.

5. Massage the nose

With the middle fingers, with slight pressure, we draw around the wings of the nose 3 times, then we make transverse movements from the wings of the nose to the bridge of the nose – and vice versa, 3-4 times.

At the end, we lead our fingers along the upper cheekbones – to the temples and down to the collarbone.

6. Remove the nasolabial folds

We put our fingers on the chin.

From the chin we lead to the corners of the lips, from there to the wings of the nose, then to the area under the inner corners of the eyes – and stay in this position for 3 seconds.

Then we lead to the temporal part, from there – down to the collarbone.

We do it 3 times.

7. Tighten the oval of the face

Place one hand on one side of your face, and slide your other hand diagonally from the lower cheekbone to the inner corner of the eye. Hold your hand in this position for 3 seconds.

Then run to the temple – and down the neck, to the collarbone.

Repeat 3 times.

Now switch hands – and do the same exercise for the other cheek.

8. Modeling the cheekbones

For about 3 seconds, use your fingertips to press on the area near the wings of the nose.

Next, with pressure, slide your fingers along the upper cheekbones, then along the neck to the collarbone.

Repeat 3 times.

9. Smooth the skin around the mouth

Place your hands on the sides of your chin and press with the soft part of your palm (area near the thumb) continuously for 3 seconds.

Then, while continuing to press, bring your hands to your ears – and down along your neck to your collarbone.

Repeat the exercise 3 times. For those with very loose skin, the number of repetitions should be increased up to 5 times.

10. Get rid of saggy cheeks

Place your hands on your chin under the corners of your mouth.

Using the soft part of your palm at the base of your thumbs, run your hands to your temples and then to your collarbone, allowing lymph to drain.

Repeat 3 times.

11. We remove the second chin

Place the lower part of the palm of one hand under the chin – and with pressure move your hand along the edge of the lower cheekbone, behind the ear.

Then we do this exercise for the other side of the face.

We repeat 3 times. Those who have problems with a double chin can do the exercise 4-5 times.

12. Tightening the muscles of the whole face

We bring our hands to the face with the inner edge so that the tips of the fingers are on the bridge of the nose, and the thumbs are under the chin. You should get a “triangle”.

Now, with a little pressure, we begin to move our hands to the ears, and then down to the collarbone. Make sure there is no gap between your hands and your skin.

We repeat 3 times.

13. Remove forehead wrinkles

With the pads of the fingers of the right hand – from left to right and from right to left – we make zigzag movements for a few seconds.

Repeat 3 times.

At the end, place both hands in the middle of your forehead – and slowly slide your hands to your temples, and then to your collarbone.

Rejuvenating lymphatic drainage facial massage Zogan, or Asahi

Always remember the main thing: all manipulations are done slowly, with pressure, but there should be no pain!

If during exercise you experience pain, this means that you need to reduce the force of pressure. Keep a balance between pain and comfort.

That’s all! With the regular implementation of this massage, according to experts, you will look 10 years younger.

As always, share your thoughts and impressions in the comments. All goodness and beauty!

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