Santa Clauses from different countries of the world – photo of 17 Santa Claus New Year’s brothers

We are accustomed to the name and image of our main New Year’s Wizard – Santa Claus, with a thick beard, in a long beautiful fur coat. But it is curious that such a character in old Russia was negative – children were scared of them.

With the development of Soviet cinema, Santa Claus was provided with positive qualities and a kind soul, thanks to which, for every New Year, together with his granddaughter, Snow Maiden, brings gifts to children on a troika of horses and attends children’s parties, congratulating them on the New Year.

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Father Frost

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It is known that children in Australia, America and some European countries expect gifts from Santa claus – the most famous brother of our Santa Claus, who dresses up in a red suit with white trim and rides a reindeer sleigh across the sky, delivering gifts. What other winter wizard brothers do these two have?
Brothers of Santa Claus in different countries

Meet the brother of Santa Claus from Tatarstan – Kysh Babay

kind grandfather Kysh Babay, with whom his snowy granddaughter, Kar Kyzy, always comes, wishes the kids a Happy New Year in Tatarstan. This winter wizard’s costume is blue. Kysh Babai has a white beard, sly eyes and a very kind smile.

New Year’s events with the participation of Kysh Babai in Tatarstan are accompanied by the presence of characters from Tatar folk tales – Shurale, Batyr, Shaitan. Kysh Babai, just like our Santa Claus, gives gifts to children – he always has a full bag of them.
Brothers of Santa Claus in different countries

Jul Tomten – little brother of Santa Claus in Sweden

This winter wizard is very small in stature, and his name in translation sounds like “Christmas gnome”. This character has settled in the winter forest, and has a faithful assistant – the snowman Dusty.

You can visit Yul Tomten in the winter forest – if, of course, you are not afraid of the dark forest, on the paths of which little elves run.
Brothers of Santa Claus in different countries

Brother of Santa Claus in Italy – Babbe Natale

An Italian winter wizard comes to every home. He does not need doors – he uses the chimney to descend from the roof into the room. In order for Babbe Natale to have a little food on the way, children always leave a cup of milk by the fireplace or stove.

The good fairy La Befana gives gifts to the children of Italy, and the mischievous people receive a piece of coal from the fabulous evil sorceress Befana.
Brothers of Santa Claus in different countries

Uvlin Uvgun – brother of Santa Claus from Mongolia

On New Year’s Eve, Mongolia also celebrates the feast of the shepherds. Uvlin Uvgun walks with a whip, like the most important shepherd in the country, and carries the main items for shepherds on his belt in a bag – tinder and flint.

Assistant Uvlin Uvgun – his granddaughter, “snow girl”, Zazan Okhin.
Brothers of Santa Claus in different countries

Brother of Santa Claus – Sinterklaas from Holland

This winter wizard is a sailor lover, because every year on New Years and Christmas he sails to Holland on a beautiful ship.

He is accompanied by many black servants who help with travel and preparations for the festive New Year’s celebrations.
Brothers of Santa Claus in different countries

Joulupukki in Finland – the brother of our Santa Claus, who lives in the mountains

The name of this winter wizard is translated as “Christmas grandfather.” The house of Joulupukki stands on a high mountain, and his wife, good Muori, also lives in it. A family of hardworking gnomes help with the household chores of Joulupukki.

Joulupukki himself wears a jacket made of goatskin, a wide leather belt, and a red cap.
Brothers of Santa Claus in different countries

Yakut Ehee Dyyl – the northern brother of Santa Claus

Ehee Dyil has a wonderful and strong helper – a huge bull. Every autumn this bull comes out of the ocean and tries to grow big horns. The longer this bull’s horn grows, the harder the frost will be in Yakutia.

Yakut Ehee Dyl

Oji-san is the Japanese brother of Santa Claus

Oji-san wears a red sheepskin coat and looks very much like Santa Claus. This winter wizard brings gifts to children on a ship across the sea.
Brothers of Santa Claus in different countries

Saint Nicholas from Belgium – the oldest winter brother of Santa Claus

Saint Nicholas is considered the very first, senior Santa Claus. He is dressed in a snow-white bishop’s robe and miter, this wizard rides on a horse. Saint Nicholas congratulates the children in Belgium and gives gifts, he is accompanied everywhere by the Moor Black Peter, in his hands – rods for mischievous people, and behind him – a bag with gifts for obedient children.

Each family that will give shelter to St. Nicholas will receive a golden apple from him.
Brothers of Santa Claus in different countries

Korbobo – Uzbek brother of Santa Claus

Kind grandfather Korbobo, who brings gifts to children on New Year’s Eve, always travels accompanied by his granddaughter Korgyz. He rides a donkey, and therefore can come even to the most distant villages.
Brothers of Santa Claus in different countries

Per Noel – brother of Santa Claus from France

This winter wizard from France is extreme. He wanders the rooftops and enters houses through the chimneys of fireplaces and stoves to put gifts for children in their shoes.
Brothers of Santa Claus in different countries

Yamal Iri – brother of Santa Claus from Yamal

This winter wizard has a permanent residence permit in Yamal, in the city of Salekhard. Although Yamal Iri came out of the ancient legends of the indigenous northern peoples, today he lives a completely modern life, uses the Internet and the phone.

Knocking on his magic tambourine, Yamal Iri drives away evil forces. If you touch the magic staff Yamal Iri, then all your wishes will come true. Clothes of Yamal Iri are the traditional attire of northern peoples: malitsa, kitties and jewelry made of mammoth bones.
Brothers of Santa Claus in different countries

Pakkaine – the Karelian brother of Santa Claus

This is the younger brother of Santa Claus, because Pakkaine is young and will not have a beard. He has a permanent place of residence near Petrozavodsk, in a chum.

Pakkaine Has dark hair and wears white robes, a light sheepskin coat, a red cape and blue mittens. Pakkaine gives Karelia kids gifts, sweets and scolds the most mischievous for disobedience.
Brothers of Santa Claus in different countries

Brother of Santa Claus in Udmurtia – Tol Babai

The Udmurt giant Tol Babai, the youngest in the family of giants, is fluent in the languages ​​of animals and birds, he studied the benefits of plants for many decades and became the main guardian of the nature of this beautiful land.

Tol Babai comes to people not only in the New Year, he always meets with them, 365 days a year, giving gifts and talking about the nature of Karelia. Tol Babai carries gifts for children and adults in a birch bark box behind his back.
Brothers of Santa Claus in different countries

Sook Irey from Tuva – another northern brother of Santa Claus

This winter wizard wears a richly decorated, very beautiful national costume of the fairytale heroes of Tuva. This Tuvan winter wizard has his own residence – in the near future a cultural and entertainment center will be built there.

Accompanied by Sook Irey is mother-winter named Tugani Eneken. The main Father Frost of Tuva gives gifts to children. Distributes sweets, he also knows how to keep frosts and give people good weather.
Brothers of Santa Claus in different countries

Yakut brother of Santa Claus – powerful Chyskhaan

The winter wizard from Yakutia has a peculiar costume – he wears a hat with bull horns, and the clothes are simply amazing with the luxurious decoration. The image of Chyskhaan – the Yakut Bull of Winter – combined in itself two prototypes – a bull and a mammoth, symbolizing strength, wisdom and power.

According to the legend of the Yakut people, in autumn Chyskhaan comes out of the ocean onto land, bringing cold and frost with it. In the spring, the horns of Chyskhaan fall off – the frost weakens, then the head falls off – spring comes, and the body of ice is carried away to the ocean, where it is miraculously restored until next autumn.

The Yakut Chyskhaan has its own residence in Oymyakon, where guests can come and receive cold and frost as a gift.
Brothers of Santa Claus in different countries

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