How to recognize a karmic relationship – 7 clear signs

What do you know about karmic relationships? Some people believe that karmic relationships are those that cannot be avoided, while other people believe that these are relationships that teach us something.

Both those and other people are right.

Karmic relationship – pain or happiness?

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A karmic relationship is a relationship in which the qualities or behavior of a partner teach us some lessons. This does not mean that if a person taught you how to drive a car or play the piano, he is your karmic partner.

It is impossible to avoid karmic relationships, because karmic partners are around us always and everywhere, and we may not even identify them. Partners – not necessarily lovers, partners can be girlfriends, sisters, parents.

One of the common misconceptions is that a karmic relationship is pain. Karmic relationships do not have to be based on resistance, conflicts.

These relationships can be completely healthy, happy and harmonious – it depends only on you.

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How to recognize a karmic relationship?

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We will now list some common features of these relationships: ⠀

  1. You are changing, and for the better. It can be unpleasant, difficult, painful (and not only for you, but for your loved ones). But look at yourself from the outside! Maybe this is actually for the best? ⠀
  2. You feel connected… The bond can be a real object, person, or situation that brings you together over and over again. ⠀
  3. The person becomes your family… You can part with a person and not communicate for a million years, but seeing him again, he will also be something “familiar” and comfortable for you.
  4. Three words sound in a pair: I, YOU, WE… You must understand and accept your partner’s boundaries. You don’t have to know what manipulation is.
  5. You must have common goals, but different paths to achieve.… Each of you can strive for fame, knowledge, money, but each in his own way. In doing so, you support each other, not compete.
  6. You know what a compromise is and you know how to communicate with each other.… Your relationship should be built on an external and internal connection. One of the simplest manifestations is easy communication.
  7. And the surest way is to check the karmic lessons and the relationship of your cards.… When analyzing your cards, I can easily and simply say who teaches whom and what in your couple and what is the main meaning of your relationship. ⠀

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These points seem to fit many examples of romantic stories. However, check your partner’s opinion on these principles – does he think the same? If so, then it is very likely that you have undergone internal transformations that are the result of karmic relationships.

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