Scott Weiland Net Worth

Scott Weiland Net Worth

Scott Weiland was a well-recognized rock singer known for his powerful voice and charisma. He led several bands including Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver before releasing numerous solo albums of his own. Unfortunately, drug addiction caused many difficulties for Weiland throughout his career before eventually leading to his untimely death at 48 from an accidental overdose on tour with The Wildabouts in 2015.

Prior to his death, Weiland had amassed an estimated net worth of roughly $3 Million. Most of it came from his 30-year music career – though he also dabbled in other businesses like television hosting and clothing production; additionally he earned substantial royalties from producing and recording other artists’ music.

He had an unstable personal life as well, having had multiple marriages and divorces and becoming heavily involved with drugs. Once, he said he would have stayed married to Mary Forsberg if she had agreed to counseling, with whom they shared two children Noah and Lucy together. Additionally, he had a long-term relationship with model Jamie Wachtel.

In 1995, Weiland was found guilty of purchasing crack cocaine and sentenced to one year of probation. Later he was arrested several times for drug-related incidents and diagnosed with bipolar disorder and hepatitis C. For seven years prior to his brother’s death causing him to resume drug use again, Weiland had been clean; but following this relapse into addiction he spent one month in rehab before continuing down that path of substance abuse once more.

After Weiland returned to performing with Stone Temple Pilots, they released Tiny Music… Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop which became an instant commercial success, selling over two million copies worldwide. A subsequent tour led to band dissolution again in 2003 and Weiland briefly rejoined Guns N’ Roses before founding Velvet Revolver with Slash, Matt Sorum, and other former members – which saw its debut album become an unexpected major hit and earn them a Grammy award for Best Hard Rock Performance with Vocal.

He was a popular television personality with his own clothing line and various business ventures, such as Notre Dame football fandom (he owned a restaurant near campus) and appearing on comedy shows such as “The Showbiz Show with David Spade”.

Even though Weiland struggled with drug addiction during his life, his career remained very successful. He earned an impressive amount from his musical and acting careers that propelled him into one of the wealthiest rock stars at his death. With millions of fans mourning his demise on the rock scene, Weiland left behind an estate that will pay out substantial royalties; his sons Noah and Lucy stand to receive $265,000 annually each from royalties earned from music projects completed while alive.

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