The best edible plant for your zodiac sign

Growing your own greens, fruits and vegetables will significantly save you money. Plus, there are many health benefits to gardening, including exercise and stress relief. Wondering which plant suits your sign best? Then you should turn to the stars for advice.

So, if you are thinking about what to plant in your garden, perhaps you should listen to Stephanie Gayling, health astrologer and author of the book “A guide to astrological wellbeing and personal care.”

Aries: garlic

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Garlic is associated with Mars, the patron saint of Aries. Like this ancient Roman god of war, garlic is also a warrior who actively fights bacteria and viruses. Plant garlic and use it in soups, vegetable side dishes, salads, sauces, and dressings.

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Taurus: spicy herbs

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Stephanie Gayling recommends the practical and down-to-earth Taurus grow herbs right in the kitchen in pots and drawers so that they are always at hand. This sign is a real gourmet who loves to eat deliciously, so he should plant several types of different herbs at once to choose from and according to his mood.

Gemini: rosemary

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Gemini has a sharp mind and high intelligence. By the way, for a long time, rosemary has been used to improve concentration and memory. Be sure to add rosemary to your baked chicken and drizzle with lemon for a cognitive boost and a delicious citrus herbal flavor.

Cancer: pumpkin

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This vegetable has a pleasant creamy texture, and it makes very “home” and “cozy” dishes – and this is exactly what Cancer needs. Stephanie Gayling advises paying attention to the pumpkin pulp salad (diced and fried) with cheese such as feta or mozzarella.

Lion: grapes

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“Lions are ruled by the sun, and grapes need a lot of sunshine,” says Geiling. Also, grapes are high in resveratrol. It is a phytonutrient that supports heart health. ” Leo should use grapes in smoothies, juices, and fruit salads.

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Virgo: bitter greens

bitter greens
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The astrologer refers to oriental medicine, which says that the bitter taste benefits the small intestine. Therefore, these greens useful for digestion will be an excellent addition to the Virgo’s diet, as well as decorate her garden. Bitter greens include dandelion, mustard, chicory salad, broccoli tops, kale.

Libra: any berries

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“Libra loves sweets, but this sign needs to monitor blood sugar levels,” explains Stephanie Geiling. “The berries are very sweet, but they are low glycemic and high in fiber.”

Scorpio: carrot

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And not only carrots! Dark vegetables (like purple carrots, eggplant, purple bok choy, and black tomatoes) are great for Scorpio too. Why? The fact is that this sign is known for its love of the dark. And as for carrots, they not only have a rich color, but also grow underground, which attracts Scorpio.

Sagittarius: peas

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A pea needs a lot of space to climb a fence or a special garden trellis. The scale of this plant is somewhat reminiscent of the independent Sagittarius, who is called the main traveler of the zodiac. Since peas are so versatile, they can be used in a wide variety of dishes – the main thing is not to limit your imagination and creativity.

Capricorn: kale (collard)

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According to Stephanie Gayling, this vegetable is not only strong and hardy like Capricorns, but it is also very high in calcium and vitamin K, two nutrients that improve bone health, which is the part of the body that this sign rules. Cabbage can be stewed, added to a salad, or simply placed on a sandwich.

Aquarius: shrub cherry (steppe cherry)

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“Aquarius is a non-standard personality in itself, he is ahead of everyone else and loves new items or rare things that others have not even heard of,” says Stephanie. Thus, bush cherry, which is usually not the object of interest for gardeners, may be a good option. It is easy to grow and has an interesting sweet and sour taste.

Pisces: watermelon

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“Pisces is a typical water sign. They are very receptive, love to ride the waves of their feelings and emotions and feel at home by the water, ”explains the astrologer. Thus, watermelon is one of the most watery foods – an ideal choice for a Pisces vegetable garden. Not to mention the fact that watermelon is tasty and healthy.

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