Irina Khakamada on difficult periods, qualities of a leader and impostor syndrome

Irina Khakamada is an economist, journalist, writer, blogger, business coach, TV presenter and one of the brightest politicians of the early 2000s. Today she earns tens of thousands of euros from lectures and is renowned for her straightforwardness.

Her positions may seem too harsh and rude to someone, but they will absolutely make you think about your daily life, and then get off the couch and start doing something.

This is exactly what the artist’s new interview for Nadezhda Strelets became – harsh, but motivating.

On difficult periods and leaving politics: “Everything is there, but there is no happiness”

Irina Khakamada is perceived as a very strong, harmonious and practically invulnerable person. But few people know that she went through very difficult periods.

Irina Khakamada
Photo @irina_hakamada

A woman does not like to remember childhood. “In our family, all women’s destinies were unhappy, and men’s – tragic”, – she said in old interviews.

At the age of 14, Irina was on the verge of suicide and had suicidal tendencies, and at 18 she did not marry for love. Ignoring the father. Three unhappy marriages. Daughter’s blood cancer. Working as a night watchman … And even when the woman found success, money and fans, she remained deeply unhappy. “Everything is there, but there is no happiness”, The economist said to the show.

Irina Khakamada 2
Photo @irina_hakamada

She was tired of everything. She gave up what she was doing, and then life presented her with a gift – a fateful meeting that led Khakamada to the decision to go into politics.

In 1992, she created her own party and quickly gained success: ten years later, Irina nominated her candidacy for the presidency of Russia.

True, then she understood that she did not want to continue to engage in politics – in this area it is difficult to remain human. She left at the peak and began a new round of her life, taking on a creative career.

Irina Khakamada 3
Photo @irina_hakamada

“In 2002, after Nord-Ost, I realized: no, I can no longer be in an environment for which the death of 150 people due to gas is so, ugh. I understood everything. But she reached the top presidential company, said everything I think about it and closed the door, ”the publicist shares.

What should be the leader in the modern world?

Sagittarius’ next question was about the qualities of a leader. Who, if not Irina, can talk about it. She is a born leader, so she easily explained everything:

“He must be able to provide communication, and must be the main energy monster. A sponsor who pumps up the horizontal team with energy due to the fact that he draws a “flying elephant”.

Irina Khakamada 4
Photo @irina_hakamada

The Flying Elephant is the target. She may seem out of reach, everyone can make fun of her, but she should not remain in dreams. If you really plow, sooner or later you will achieve everything.

“For example, I created such a team in 2004, when I was running for president. Within a week I created it, and in a month we needed to get what we received. Everyone said it was impossible. But due to the fact that I drew an elephant, and with this flying elephant pumped up my team with energy, everything worked out. The flying elephant was the presidency, ”the actress clearly explained.

Irina Khakamada 5
Photo @irina_hakamada

Irina added: even if in the depths of her soul she did not expect to win the elections, she never said it out loud. But she also did not claim that she could become president. She said: “Imagine that we are now making history. That was?”. And she moved based on the answer.

About impostor syndrome and how psychologists harm

The last topic that Nadezhda and Irina discussed was the impostor syndrome. Khakamada devoted more than one video to this, in which she explained this phenomenon in detail and even called it “the psychology of losers.”

But the demand for the topic is not diminishing. Psychologists share: every second comes to them with this syndrome! But why?

Irina Khakamada 6
Photo @irina_hakamada

Someone, answering this question, talks for a long time about the difference between generations, self-esteem, lack of fulfillment and the problems of fathers and children … But Khakamada answers quickly: the impostor syndrome is a convenient excuse: “He takes away responsibility from you in work and life.”

Because of the syndrome, you cannot single out “your” product and present it to people – which means that you will not solve problems and take the rap for mistakes.

Irina Khakamada 7
Photo @irina_hakamada

“This is due to the fact that making a leap forward and changing something in your life is scary. To do this, you need to act. It’s easier not to act and say to yourself: “I am not worthy of a new place and I am nothing special”. This is such a weakness. And psychologists helped this by calling it the impostor syndrome. They made it easier for a person to be a loser. It’s one thing to say: “I’m a weakling. I cannot change anything in my life “… And another thing: “And I have impostor syndrome! There is also such a syndrome and such a syndrome. I need someone to treat me. Let me be treated, but I will not do anything yet “, – says the presenter.

Irina Khakamada is convinced that this is – “Ordinary laziness and lack of will to be happy”, and psychologists have come up with a name for the pernicious condition and rejoice.

“You know:” I’m too lazy to write competently – Oh, I have dyslexia. ” Take it and write competently! What other impostor? What syndrome? .. Nonsense! It’s just that everyone likes to be sick now, ”the woman concluded.

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