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How to properly organize an autumn holiday in kindergarten?Autumn festival – an event that is not yet held in every kindergarten. But in vain. As in most kindergarten matinees, the autumn holiday has a significant meaning both for the children themselves and for their parents… Moms and dads are delighted to learn how many pedagogical tasks it is aimed at: here you will develop the child’s creative abilities, and instill in him love and respect for nature, as well as remember the signs and signs of autumn. But what dry words are in comparison with the pleasure, with the joy that children get by participating in a fairy-tale scenario, making crafts and food for a couple with their parents, dressing in costumes of mesmerizing bright colors of autumn!

The autumn festival in kindergarten usually takes place at the end of September – October, but it happens in different ways: the main thing is that the leaves outside the window are yellow, and in general the atmosphere is observed.

How to properly organize an autumn holiday in kindergarten?Specialized sites offer many options for scenarios to choose from, and the educators themselves are not averse to showing imagination on such a multifaceted topic. In general The matinee should contain the following key points:

  • preparation (begins long before the holiday);
  • the holiday itself, during which children watch a prepared performance, participate in it themselves, then play games, take part in small contests and prepare crafts.

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Preparing for the fall holiday in kindergarten

The preparatory work contains two sides: on the one hand, the organizers (parents and educators) prepare props, think over scenes, decorate the hall; on the other hand, children are imbued with the idea of ​​a holiday, prepare mentally, learn rhymes, songs and dances, and prepare drawings.

A couple of days before the holiday, it is worth taking the children to the autumn park. Play games outdoors, allow children to collect leaves, which will be useful for herbariums in the future. The game can be combined with the collection of leaves: who will collect the most leaves of a certain tree, a certain color, etc.

Hall for the party also decorated with dried leaves and other autumn paraphernalia. An interesting part of the program is to invite parents to cook autumn-themed dishes. It can be both complex baked goods and creative or simply beautiful compositions of berries, fruits, vegetables, in short, gifts of autumn. Everyone will be happy to try it all at the tea party after the event.


We present to your attention a description of two of the most popular and interesting scenarios for the fall holiday.

Autumn Festival scenario # 1 – Autumn and her friends

  1. To begin with, the presenter greets everyone, then reads a verse about autumn.
  2. Hearing what they say about her, she is the main hero of the occasion (a beautiful and very bright costume is required, the use of folk motives will be appropriate). Greets everyone.
  3. Then the presenter introduces all three of her brothers: September, October and November.
  4. Further, the whole action is divided into three parts:

The main character of the first part is September

  • Autumn tells some fun facts about September, leading to the fact that this is the month of mushroom picking.
  • Then she and September can perform a song or a few ditties about mushrooms.
  • A little quiz is being arranged on the mushroom theme. The presenter asks riddles – children guess.
  • After that, one of the pupils reads an autumn verse.
  • Further- musical pause: several girls and boys in autumn costumes are performing a dance (the song by A. Shaganov “Leaf Fall” is suitable for the soundtrack).
  • Then the presenter and Autumn talk about the inspiring multicolor of this time of year, gradually leading to the showing of children’s drawings (preferably on a projector).
  • The next quiz is about berries.
  • Game: “Who is faster.” Leaves are placed on the floor, there should be one leaf less than the participants. The music turns on, the guys run in a circle, the music turns off and everyone tries to catch a piece of paper, those who do not have time are eliminated.

The second part is dedicated to October, month, when nature is in a hurry to finish preparations for winter: the last birds fly south, the last leaves fall from the trees. But people also prepare for winter, in particular, they harvest vegetables.

  • A quiz in which children will demonstrate their knowledge of vegetables. Each child randomly takes one of the pre-made homemade masks depicting vegetables, and all together arrange a friendly argument about “who is healthier?”

Part three – November. Everywhere it gets colder, it rains more and more often.

  • The game “Jump over the puddles»: Five boys and five girls are participating. Sheets of paper are laid out on the floor, forming two paths along which you need to walk without touching other parts of the floor. Gradually, the sheets are removed, one by one, and the children have to jump. Whoever lasts longer will win.

Autumn speaks the final words, leading everyone to the idea that “autumn should be spent” with good tea.

Autumn Festival scenario # 2 –Saying goodbye to summer and meeting autumn

More costumes will be needed for this scenario as more “actors” will be involved.

  1. The host greets everyone and invites us to remember the past summer.
  2. Children come out, dressed in costumes of summer flowers (chamomile, bell, etc.), read poetry, talking about their character.
  3. The presenter reminds that there are always amazing insects next to the flowers.
  4. Girls come out, dressed in costumes of insects (butterflies and dragonflies). Poems.
  5. Further, the presenter says that for all this splendor, the help of the sun is needed. Thus, a new character appears. Then all together (flowers, insects and the sun) perform a symbolic dance
  6. It’s time to invite Autumn itself. She comes out, greets everyone. Arranges quizzes.
  7. First, riddles about autumn and basic autumn concepts (September, October, fog, rain, wind, etc.).
  8. Then the quiz “Finish the proverb” (about harvest, labor, etc.)
  9. Game “Gather mushrooms”: Cubes or small balls are scattered on the floor. Two blindfolded participants collect them in baskets. The winner is the one who collects more and faster.
  10. A series of riddles about vegetables and berries anticipates the next competition. Those of the children who give the most correct answers participate in game “Guess to taste”… Participants are blindfolded and given pieces of vegetables and fruits to sample. Children, accordingly, have to guess what it is. Whoever guessed it – a whole fruit as a gift.

Please note that these are sample scenarios. At any time, you can insert songs, poems and dances.

Festive costumes

Popular costumes for the autumn holiday are costumes of plants, flowers, insects. You can, of course, try to find and buy a ready-made one, but this is a rather troublesome business. If only to sew under the order. It is much easier and more effective to decorate basic elegant clothes (dress or suit) with elements of autumn paraphernalia.

The main rules – what should be the costume for the autumn holiday:

  • colors should be warm, in a woody yellow palette;
  • ornaments appliques in the form of autumn flowers (asters and chrysanthemums) and leaves can serve;
  • use accessories – hats, belts, instead of a purse, you can give the girl a small basket with attached artificial flowers and papier mache vegetables.

Crafts for the autumn holiday in kindergarten

How to properly organize an autumn holiday in kindergarten?

The creative part is an indispensable part of the autumn holidays. It’s up to you to decide when to insert this insert: in the middle of the event or after it. You can do everything at home, and arrange an exhibition in the kindergarten.

Frame decorated with acorns
Here are some ideas for what you can make from natural materials that fall is so generous with.

You will need: basic frames, acorn caps, wood glue (rubber or epoxy can be used)

Autumn hedgehog

How to properly organize an autumn holiday in kindergarten?You will need: a plastic bottle as a frame, a shell will be salted dough (or a lot of plasticine), as well as all kinds of natural material: cones, dried leaves, mushrooms, mountain ash, etc.

A bouquet of leaves

The composition is complex, you cannot do without the help of adults. But if you try, you get a very beautiful bouquet. Very good to use as a “homework” for an exhibition.

How to properly organize an autumn holiday in kindergarten?

How to properly organize an autumn holiday in kindergarten?

How to properly organize an autumn holiday in kindergarten?

How to properly organize an autumn holiday in kindergarten?

How to properly organize an autumn holiday in kindergarten?

How to properly organize an autumn holiday in kindergarten?

How to properly organize an autumn holiday in kindergarten?

How to properly organize an autumn holiday in kindergarten?

How to properly organize an autumn holiday in kindergarten?

How to properly organize an autumn holiday in kindergarten?

You will need: autumn leaves (not very dry), threads.


  • We take leaves (of similar shades). Fold the first leaf in half, leaving the front side outside, roll it into a roll – this will be the basis of the future flower.
  • Sequentially, around this base, we begin to make “petals”.
  • We take the leaf with the front side inside the flower, place the core roll in the center, bend it in half outward, leaving a small edge, then bend this edge outward. It turns out a double-folded sheet, which we wrap around the base.
  • We hold the flower from below. We repeat the same with the next leaf-petal, but place it on the side opposite to the first leaf. And we continue until the bud is lush enough.
  • We tie the bud at the base with threads.
  • Then we make “leaves” at the base of the flowers. We choose the brighter ones, iron them first with an iron, putting them between the newspapers (so as not to curl up into a tube when they dry out). We fix them in a circle at the base of the buds with threads.
  • We fix the bouquet in a vase.
  • An important point: an already finished product should be greased with sunflower oil, gradually the oil will be absorbed, the leaves will become soft, they will hold their shape and color longer.

Autumn picture of dry leaves

You will need: a saucer, watercolors, an old toothbrush, a sheet of paper (preferably thick).


  • We dilute the paint on a saucer with a thin layer.
  • We dip the brush into the paint (not completely, but only the tips).
  • We put the leaves on the paper.
  • Passing something thin along the bristles towards ourselves, spray with watercolors.
  • We gradually remove the leaves – one by one.

How to properly organize an autumn holiday in kindergarten?

How to properly organize an autumn holiday in kindergarten?

How to properly organize an autumn holiday in kindergarten?

How to properly organize an autumn holiday in kindergarten?

How to properly organize an autumn holiday in kindergarten?

How to properly organize an autumn holiday in kindergarten?

Feedback from parents

Katerina: when the son was in the manger, they were not allowed to come to the autumn festival (as, by the way, to most matinees). But when the children became a little older and stopped constantly being distracted by us, they began to call their parents. Once all the mothers were instructed to cook something for the autumn. I decorated the usual charlotte with yellow baked apples on top. There were no problems with the costumes, for example, they assembled the mushroom-fly agaric costume: a white top, a white bottom, a homemade foam rubber hat on the head (painted with red gouache, and glued white pieces of paper in a circle).

Julia: I did not understand what was so especially festive in autumn that it was necessary to arrange a whole matinee. But somehow a music teacher in our kindergarten (a rare enthusiast) read me a whole treatise that “this holiday carries deeply historical, folk, roots, so for many centuries children have been instilled in the subconscious of the economic significance of autumn, etc. ” In general, there really is something in this. Regarding the costumes: do not decorate the costumes with dried flowers and leaves – they are too fragile. It is better to make a pattern out of cardboard and already with its help make beautiful decorations from starched fabric, so it is more beautiful and practical.

Have your children already had an autumn holiday in the Kindergarten? Share your ideas, experiences and opinions with us!

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