Scenario of a boring New Year with a family at home – games and contests for a family New Year with children

New Year in the family scriptThe patron saint of the coming year is the Yellow Earth Dog. It is under her patronage that we will enter 2018: no cunning Monkeys, no fire Dragons, no biting Rats – only a loyal and kind Dog, which promises to become a reliable friend to everyone and bring prosperity to every family.

How to meet a Dog – and not disappoint him? To your attention – the main points of preparation for the holiday in the family and the scenario of a fun holiday.

The content of the article:

  1. Preparation and organizational issues
  2. New Year in the family – script, games and contests

A few hours before the New Year – preparation and organizational issues

For each of us, the New Year is a long-awaited event that begins on December 31st and lasts until the very end of the holidays.

And, of course, to have fun with this time, you need to properly prepare.

What does the Earth Dog like?

  • The main shades in clothing and room decoration: gold and yellow, orange and ash.
  • With whom and where to meet? Only at home with family and closest friends.
  • What to cook? Meat, and more.
  • How to celebrate? Noisy, fun, on a grand scale!
  • What to use in the decor? No pretentiousness! A dog is a simple beast, so this year we will do without frills and use only natural materials for decoration.

Video: How to celebrate the New Year? A game for the whole family

What is needed for a cheerful celebration of the holiday?

  1. List of competitions and script of the holiday.
  2. Small presents for each participant of the feast (on a plate), packed in neat (preferably identical) boxes. For example, small sets of sweets, notebooks and pens with the symbol of the year, or the symbol of the year itself in the form of a souvenir.
  3. Prepared playlist with the required songs.
  4. Props for contests and celebrations (including streamers, tinsel, confetti, caps, etc.).
  5. Prizes for competitions. Stationery, sweets, and toys are all fine here.
  6. And, of course, Christmas tree gifts. If there are a lot of guests, but not enough finances, it is not necessary to fill a bag of gifts for each guest. A symbolic surprise in a beautiful package (preferably handmade) is enough.
  7. Certificates, cups and medals for all participants. Naturally, they need to be prepared in advance.

Family New Year - games and contests

How to entertain a family for the New Year – options for a boring vacation

After the farewell to the Old Year has taken place, you can start rewarding the guests.

Diplomas can be printed at home on a printer, choosing the most relevant on the Internet, and then enter the desired text in them.

For instance:

  • Pope (cup) – “For golden hands”.
  • Mom (letter) – “For infinite patience.”
  • Daughter (chocolate medal) – “For the first picture on the wallpaper.”
  • To grandmother – “For standing in queues for inquiries.”
  • And so on.

Video: Family contests for the new year. Holiday script

20 good New Year movies and comedies for family viewing in the New Year – the best of the best!

And now for the fun itself. In this collection, we have collected for you the most interesting games and contests for different ages.

  1. Comic divinationAge: 6+We wrap small items in gift paper – any, depending on your imagination and on what you find in the house: wrenches and just keys, brushes and globes, wallets, etc. We write in advance a decoding of the meaning of each item. For example, a letter – for positive news, a ring – for a profitable offer, vitamins – for a year without diseases, a card – for travel, and so on. We put the “predictions” in a bag and offer every guest to draw their luck. We write the decryption inside the package. You can supply it with additional wishes.
  2. Me and herringboneAge: 5+. We start the competition with a pre-prepared presentation, in which we collect 2 photographs of each guest – in childhood at the Christmas tree and in adulthood. Of course, we accompany the presentation with funny comments on each character. And then each participant of the holiday, young and old, must read a quatrain about winter, New Year and Santa Claus. Or sing a song. Well, as a last resort, dance or tell an anecdote. The most shy one must portray the character that guests will indicate to him. We award each one with a chocolate medal for courage.
  3. Caught a fishAge: 6+. We pull a string and tie 7-10 threads to it, at the ends of which we hang prizes hidden in mini-bags (pen, apple, chupa-chups, etc.). We blindfold the first participant and hand (right into his hand) scissors, with which he must cut off a gift for himself without looking.
  4. Best Herringbone Age: 18+. Couples involved. Each “stylist” dresses up his own “Christmas tree”. For the image, you can use New Year’s toys prepared in advance by the hostess of the house, various cosmetics, ribbons and jewelry, beads, clothing items, tinsel and serpentine, and so on. The brighter the Christmas tree, the closer the Victory. The jury (we prepare the scoreboards in advance) – only children! Don’t forget about the main prize and the incentive prizes!
  5. Candle Festival Age: 16+. What a New Year without candles! This competition will definitely appeal to girls of different ages. We prepare in advance materials that may be useful (twine and shells, colored salt and molds, beads and beads, ribbons and wire, etc.), as well as the candles themselves. It is recommended to choose white candles of different thicknesses and sizes. Plastic glasses and glasses for drinks (they can be found in any market) are suitable as coasters. Or metal forms.
  6. Quiz “Translator”… Age: 6+. We prepare 50-100 cards in advance, on which, on the one hand, a foreign, funny-sounding word is written, and on the other hand, its translation. For example, “Umbrella” in Ukrainian is “Parasolka”, and “T-shirt” is “mother” in Bulgarian.
  7. Quiz “Correct Answer”… Age: 6+. We write on the cards the funniest and most outlandish words from the dictionary of ancient Russian words. For each such word – 3 explanations to choose from. Whoever guesses the meaning of the word correctly gets a prize.
  8. Quiz “Quotes of Great People”Age: 10+. You can prepare a quiz in the form of a presentation, so it will be more convenient for both guests and the presenter. We show on the screen only half of the famous saying, and the guests must finish the phrase.
  9. Karaoke for the whole family. Age: 6+. Anyone can participate in the competition. We choose songs, of course, winter and festive (Three white horses, Ice ceiling, Five minutes, etc.). It is recommended to divide the competition into 2 parts: first, children sing, and adults act on the jury, then vice versa. Naturally, do not forget about the incentive and main prizes!
  10. We are all traveling together! Age: 10+. Prepare cards or presentation with questions and answers in advance. Each question contains a veiled description of a particular country. For example – “there is a Great Wall, and this country is considered the birthplace of Confucius.” The guesser gets a surprise related to the given country (magnet, souvenir symbol, fruit, etc.).
  11. Bowling alley. Age: 6+. What you need: skittles, a heavy ball, or a ball. The essence of the game: the winner is the one who can knock out more pins. The skittles go astray only when the participant is blindfolded!
  12. Stop music! Age: for kids. We seat the kids in a circle, give one of them a box with a surprise and turn on the music. With the first notes, the gift should go from hand to hand. The gift is received by the child, in whose hands the box remains after the music is stopped. The child who has received the gift leaves the circle. The host takes out the next box and the game continues. And so on until the moment when there is only one baby without a gift – we just give him a gift.
  13. Who is bigger? Age: for kids. Each child in turn names a word associated with the New Year. A child who “takes a break” (cannot remember anything) drops out. The main prize goes to the child with the most solid vocabulary.
  14. Relay race with tangerines. Age: for kids. We line up the children in two ranks, put a tray with tangerines on the table, give out a spoon to each first in the ranks and put 2 plastic baskets – one per team. Objective: run to the table (at the end of the room) through obstacles, pick up a tangerine with a spoon, carry it to the plastic basket and pass the spoon to the next player. We run back, bypassing obstacles! A stretched rope, cushions, etc. can be used as obstacles. The first team to fill the basket wins.

Remember: even toddlers who lose should receive prizes. Let them be comforting, modest – but they must!

And adults too. After all, the New Year is a holiday of magic, and not of resentment and grief.

How to celebrate the new year with your family - script and contests

How do you celebrate the New Year with your family? Please share your ideas, tips, scenarios!

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