Secrets of the character of women born under the zodiac sign Scorpio

Magnetism and mystery are present in the appearance and in the look – this attracts men to them with a magnet. Feelings and emotions are hidden from prying eyes behind a mask of coldness and arrogance. A complex and contradictory nature makes it difficult to adequately perceive this woman and feel all her sensitivity. Strength and power are hidden in every movement, which attracts the opposite sex to them. It is difficult to conquer and keep her close – for this you need to make every effort.

Scorpio Woman1

1. The magic of the inner world

Supernatural power and strength, coming from the depths of the soul, permeates everyone and attracts. I want to urgently solve this riddle and tame myself. Weak individuals seek protection from the owner of such an ability, and the strong try to conquer and bind to themselves.

2. Cold dish of revenge

Scorpions are feared and respected. There is danger in everything – actions, conversations, and attitudes. She is not capable of forgiving an insult – revenge will overtake at any moment. The Scorpio woman remembers everything and never forgets. She will not take revenge right away, but she will definitely choose a convenient moment to strike.

3. Mask of the soul

It is impossible to read the thoughts and inner state of this woman. Everything is hidden by a mask of indifference and coldness. A fire can occur in the soul, but even the eyes remain calm and indifferent. Only a person who has the same abilities can find out the true state of this woman.

4. Vampires live among us

Scorpios do not tolerate the calmness of the people around them. They need constant replenishment of other people’s emotions and feelings. Routine kills them. It is much more comfortable for them to be in an atmosphere of struggle and conflict – this is her element. Internal energy and strength requires regular release so as not to destroy yourself. Therefore, they constantly provoke scandal and tension next to them.

What kind of Scorpio women are they?

5. Struggle is the stimulus of life

The whole life of this woman flows under the motto of the struggle for life, truth, justice, the right of the disadvantaged. The state of war helps to maintain one’s own tone and to be prepared for difficulties. This woman does not know how to live in peace – it kills her from the inside.

6. Life paths

Scorpios always walk straight – turns and intersections are not for them. This goal is achieved only in a straight line. There is no need to turn and avoid obstacles. With a fervent desire to win, she will not notice anything or anyone. This zodiac sign does not take into account any principles and rules when achieving a goal. All available methods are used.

7. The bitter truth

Lies and deception are not in the nature of the Scorpio woman. She prefers to speak everything honestly and straightforwardly. She does not understand that the truth can hurt and kill. A person must know the true state of affairs, therefore, the representative of this constellation will not lie and embellish.

8. X-ray of alien souls

The Scorpio woman has a supernatural instinct – a person is read through. It will not be possible to hide your feelings and thoughts from her, so you should not even try. Lies and falsehoods will be revealed immediately, which will only lead to a complete rupture. Better to tell the truth or just keep quiet – she will still find out about everything herself.

Woman under the zodiac sign Scorpio

9. Built for excellence

These are real maximalists. For her, there is only such a thing as all or nothing. She will not be content with anything in between. She should have only the best – work, love, friendship. Getting half is acceptable for another zodiac sign, but not for a Scorpio woman.

10. Passion and life

Life with this woman will be like being on a dormant volcano, which is ready to wake up at any moment. Calmness and silence are not for her – there will be an intensity of passions, a riot of feelings and risk with danger. This is her element where she feels comfortable.

Inside these women, real passions and storms are constantly raging. The flow of emotions blocks the voice of reason, but this does not prevent her from correctly perceiving what is happening around her. Magnetism and domination create an atmosphere of mystery. Being close to such a woman is a real challenge for a man – you need to meet large demands, which is quite difficult.

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