How to use a breast pump – video instructions and tips

For most new mothers, a breast pump seems strange, difficult to use, if not completely unnecessary. Although, in fact, mastering this device is not such a difficult task, and its use greatly facilitates the process of expressing milk.

How to use a manual breast pump – tell the experts from COLADY magazine.

How to use a breast pump - instructions and recommendations for new mothers
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How does a breast pump work and what is it for?

Many people argue about the benefits and dangers of expressing. Some time ago, there were categorical statements about the need for pumping for successful feeding and increasing lactation. Today there are more opponents of this procedure. In their opinion, it is impossible to express milk, and those who advise this procedure should be driven into three necks. There is a third side: you can express milk, but only when there is a need for it.

Why do you need a breast pump?

  • Stimulation of lactation.
    As you know, when the baby’s breast is completely empty, milk is produced in the same amount (or slightly more). If the baby eats less than the amount of milk in the breast, then the amount is reduced. Expressing maintains (and increases) the volume of milk. If there is enough milk, then, most likely, there is no need for additional stimulation of lactation, but if there is not enough milk, then using a breast pump is a quick and easy way to increase the “portions”.
  • The ability to feed the baby with breast milk in the absence of the mother.
    Not every young mother can be inseparable with her baby. Someone needs to study, someone needs to work – situations are different. But this does not mean that the mother should refuse breastfeeding altogether. Expressing milk easily solves this problem.
  • Prevention of lactostasis.
    Most often, primiparous women need such prevention, in order to avoid milk stagnation. Feeling hard lumps in the breast after feeding and pain is a signal that action needs to be taken. With the help of a breast pump, the milk ducts are “developed” and the risk of lactostasis is significantly reduced.
  • Maintenance of lactation.
    In such cases as the forced intake of antibiotics by a young mother, hospitalization and other health problems, it is impossible to feed the baby with breast milk. But a short break in breastfeeding is better than a complete transfer of the baby to artificial nutrition. To prevent lactation from disappearing during treatment, you should regularly express milk. Again, the easiest way to do this is with a breast pump.

How to use a breast pump – video instruction

How to use a breast pump - instructions and recommendations for new mothers
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  1. Sterilize the breast pump.
  2. Assemble the device.
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly and work your chest.
  4. Sit back in a comfortable chair and relax completely.
  5. Tune in to pumping by imagining your own child near your chest. This will help kick-start the milk excretion process.
  6. Place the nipple in the center of the flange so that it does not rub against the plastic of the device.
  7. Using the pump model, you should begin rhythmic pressing on the pear.
  8. Using the piston model, lower the lever several times, adjusting the intensity of the mode.
  9. The use of an electric breast pump also begins with the selection of the required exposure mode.
  10. You should not expect milk to sprinkle and flow like a river at once. Please be patient and take your time. At first, you will see only drops of milk being pumped, after a minute the pumping process will go much faster.
  11. The optimal pressure force is considered to be the one at which milk flows in a uniform stream or splashes, pulsating, but without pain or other unpleasant sensations.
  12. Once the milk stops flowing, the pumping process is complete. As a rule, pumping takes 10-20 minutes with mechanical breast pumps, about 5 minutes with electric models.
  13. After using the breast pump, rinse and dry all parts.

When sending breast milk for storage in the refrigerator (freezer), be sure to close the container tightly and write down the pumping time.

Video: Learning to Use a Breast Pump

How to express breast milk with a breast pump – tips for new mothers

  1. Expression should take place under the same conditions. This applies to the room, the chair on which the mother sits, sounds, etc. Such actions contribute to the consolidation of the desired reflex.
  2. 20-30 minutes before expressing, you should drink a glass of tea with milk (condensed milk).
  3. Hard, swollen breasts need a massage before pumping. You can roll a ping-pong ball on your chest, massage in regular circular movements (from armpits to nipples), or use a warm shower massage.
  4. Cracks on the nipples should be lubricated with vegetable oil before expressing. It is clear that cosmetic oils are not suitable for these purposes.
  5. If the pumping process proceeds “with a creep”, and the milk flows very slowly, then you should apply the breast pump alternately to the left, then to the right breast (interval – 3-5 minutes).
  6. Express milk at optimal room temperature. In the cold, the vessels tend to shrink, which affects the intensity of expression.
  7. Do everything according to the instructions, but the breast is still full, and the milk is separated even more difficult? Check if the breast pump is assembled correctly and if parts are worn out.
  8. Use the breast pump in accordance with the frequency of feedings – every 2.5-3 hours.

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