Rod Stewart admitted he never cooked

Legendary musician Rod Stewart is far from everyday issues. He doesn’t know how to cook at all, he can’t even fry eggs.

The 74-year-old singer assures that he has never cooked or baked his own food in his life. Rod explains that he is ashamed to admit it.

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart walks

Rod Stewart speaking

Rod Stewart with glasses

Penny Lancaster
Penny Lancaster

Rod Stewart Penny Lancaster

– Never cooked! – he asserts. “Maybe he made a cup of tea at noon and made toast himself. Other than that, haven’t tried anything. Ashamed, shame on you, Stuart!

The vocalist is popular with women. He has eight children from five former girls and wives. Since 2007, his wife is Penny Lancaster. All his life, fans have been preparing him. And if for a while he remained lonely, then he ate in the cafes closest to the house.

“It’s absolutely true that I’m not capable of boiling an egg,” says Rod. – In the seventies, there was a completely different era. We then had girlfriends with whom we had affairs. And if they got bored, they kicked them out. Or they left on their own. Sounds awful. And then you realize: “Who’s going to make me dinner? Who will make breakfast? ” And you already see yourself sitting at a table in a local cafe. I am absolutely hopeless. I can’t cook anything, even if I have to save my life.

Lancaster shares her husband’s point of view. She doesn’t like the guys at the stove.

“I agree with all the statements about equal rights,” Penny explains. “If women want to work, that’s wonderful. And if you go further, discard the apron and cooking, I think this belittles men a little. Some of their masculinity disappears. We are different: men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Some have testosterone, others have estrogen, we are not the same creatures. We must allow men to go their own way in life.

Stewart loves that his wife thinks so.

“I’m inclined to agree with her,” he touches. – And I support her, I have no other opinion. My masculinity manifests itself in other areas.

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