Rev Up Your Ride: The Ultimate Guide to Stand Out in Style

Standing out at the track or on the trails isn’t just a matter of mastering technique, although that should certainly be on every rider’s mind. No matter how good a rider is, few people will notice if they have a boring old bike that looks like it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. People who want to get noticed should take active steps to make their style stand out, and the best one by far is installing a high-quality dirt bike graphics kit.

What Are Graphics Kits?

Before discussing how to choose the best Suzuki graphics kits or ensure a flawless application, let’s start at the beginning with a quick definition. Graphics kits are collections of decals designed to fit a specific dirt bike model, covering its plastic parts and making them look better.

Some graphics kits cover all of the plastic. Others, known as trim kits and shroud kits, provide less-comprehensive coverage. The kits come in an incredible array of colors, styles, and designs, so it’s easy for riders to find one that suits their style perfectly.

Choosing the Best Graphics Kit

Just a few decades ago, riders who wanted to ride in style had to choose from the small selection of decals available at local shops or order from catalogs and then wait for weeks for the decals to arrive. These days, there are far more options. Riders can head online to check out available graphics kits and individual decals specifically created for their dirt bike makes and models. Try not to get overwhelmed, though. Choosing the best graphics kit generally means looking for decals that are:

  • Made of high-quality materials with aggressive adhesives and ultra-thick over-laminates.

UV-resistant to keep graphics from fading.

Sized specifically for the bike make and model.

A great expression of the rider’s style.

Customizable with different logos, pre-printed names and numbers, or other options.

Competitively priced and shipped quickly.

Devote some time to investigating not just individual products but also their manufacturers to make sure the graphics kit chosen will withstand the test of time. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, as a reputable vendor will be happy to answer them.

Get the Installation Process Right

After spending so much time choosing the perfect graphics kit and waiting for it to arrive at their doorstep, no rider wants to botch the installation process and start over from square one. They should take their time to get the installation process right. Before getting started, place each graphic up to the bike with the backing still on to make sure the kit has an accurate fit, clean the bike well to remove old decals and adhesive as well as dirt, grease, and grime that could prevent the new ones from sticking properly.

Find a place to install the decals that is dry, cool, and clean. While dirt bike graphics kits are designed to take a beating out on the trails, they should be applied with care. Smooth out air bubbles, and give the glue 24 hours to harden before hitting the trails or the track.

Turn Heads With a Stylish New Graphics Kit

Whether they’re complete amateurs or semi-professionals looking for sponsorships, dirt bike riders will feel more confident and stand out from the crowd when their bikes look better and express their styles. There’s no better time than now to rev up a ride and get it ready for the coming season, so start browsing graphics kits today.

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