20 Soviet and Russian films about the New Year

  The best Russian and Soviet films about the New YearThe traditions of the New Year holidays have not changed for many years. On the eve of the New Year, every family begins a period of intensive searches for food and drinks, entertainment programs, menus and New Year’s images, and, of course, films, under which you can relax your soul during the holidays, remember the past, and tune in to the future.

Despite the abundance of foreign Christmas films, most Russians give preference to the good old Soviet New Year comedies, holiday films of a later period and modern lyrical comedies of Russian cinema.

Your attention – the best of them, in the opinion of the audience.

20 good New Year movies and comedies for family viewing in the New Year – the best of the best!


Released in 1981.

Cast: I. Muravyova and A. Abdulov, K. Luchko and Y. Yakovlev, and others.

Thousands of alumni come to Moscow every year from all over the country with the dream of a happy and successful future. But, alas, the capital does not welcome everyone with open arms. Here is the naive cheerful Nina – too …


This picture does not need any special introduction. One of the wonderful Soviet films once became a model of the talent of all participants in the filming process. Despite its advanced age, the film is still relevant and loved by the audience.

Lonely owl night

Released in 2012.

Cast: O. Pogodina and T. Kravchenko, A. Gradov and A. Chernyshov, and others.

A romantic fairy-tale comedy about how our wishes sometimes come true unexpectedly.

Lonely owl night

On New Year’s Eve, by the will of fate, the heroes get stuck in an unfamiliar house in the middle of the forest. Making wishes on the “night of a lonely owl”, they change the story of their lives forever …

Santa Claus always rings three times

Released in 2011.

In swarms: M. Vitorgan and T. Vasilyeva, M. Trukhin and M. Matveev, Yu. Aug and K. Larin, and others.

On New Year’s Eve, there is a real commotion in this Moscow family. As, however, in any other family on the eve of the holiday. The head of the family is on the nerves, the mother-in-law is on the nerves, the child demands Santa Claus, and the wife of the head of the family rushes between them, simultaneously cutting salads, laying the table and decorating the Christmas tree.

Santa Claus always rings three times

The New Year’s family “battle” is suddenly interrupted by the accidental imprisonment of the father of the family, who is stuck between the old and New Years because of an antique door …

Warm and cozy film that will give you a little fairy tale before the holidays.

Come see me

Released in 2000.

Cast: O. Yankovsky and I. Kupchenko, N. Shchukina and E. Vasilieva, I. Yankovsky and others.

Sofya Ivanovna, who has not got up from her chair for many years, and her daughter Tanya, who reads Dickens to her mother in the evenings, are used to the fact that there is no man in the house.

Tanya, who has no right to abandon her sick elderly mother, has almost gotten used to the idea that she will have to die as an old maid – if only her mother was calm. And Sofya Ivanovna, who glue touching paper figures, really wants her daughter to be happy.

Come see me

And one day, shortly before the New Year, Sofya Ivanovna decided that it was time … to die, and there was a knock on their door …

A kind, amazing and devoid of vulgarity fairy tale that happened to ordinary Moscow people has been gathering families on screens for 17 years.

2 km from the new year

Released in 2004.

Cast: A. Ivchenko A. Rogovtseva, O. Maslennikov and D. Maryanov, A. Dyachenko and others.

Tatiana goes by car to the village to celebrate the main holiday of the country with her dad.

2 km from the new year

Just 2 kilometers from the destination, a car breaks down in the middle of the road. Anatoly bumps into him, who goes to the same village – only to his mother …

A simple and kind movie with an excellent acting, incomparable humor and a pleasant New Year’s aftertaste.

Snow love or a winter night’s dream

Released in 2003.

Cast: N. Zyurkalova and L. Velezheva, V. Gaft and L. Polishchuk, I. Filippov, and others.

She is already 35 years old, has a little daughter and a job in the field of journalism. He is a returning hockey player from Canada.

Snow love or a winter night's dream

On New Years Eve, she is tasked with interviewing a celebrity who is due to return to Canada after the holidays. And everything would be fine if the old love and the common daughter did not stand between them …

A bright New Year’s picture, after which I really want to believe in miracles and eternal love.

Old New Year

Released in 1980.

Cast: V. Nevinny and A. Kalyagin, I. Miroshnichenko and K. Minina, A. Nemolyaeva and others.

The house was settled quite recently, and during the festive party is in full swing: disgruntled fathers of families slam the doors of new apartments and meet in a close male company …

Old New Year

A unique, brilliant movie about us – sincere, kind, nostalgic.

Fourth wish

Released in 2003.

Cast: M. Poroshina and A. Grebenshchikova, S. Astakhov and G. Kutsenko, and others.

A simple and uncomplicated, but surprisingly touching, New Year’s tale about a girl who, by chance, finds herself in the hut of the country’s main magician.

Fourth wish

The sincere acting of the actors, the feeling of being fully present in the film, the magical music, the bewitching ending and the time you will not be wasting.

What else do men talk about

Released in 2012.

Cast: L. Barats and A. Demidov, K. Larin and R. Khait, and others.

To the chimes – a little over 10 hours. Alexander, hurrying to the office, miraculously slows down a couple of centimeters from the Bentley – and gets a tub of slops on his head from the lips of an attractive, but too impudent girl.

What else do men talk about

Tired of the verbal skirmish, Sasha rudely sends the girl “to a known address” and leaves, not knowing that the offended madame has already sent her watchdogs after him. Frightened Sasha calls his friends for help …

A merry New Year’s comedy, which has become a pleasant continuation of the already known story about 4 friends who are terribly fond of talking about their women.

Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath

Released in 1975.

Cast: A. Myagkov and B. Brylska, Y. Yakovlev and A. Shirvindt, and others.

Friends just wanted to take a steam bath, according to their male tradition, which cannot be changed. But, waking up, the main character realizes that he is not just in someone else’s apartment, but also in a strange city …

Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath

The cult film comes from the USSR, which has been watched every new year in almost every house for more than forty years to the sound of knives slicing salads.

A picture that has long been stolen into quotes, which everyone knows by heart, and still looks every year.

Because it’s a tradition.

Carnival Night

Released in 1956.

Cast: L. Gurchenko and I. Ilyinsky, S. Filippov and Y. Belov, and others.

Young workers are preparing the club for the New Year celebration. But a sample of bureaucracy and bureaucracy unexpectedly intervenes in the preparation process – director Ogurtsov, whose plan can turn a magical New Year’s ball into a real party meeting.

Carnival Night

But the cunning youth is finding a way out of the situation …

A slightly sad, ironic, worldly wise picture of Ryazanov with the charming Gurchenko in the title role.

Christmas trees

Released in 2010.

Cast: I. Urgant and S. Svetlakov.

The picture “Fir Trees” has long been loved by Russian (and not only) viewers for the abundance of humor, touching ending, charming characters and the plot itself.

Christmas trees

After the release of the first part of the film, viewers have already managed to get acquainted with 4 more parts, and soon the release of the picture “Fir-Trees 6” is expected. The reason for the success (and all the parts became successful) is simple – love and New Year’s miracles are close to everyone.

A festive cheerful fairy tale for the whole country is similar to the delicious Olivier movie salad, in which many storylines are intertwined.

Milky Way

Released in 2015.

Cast: S. Bezrukov and M. Alexandrova, V. Gaft and V. Menshov and others.

It was as if a black cat ran between Nadya and Andrey. They live separately, and it seems that nothing will glue this family boat together.

But the forced, which promised to be formal, meeting of the New Year on Olkhon Island changes everything in one New Year’s Eve …

A bit naive, but surprisingly beautiful and touching love story of one family.

Milky Way

This picture is a little different from the usual New Year’s comedies. There are no drunken fights and funny nights in the monkey house, sudden meetings of long-broken love couples and other cliches. In this movie, you will be surprised by an ordinary family – real, sincere; magic of Baikal and beauty of landscapes, an atmosphere of mystery and a little crazy humor.


Released in 1982.

Cast: A. Yakovleva and V. Gaft, A. Abdulov and S. Farada, M. Svetin and V. Zolotukhin, and others.

Everyone knows that love works wonders. But there is no need to wait for a miracle – you need to freak yourself!

So at NUIN, work is in full swing to create a unique magic wand, which will certainly be presented on New Year’s Eve, if no one intervenes …


Russian fantasy, based on the plot of the wonderful book by the Strugatsky brothers: touching, funny, musical and entertaining fairy tales for all ages with favorite actors, miracles and magic, romance and vivid characters.

This is what happens to me

Released in 2012.

Cast: G. Kutsenko and A. Petrova, V. Shamirov and O. Zheleznyak, M. Poroshina and others.

This is what happens to me

Kind, humane and very atmospheric drama film about us. About our emotions and feelings, about senseless haste, about plans for the future and time that is going nowhere.

A movie that is watched in one breath.

New Year’s tariff

Released in 2008.

Cast: M. Matveev and V. Lanskaya, B. Korchevnikov and S. Sukhanova, and others.

A festive night that we have been waiting for the whole year – it is always full of surprises. And, although in the modern world miracles are also subject to technical progress, nevertheless, one cannot do without the participation of Santa Claus …

New Year's tariff

A romantic comedy with good humor, an interesting plot, unrecognizable faces of the actors, excellent songs and New Year’s drive.

One of the most beautiful Russian films in the list of New Year’s films.


Released in 2004.

Cast: N. Vysotsky and M. Efremov, N. Kolyakanova and E. Steblov, D. Dyuzhev and others.

One day Sergei’s life is turned upside down. Overnight, he loses everything that he has achieved with such difficulty by the age of 32.


Wandering around the city in depression gradually leads Sergei to the employment office, where she gets an interesting, but very strange job … as a listener.

A dynamic, captivating film with brilliant acting, sparkling humor and a non-trivial plot.


Released in 2006.

Cast: T. Akulova and A. Golovin, Yu. Peresild and Sh. Khamatov, and others.

On New Year’s Eve, Olya guessed a betrothed who actually exists, lives nearby and has long been in love with her. But their meeting never took place: Olya finds her lover too late – at his commemoration. Having voluntarily gone to Chechnya to avenge a friend, the guy dies in the war.


5 years have passed since Olya almost jumped off the bridge after the news of his death.

On the eve of her wedding with a pompous businessman, Olya ends up in the hospital with appendicitis, and a strange patient is placed in her room …

Snow angel

Released in 2007.

Cast: V. Tolstoganova and A. Baluev, V. Ananyeva and D. Pevtsov, and others.

Maya travels to St. Petersburg every year to celebrate the holiday away from annoying friends who persistently push the girl to marry. Stubbornly dismissing such proposals, Maya, by chance, remains in Moscow for the New Year …

Snow angel

If you do not want to meet your destiny, then destiny will come to you by itself.

A comical, romantic film with high-quality acting, among which one can separately note the little Nastya Dobrynina – a real New Year’s “angel”.

Kazan orphan

Released in 1997.

Cast: N. Fomenko and E. Shevchenko, V. Gaft and O. Tabakov, L. Durov and others.

After the death of her mother, Nastya, who is in the position, decides to publish her mother’s letter to the unknown Pavel. Perhaps this Pavel, her real father, will see this ad and …

Kazan orphan

But what if? Miracles do happen.

But on New Year’s Eve, not one, but three Pauls appear on the threshold of Nastya’s house. And they are all applicants for paternity …

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