Biography of Irina Shayk – all the secrets of beauty and success

Irina Shayk is the embodiment of Russian beauty, the dream of millions of men on the planet. She recently gave birth to a beautiful daughter Leia, but still continues to appear in famous fashion projects. How does Irina manage to keep herself in shape?

The article tells about her main beauty secrets and modeling business.

Irina Shayk

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Is it easy to be a model?

“I love burgers on Sundays, but I always go to the lounge every morning of the next week.”

Irina is sure that there is a lot of competition in the modern modeling business. For people who are far from the world of fashion, it seems that girls only get paid for walking on the catwalk in beautiful outfits and smiling for the camera. But this is far from the case.

Irina recalls her first experience when she arrived in Paris at the age of 20 and shared a rented apartment with several girls, did not know the language and received a small fee. In addition, a simple girl from the village knew practically nothing about posing and fashion shows.

But Irina worked hard and, contrary to the expectations of her ill-wishers, became one of the most popular models. Now she collaborates with such large companies as Guess, Armani, Oceanoby La Perla.

The star admits that even now she sometimes reads the history of the brand before shooting and practices poses in front of the mirror, because one cannot stop there.

All about Irina Shayk’s style

The model laughs as she recalls her high school days when she wore high heels and short skirts. Classmates made fun of her thinness and height, but Irina did not pay attention to them, but simply wore what she liked.

Irina Shayk in childhood

Now Irina chooses a simple and restrained style for everyday wear: jeans, a regular white T-shirt, flat-soled shoes and a bag from world brands. But, at the same time, the model is absolutely indifferent to constant shopping and on her free days she can enjoy life in a training suit, without makeup and styling.

Of the colors, Irina most often chooses white and beige colors that are in perfect harmony with her skin tone.

On going out, she prefers lingerie-style dresses and lace-up sandals.

How to achieve success in the modeling business – the secrets of Irina Shayk

According to Irina, in order to achieve success in such a responsible business, it is not enough to be just beautiful. It is important for future models to develop communication skills, since they will have to work a lot with fashion designers and stylists, improve their minds, and read books.

It is necessary to take care of the body and monitor health. But the most important quality for Irina is self-confidence. It is she who attracts success and positive moments into your life.

Model Irina Shayk

The model also encourages girls to love their own appearance, which was given to them by nature, and not try to meet modern beauty standards in the offices of surgeons and cosmetologists.

Beauty secrets of model Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk drives crazy millions of men and women on the planet without resorting to beauty injections and plastic surgery.

How does she manage to keep herself in shape?

Face and body care

Irina Shayk learned many beauty secrets from her mother, who did not have funds for expensive creams and lotions. According to her advice, the model takes a contrast shower every morning and wipes her face with an ice cube to finally wake up and give her face a healthy color.

Irina’s cosmetic bag always contains sunscreen, it prevents skin aging in the neck and décolleté area. In the evening, the girl must apply coconut oil all over the body, it perfectly protects the face from peeling and gives a natural glow.

Irina Shayk beauty secrets

Irina also loves to use natural masks based on blue clay.

Irina Shayk’s sports

Irina Shayk’s daily menu includes plant products and cereals, and the model prefers to have dinner with natural celery juices and berry smoothies.

Regardless of the season, Irina encourages all women to take fish oil, it removes well supplements from the skin, reduces hair greasiness and has a rejuvenating effect.

Irina admits that she hates running in the morning, so she practices Jiu-Jitsu, boxing and Pilates. According to her, such sports allow you to use the maximum amount of muscles. The model has good genetics, thanks to which, she can afford to dine on fast food or homemade dumplings, but after such a meal, she will definitely visit the hall.

Irina Shayk biography

Makeup supermodel Irina Shayk

Irina prefers natural looks.

For daytime makeup, she most often chooses nude or pink lip gloss, light beige eyeshadow and bronzing powder, which gives the face a light tan and is softly shaded.

All tones for smoky eyes in golden-brown tones accentuate the model’s eyes, sometimes she also makes them stand out with a black liner and eyeliner.

In manicure, Irina Shayk is very conservative, and never changes natural nude shades.

Irina Shayk’s star image

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