Timati broke up with Anastasia Reshetova after 6 years of relationship

24-year-old model and blogger Anastasia Reshetova reported that their long-term romance with 37-year-old Timati was over – they, like many, could not stand the tests of this difficult year. How will they raise the child, what was the reason for the separation and how did Timati’s first wife react?

“We are no longer one whole, not husband and wife, we do not live together,” – sincere words for the ex-husband

Timati and Reshetova

“We are no longer one whole, not husband and wife, we do not live together. It was a wonderful 6 years from the moment we met until this summer. We were best friends, lovers, partners. There was a lot between us, and it was great! This relationship was very multifaceted, fulfilling and emotional. But in this life there is nothing eternal and everything tends to end, ”Anastasia wrote in her address.

The girl assured that no one but themselves was to blame for their separation, and asked the fans to refrain from comments and inappropriate questions.

Reshetova still treats Timur with warmth and love and thanks him for a happy family life. She promised to keep friendly relations with the father of her child for the sake of her son.

“I don’t know what will happen next, but at the moment I want to direct all my energy in a different direction. I believe that it will be possible to turn our relationship into an ideal parental tandem for the sake of Ratmirchik. Thank you for what you have done for me, for your love and endless support. For raising me from a bad 18-year-old baby the way I am now. Forgive me for all the past. I promise you to raise our son in love for his father, ”the 24-year-old vice-miss of Russia noted touchingly.

Comments of subscribers: “The problem is Timati”

Timati and Reshetova2

The fans ignored the request not to discuss once again the decision of the spouses to divorce, preferring to put forward their guesses about the reasons for the event – the publication received 60 times more comments than Nastya’s other posts usually get! Here are the most popular comments:

  • “Unfortunately, Timati has been“ married ”for a long time… to his mother… The problem of many men”;
  • “When the mother is brought to childbirth, this is where the fuck-up is, comrades … I had to part right after that … Although Nastya is still very young, so she did not understand all the psychotraumas of her husband … But she has many chances to find happiness! If Timati didn’t work out with two beautiful girls with whom he agreed to have children, then the problem is in him … It’s a pity ”;
  • “So many divorces. The main thing is that it is not PR ”;
  • “It’s a pity for the children… That the daughter, that the son… Yes, they are deprived of financial problems, he will not leave them, but to see how dad lives in love with his mother (just every day, in everyday life) is still priceless”;
  • “Regret. A new stage of life begins ”;
  • “It’s a pity. Although I don’t like Timati, I like you. I really hope that you will meet a worthy person who will appreciate, love and respect you. And all these feelings will be mutual, without any farces. Good luck and strength. “

Timati and Reshetova3

Most fans blame everything on Simone, Timati’s mother, to whom he is very attached and does not leave her a single step, and others only care about who their common cats will stay with? If everything is decided with the future place of residence of Ratmir, then the fate of the animals is still shrouded in mystery …

What will become of their common one-year-old son?

The couple have already agreed with whom their 11-month-old son Ratmir will stay. If Timati’s eldest daughter from her first marriage, Alice, very often visits Simona’s grandmother, Reshetova was determined and took responsibility for her son.

“I promise you to raise our son in love for his father,” the young mother wrote on her Instagram page, addressing her ex-husband.

Apparently, the performer will also leave their common housing to the ex-wife: for more than a month, Yunusov has been renting an apartment on Tsvetnoy Boulevard in Moscow. The cost of the premises is estimated at 227 million rubles.

a son

The reactions of the stars and the ex-wife of the performer: “There is one more avenged woman”

Many stars also spoke about the separation. For instance, Agata Mutsenietse in her Insragram stories, smiling, she noted that now, after a period when all celebrities parted en masse, a series of stellar marriages will surely begin.

Agata Mutsenietse

“Friends, we chatted and thought: now there are so many partings. We just can’t. Timati and Reshetova – this was the last drop in the ocean … Let’s go to everyone’s weddings to eat deliciously. With her stool, ”the artist joked.

Recall that in the spring, Agatha herself experienced a difficult divorce from actor Pavel Priluchny. Then the actress from the “Closed School” accused her husband of drunkenness and domestic violence!

Laysan Utyasheva, Dzhigan, Lena Perminova, Anna Kanyuk and many others also sympathized with the ex-lovers.

Alena Shishkova

Here comes the rapper’s ex-girlfriend Alena Shishkova she chose to stay on the sidelines: in her Instagram account, she posted an aesthetic video with the caption:

“I know you are expecting a comment from me, but this is just an advertisement for a coat.”

And the advertisement turned out to be good – the publication received more than 800 thousand views per day.

Most of the users gloat over Nastya in the comments: they say, Reshetova “stole the man” from Alena, leaving her with a newborn baby in her arms, and now the rapper chose to leave Anastasia immediately after giving birth.

  • “One more avenged woman”;
  • “I’m so pleased, I bet I opened the champagne”;
  • “Alyonushka! Boomerang did his job for you “,
  • “Now it’s the turn of the Lattice, boomerang”,
  • “An indicator that the boomerang effect still exists,” the followers emphasized.

There were also those who pondered the reasons for parting with Timati. For example, this comment got almost two thousand likes:

“Both Nastya and Alena made the same mistake – they gave birth to Yunusov. For him, this is, apparently, the point of no return. It is important for the next girl Timati to understand: if you want to live with him, do not give birth to him. “

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