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Pregnancy week 35 - fetal development and woman's sensations35 obstetric week corresponds to 33 weeks of fetal development, 31 weeks from the first day of missed period and the end of 8 months. There is only a month left before the baby is born. Very soon you will meet your baby and take a deep breath.

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Feelings in the mother

A woman, as a rule, experiences unpleasant sensations due to the fact that the child is inexorably growing and developing in her tummy and it is already getting cramped for him.

The following symptoms still haunt the mother-to-be:

  • Frequent urination, especially at night;
  • Pain in the back (most often due to frequent stay on the legs);
  • Insomnia;
  • Swelling;
  • Difficulty breathing due to pressure from the abdomen on the chest;
  • Heartburn;
  • Painful pressure on the ribs due to the fact that the uterus supports the sternum and pushes part of the internal organs;
  • Increased sweating;
  • Periodic throwing into heat;
  • The appearance of “vascular spiders or asterisks“(Small varicose veins appearing in the leg area);
  • Stressful urinary incontinence and uncontrolled release of gas when laughing, coughing, or sneezing;
  • Mild Breton-Higgs contractions (which prepare the uterus for childbirth);
  • The belly grows by leaps and bounds (weight gain by 35 weeks is already from 10 to 13 kg);
  • The navel protrudes slightly forward;

Reviews on Instagram and forums:

In theory, all of these symptoms are most common in pregnant women at 35 weeks, but it’s worth finding out how things are in practice:


I am already 35 weeks old. Just a little and I will see my daughter! First pregnancy, but I tolerate it easily! There are no pains and discomfort, and even did not exist! Pah-pah! The only thing I can not turn either in bed or in the bathroom, I feel like a hippopotamus!


Hey! So we got to the 35th week! I am very worried – the baby is lying across, I am very afraid of caesarean, I can only hope that it will turn over. I sleep very badly, or rather hardly sleep. Hard to breathe, cramps all over the body! But it’s worth it, because very soon I will see the baby and all the unpleasant moments will be forgotten!


We are waiting for my daughter! The closer to childbirth, the worse! Thinking about epidural anesthesia! Now I sleep very badly, my legs and back ache, my side is numb … But these are trifles compared to how happy my husband and I are!


I have already gained 12 kg, I look like a baby elephant! I feel great, I already envy myself, only fears and worries torment me, suddenly something goes wrong, or it hurts like hell, but I try to disconnect from negative thoughts! I’m really looking forward to meeting my son!


Week 35 is coming to an end, which means that 4 weeks are left before the long-awaited meeting! I gained 7 kg. I feel pretty good, only one thing – it’s very uncomfortable to sleep on your side (constantly numb), but you can’t sleep on your back! I try to sleep even during the day, only reclining, it’s more comfortable!


Well, here we are already 35 weeks old. An ultrasound scan confirmed the girl, we are thinking about a name. I gained 9 kg, I already weigh 71 kg. His condition leaves much to be desired: I can’t sleep, it’s hard to walk, it’s hard to sit. There is very little air. It happens that the baby crawls under the ribs, but it hurts mommy! Well, nothing, it’s all bearable. I really want to give birth as soon as possible!

What happens in the mother’s body?

Week 35 is the time when a woman is completely ready for the birth of a baby, because there is very little time left before the climax and all that remains is to wait, but for now, at 35 weeks:

  • The fundus of the uterus rises to the highest point during the entire pregnancy;
  • The distance between the pubic bone and the upper part of the uterus reaches 31 cm;
  • The uterus supports the ribcage and pushes back some of the internal organs;
  • There are certain changes in the respiratory system that provide the woman with more oxygen;
  • The child already occupies the entire uterine cavity – now he does not toss and turn, but kicks;
  • The mammary glands become larger, swell, and colostrum continues to be secreted from the nipples.

Fetal development weight and height

By the 35th week, all the organs and systems of the baby have already been formed, and no significant changes occur in the child’s body. The fetus is already ready for life outside the mother’s tummy.

Fruit appearance:

  • Fruit weight reaches 2.4 – 2.6 kg;
  • The baby, starting this week, is rapidly gaining weight (200-220 grams per week);
  • The fruit is already growing to 45 cm;
  • The mucus covering the child’s body gradually decreases;
  • Fluff (lanugo) partially disappears from the body;
  • The arms and shoulders of the baby take on a rounded shape;
  • Nails on the handles grow to the level of the pads (therefore, sometimes a newborn may have small scratches on the body);
  • Muscles become stronger;
  • Body rounded due to the accumulation of fatty tissue;
  • Leather turned pink. Hair length on the head already reaches 5 cm;
  • The boy clearly testicles

Formation and functioning of organs and systems:

  • Since all the baby’s organs have already been formed, starting this week, their work is being streamlined and polished.
  • The work of the internal organs of the body is being debugged;
  • The final processes take place in the genitourinary and nervous systems of the baby;
  • The adrenal glands, which are responsible for the mineral and water-salt metabolism in the child’s body, develop intensively;
  • A small amount of meconium accumulates in the baby’s intestines;
  • By this time, the bones of the fetal skull have not yet grown together (this helps the child to easily change position during the passage through the maternal birth canal).

Ultrasound at the 35th week

An ultrasound scan at 35 weeks is prescribed to assess the quality of the placenta, the position of the fetus and its health and, accordingly, the most acceptable method of delivery. Doctor measures the basic parameters of the fetus (biparietal size, frontal-occipital size, head and abdomen circumference) and compares with previous indicators in order to assess the development of the baby.

We provide you with the rate of fetal indicators:

  • Biparietal size – from 81 to 95 mm;
  • Frontal-occipital size – 103 – 121 mm;
  • Head circumference – 299 – 345 mm;
  • Abdominal circumference – 285 – 345 mm;
  • Femur length – 62 – 72 mm;
  • Shin length – 56 – 66 mm;
  • The length of the humerus is 57 – 65 mm;
  • The length of the bones of the forearms – 49 – 57 mm;
  • The length of the nasal bone is 9-15.6 mm.

Also, during an ultrasound scan at 35 weeks, it is determined fetal position (cephalic, pelvic or transverse presentation) and the possibility of a natural process of childbirth. The doctor carefully examines position of the placenta, that is, how close its lower edge is to the cervix and whether it covers it.

Photo of the fetus, photo of the abdomen, ultrasound and video about the development of the child

Pregnancy week 35 - fetal development and woman's sensations
Photo of the fetus at 35 weeks
Pregnancy week 35 - fetal development and woman's sensations
Ultrasound of the child at the 35th week
Pregnancy week 35 - fetal development and woman's sensations
Photo of mother’s belly at 35 weeks

Video: What Happens in Week 35?

Video: ultrasound

Recommendations and advice for the expectant mother

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle at 35 weeks is extremely important. Carrying your tummy becomes more and more difficult every week because of the intensively growing child’s body and knowing how to act in a given situation, you largely free yourself from discomfort.
  • Neutralize all physical activity and hard housework;
  • Explain to your husband that sex at 35 weeks is extremely undesirable, since the genital tract is already preparing for childbirth, and if an infection gets into it, there can be unpleasant consequences;
  • Be outdoors as often as possible;
  • Sleep only on your side (the fundus of the uterus can put a lot of stress on the lungs);
  • Take a preparatory course for women in labor to be prepared for all the nuances of the childbirth process;
  • Communicate with your baby as often as possible: read fairy tales to him, listen to calm, pacifying music with him and just talk to him;
  • Choose a doctor who will take care of your childbirth (it is much easier to trust a person with whom you have already met);
  • Decide on pain relief in childbirth, consult your doctor and carefully weigh the pros and cons;
  • If you haven’t managed to go on maternity leave yet, do it!
  • Stock up on bras for breastfeeding your baby;
  • Do not sit or stand for long periods in one position. Every 10-15 minutes you need to get up and warm up;
  • Don’t cross your legs or slouch;
  • Try not to go on long journeys. If this is inevitable, find out in advance what maternity hospitals and doctors are in the region where you eat;
  • It is better that everything is ready before you return from the hospital. Then you will be able to avoid unnecessary mental stress, which is very harmful for a young mother and baby;
  • If you are unable to use your mind to overcome the mystical fear of bad omens, remember about good omens:
    1. You can buy a crib or a stroller in advance. It just shouldn’t be empty until the baby is born. Place there a doll dressed in children’s clothes – it will “guard” the place for the future owner;
    2. You can purchase, wash and iron your baby’s clothes, diapers and bedding. Place these items where they will be stored and keep the lockers open until the baby is born. This will symbolize easy childbirth;
  • Many women want the husband to be present at childbirth, if you are one of them – coordinate this with your husband;
  • Prepare a package with everything you need for the hospital;
  • And most importantly, drive away all fears about pain during childbirth, the possibility that something will go wrong. Remember that the confidence that everything will be the best possible is already 50% of success!

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