Self-tanning procedure in the salon – stages, result, price of salon self-tanning

Already at the beginning of the last century, pallor ceased to be a sign of aristocracy. Today everyone dreams of a tanned skin, as a tan visually slims the figure, allows you to use different makeup. But what to do for those who cannot afford the expensive resort shores and who cannot be in the sun for a long time?

On the help comes self-tanning.

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Benefits of self-tanning in the salon – are there any contraindications to salon self-tanning?

Many girls have problem skin, which is why they should not be in the sun or in a solarium. Here they self-tanner comes to the rescue in the salonthat does not have a negative effect on the skin. So, what other benefits are there for a beauty salon self-tanner?

  • If you can’t sunbathe due to some system diseases, then self-tanning is a good choice.
  • Number of shades self-tanners allow you to find the desired tone without difficulty.
  • If you are doing the bronzing procedure in the salon, then you can not be afraid that ugly smudges or uneven areas will remain on the skin, since high-quality pollination guarantees an even distribution of the composition on the skin.
  • Save time… In the salon, in a couple of minutes, you can get a tan, which is acquired by people at resorts in 2-3 weeks.self-tanning

Contraindications to self-tanning:

  • Wounds or cuts in the skin.
  • Skin diseases (neurodermatitis, eczema, psoriasis).
  • Pregnancy. The use of a bronzer can have a negative effect on the condition of the fetus.

Stages of a self-tanning procedure in a beauty salon

Despite the fact that self-tanning has almost no contraindications, you need to prepare very well for this procedure. The stages of a self-tanning procedure in a beauty salon include …

  • Skin cleansing… There is usually a shower room in the salon so that you can shower using a special washcloth – to avoid flaking of the skin and to evenly distribute the tan. However, you should not rely only on the salon. Take a shower yourself with a washcloth in the morning to remove dead skin cells. We advise you not to use exfoliation before and after self-tanning procedure, otherwise the tan will last much less.
  • Next – you put on a special hat and swimsuit (in some salons it is possible to do a self-tanning procedure without a swimsuit so that the tan is even over the whole body). In this case, it is better not to wear an expensive swimsuit, as it will be very difficult to remove the bronzer from it.
  • From a special sprayer, you will be apply a dye solution, which will be absorbed in 3-4 minutes. Usually the dye is based on bamboo, so it is practically non-allergenic.
  • After that you take a shower without soap and washcloth, otherwise active lathering will give you not a uniform bronze tan, but the color of a leopard.

Self-tanning salon results – how long does it last?

Self-tanning, made in the salon by professionals, will last 1-2 weeks… You will get an even, beautiful tan, which will be the envy of all your colleagues who have not yet had time to relax at the resorts.

The coloring pigment comes off along with the keratinized skin cells, so you should not be surprised if the water is brown when you take a shower.

The price of self-tanning in beauty salons in Russia

Despite the fact that the effect of self-tanning in the salon lasts long enough, the cost of this procedure is not that high. Salon auto tanning cost in Russia it varies from 700 to 2000 rubles.

The price of a self-tanning procedure depends on the professionalism of the master, the level of the salon, the composition of the self-tanning solution and other factors.

However, if you come across a salon where they offer to carry out a self-tanning procedure, for example, for 300 rubles, then you should think carefully before agreeing to the offer. Many salons offer discounts on self-tanning products if the bronzer is nearing its expiration date.

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