Sage The Gemini Net Worth

Sage the Gemini Net Worth

Sage the Gemini net worth has been a hot topic for the past few years. His Vevo video has received over 100 million views. Although his $4 million network has supported several tours, he has not disclosed any charity donations. Whether or not he is donating to charity is a mystery, but he’s an active member of the music industry and has a large number of YouTube subscribers.

Sage the Gemini is an American rapper

Known professionally as Sage the Gemini, Dominic Wynn Woods is an American rapper and record producer. Born in Fairfield, California, he is also known as Sage the Gemini. Woods is known for his R&B and hip-hop songs. His music has received several awards. He is credited with creating the modern hip-hop style. He has released several albums, including his latest, “Bad Blood.”

His career started at an early age, when he was fourteen. At the age of 14, he recorded his first song. Then, he joined the HBK Gang and the Black Money Music Group. In addition to rapping, Sage is also known as a model. Sage has been the subject of a documentary about his life. Currently, he is a member of HBK Gang.

Sage the Gemini is a member the HBK Gang. His 2013 single, “Gas Pedal”, reached number 29 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Sage the Gemini, originally from Los Angeles began recording with his brother at the age of eleven. At fourteen years old, he began to use the stage name Sage The Gemini. In March 2014, he released his first album, Remember Me.

Sage the Gemini was conceived Dominic Wynn Woods, June 20, 1992. When he was seven years old, his family moved to Fairfield. At the age of seven, he began recording songs. He bought a microphone from Gordon’s Music and Sound in Fairfield. His first track was titled “Made in China”. Sage the Gemini was named due to the color of his eyes. He was also born in California.

After his first single “You Should Know” went viral, Sage joined the Black Money Music Group. He is close friends and colleagues with fellow rapper Iamsu. He is a member The HBK Gang. Sage also released two singles in 2013: “Gas Pedal” and “Red Nose”. Both tracks were a huge success and garnered him lots of airplay. Sage’s popularity led to him signing to Republic Records in August 2013.

He is a singer

Sage the Gemini is an American rapper and record producer from Fairfield, California. His music has had an influence on many artists in the music business, including Future, Logic, Drake, and Logic. His music has made the community more diverse thanks to his work as a record producer and rapper. He uses rhymes to describe everyday life. Sage the Gemini’s music is available on Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music.

Sage’s career has been paved with a variety hits and collaborations. Her debut mixtape, “Now and Later”, was certified gold in the US and Canada. Since then, she has released many hit singles, including ‘Now and Later’, ‘Pilot,’ and ‘Reverse’ with rap star 03 Greedo. Sage is also married rapper Xavier Giles.

Sage the Gemini was born in San Francisco, California, on June 20, 1992. When she was seven years old, she moved to Fairfield with her family. When she was 11 years old, she began recording with her brother. She bought a microphone from Gordon’s Music and Sound in Fairfield. Sage’s first track was titled ‘Made in China.’ Sage the Gemini got her stage name from the color of her eyes and her zodiac sign.

As a member of the HBK Gang, Sage has worked with many musicians and artists. He has also released a number of singles. “Gas Pedal” is one of his most loved singles. The song has over three million views worldwide. Sage is also close with fellow rappers Iamsu!, and has been featured on various music compilations and podcasts. So far, he’s had a successful career as a singer, producer, and rapper.

Sage the Gemini, despite not winning any awards, is a rising star in the music industry. Although he is still young, Sage the Gemini has already had a significant impact on the music industry and his songs are getting worldwide attention. Sage the Gemini’s songs have garnered more than a million YouTube subscribers and seventy thousand followers on Instagram. Sage the Gemini’s networth is estimated at $5million.

He is a father

Multiple reports claim that Sage the Gemini is a father who lives on the low. He has a son with an unnamed woman who was pregnant during his JUMPOFF relationship with Pretty Stunning. She told Sage immediately when she became pregnant and offered to give him a blood test to prove paternity. Sage, however, has avoided her and denies any involvement with the baby. He also has denied the child’s name.

Despite his wealth, Sage lives with his daughter, who graduated from high school in May 2016. His ex-girlfriend is not available and his daughter’s mother’s behavior has deteriorated since the breakup. Sage is Sage’s father and mother. Sage considers his daughter to be his motivational and greatest asset. Sage the Gemini is a great father. The mother of Sage the Gemini feels differently.

The rapper was born in San Francisco on June 20 1992. He was very interested in music from an early age. He began recording at 11 years old when his brother bought a microphone. Despite this early start, Sage’s popularity grew and soon he was signed to Republic Records. Sage the Gemini has many albums under his belt, including the forthcoming album, “In the Beginning”. Sage the Gemini has been married since 2010.

Although his net worth is only around $4 million US, Sage is still very active in the world of entertainment. Sage currently has over 1.2 million YouTube subscribers. He also has a Twitter account with over 195k followers and a YouTube account with over 1.21 million subscribers. This is a pretty impressive number for a celebrity with no previous romantic history. If you’re looking for a celebrity who has a child, he’s definitely one to watch.

He does not have any charity affiliations.

Sage the Gemini, a rapper and songwriter, is 6 feet 5 inches tall. His charismatic smile and confidence are what make him stand out. The 24-year-old is from the Bay Area and is a member the Black Money Music Group. This group houses prominent bay area artists like Kehlani, Iamsu, and many others. Sage the Gemini also produces his own music, which is a testament to his musical talent.

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