Secrets of beauty, style and health from Emma Malinina

How to maintain a slim figure, a radiant appearance, a perky sparkling look in adulthood? What medical advances will help prolong youth? How to look elegant, yet stylish and trendy?

Emma Malinina
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Emma Malinina certainly knows the answers to these questions. A gynecologist, candidate of medical sciences, a successful businesswoman, the wife of the famous singer Alexander Malinin and a mother with many children pleases fans not only with her career achievements, but also with her amazingly blooming appearance. In this article, Emma Valentinovna shares the secrets of beauty and reveals the veil of the secrets of her youth.

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We start the morning with Emma Malinina

“I wake up at 7-8 in the morning. Easy, because I never eat at night – it helps to maintain shape and normalizes hormones. Even in bed, I must stretch, do breathing exercises using the press (20-30 breaths), for about 5 minutes. The body should be relaxed – only the abdominal muscles are working. Then I drink at least a glass of water.

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By the way, fresh air also helps an easy awakening. I sleep with the window ajar, the temperature in the room is usually no higher than 18-20 degrees. For the body to fully recover, it needs at least 8 hours. I try to go to bed before 11:30 pm.

I’m taking a shower. I always put perfume on a clean body – this is the only way to form my own scent. I wipe my face with micellar water or lotion. After that I apply a light refreshing toning mask for 5-10 minutes, remove it with a cloth napkin. My makeup base is a light cream with hyaluronic acid and SPF at least 20, and from May to October SPF 50. I usually do natural makeup, prefer water-based cosmetics.

Then I go to breakfast. I eat about an hour after waking up. 3 times a week I have gluten-free oatmeal in the water. I also definitely eat hard-boiled protein. On other days I also eat eggs, for example, I make an omelet in coconut oil from 2-3 proteins. I rarely indulge myself with bread – 2-3 times a week, I like to add whole-grain toast with avocado to the omelet. In the morning I don’t eat any fruits or juices. 30-40 minutes after breakfast I drink green tea or matcha with oat milk. I hardly ever consume dairy products. After breakfast, be sure to rinse my mouth with a special product.

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I drink freshly ground coffee closer to lunchtime, at about 12 o’clock. As a rule, this is a cup of espresso, without sugar and any additives, and then washed down with water.

Water balance is extremely important. Before eating, I drink some water for an hour, so as not to interfere with the work of the stomach. Two hours before bedtime, I stop drinking altogether. The total volume of water in a healthy, physically active person should be somewhere around 2-2.5 liters.

I go in for sports regularly. One of my favorite types of fitness is Lagri classes. Two or three times a week is a must. This is a unique training program that was developed by the star trainer Sebastian Lagri. It combines exercises for endurance, strength, cardio and flexibility development with low impact on the joints. All these exercises are performed on a special Megaformer Pilates machine. But this is not Pilates.

How to look stylish and modern?

Fashion and style are all about a developed inner flair. The main thing in fashion is to feel the atmosphere of life, places, surroundings. Clothing should correspond to the lifestyle, look and nature of the person himself. Not to hide, but to emphasize his individuality and dignity. I treat fashion as an art, I study and always check the news.

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Many people ask me how to look modern? Here is my formula: jeans, shoes and a bag should always be in the latest trends. Jackets, cardigans, blouses, T-shirts can be, by and large, anything. The same Chanel jackets are timeless classics. But if the accessories are out of date, it always catches the eye. Such is the effect of naphthalene.

I am sport chic. I love trousers and jeans with a high rise to combine with shoes with low heels. You need to be careful with sneakers, choose with special care – after all, they can pull the whole emphasis on yourself. I usually renew my jeans twice a year because the trends change very rapidly. Style, fit, fabric, its quality – jeans immediately show how much you are in the subject.

We monitor health and save the resources of our body

Today, the numbers in the passport no longer speak of a person’s age. To prolong and improve the quality of life, comes to our aid biohacking… This is a set of medical and health-improving practices, including nutrition and sleep correction, support for sports and intellectual fitness, and taking medications under the supervision of a specialist.

For people who do all this, the result is obvious – most often at 50 they look 40, and at 60 – 45. For example, in Germany, passing a check-up, the patient receives not only a conclusion about the state of health, but also just recognizes his biological age.

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Checkup is something like a medical examination, only in-depth. Examinations taking into account gender, age and individual characteristics of the organism – indicators of biochemical blood analysis, hormonal levels, muscle mass, body weight-to-height ratio, cognitive tests. And also, if necessary, genetic – for preventive measures.

I made my first full check when I was 35. Then I did not yet know that it was from this moment that a starting point would occur when you need to actively begin to conserve the resources of your body. And also to prevent possible genetic predispositions from manifesting themselves and to reduce the influence of an unfavorable environment (or not a very healthy lifestyle).

It turned out that my body is clogged with heavy metals, including mercury. This turned my attitude to health upside down. I began to pay more attention to myself, to those close to me and to inform my patients whenever possible. Of course, age-related changes cannot be denied. But medicine already knows how to prevent aging.

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  • Surveys and checkups – preferably in spring and autumn, before taking vitamins. There is no single analysis for all trace elements, the doctor must prescribe his own list in each individual case.
  • Exercise stress – if not sports (gymnastics, swimming, yoga), then at least the famous 10 thousand steps are needed every day. It’s two in one: fresh air and activity.
  • Nutrition – eat more vegetables and less meat. Better to look for protein elsewhere. Personally, I stick to an interval diet. One day break 12 hours. The other is 14, the third is 16.
  • Weight – control is very important. If you’ve gained a kilogram or two in a week, it’s time to sound the alarm. Think what went wrong? Gaining more than 2 kg restarts the metabolism.
  • A good sleep – a guarantee of good health and good mood as a bonus. The best recovery is from 22:00 to 1:00, as this is the time when the maximum amount of melatonin is produced. To calm the brain, it would be good to carry out a symbolic “cleaning”. Just like in a phone – a lot of application pages accumulate during the day, and by the evening we reset them. In my mind, I repeat the same thing only with the tasks of the day. Great reboot and restful sleep

And remember, it’s never too late to start taking care of your future. Let not all at once, but step by step you will come to harmony with your body! “

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