Should a man give gifts at the beginning of a relationship?

Gifts in relationships are the stumbling block of the male and female worlds. Sometimes men do not show such attention, and sometimes women, under the motto “I myself,” refuse to accept gifts from a partner. And if the second happens less often, then the first causes bewilderment among the beautiful half of humanity. And more and more often you can find the wording that it is the gifts that prove the seriousness of the man… Is it so?

And then what hidden meaning can these gifts carry? When can a multi-carat diamond ring be a simple concession, and what gifts really mean serious intentions? This was told by Julia Lanske, an expert in building relationships and love-coach number 1 in the world according to the international iDate Awards 2019.

Which woman always receives the most expensive gift from a man - the opinion of love-coach # 1
Julia Lanske – psychologist, author of the article

Happiness is not in gifts

In modern society, it is generally accepted that if a man does not give a woman gifts, then he is a “rogue”, “redneck” and further down the list. Only such an opinion is increasingly pushing men and women to market rather than romantic relationships – a man seems to be buying a woman’s attention, and a woman seems to be selling her time and body. Often this does not lead to “happily ever after”, but there are more than enough fleeting intrigues and shed tears.

But we are girls, and sometimes we want boots, beads, a telephone, that dress and flowers with earrings wrapped in a fur coat. And when a man, not just about a fur coat, does not hint, but from time to time comes on a date without flowers, we begin to feel sad, hang labels and cry to our friends about the passing years.

I will not teach you methods of manipulation or provocation to receive material gifts. Do you know why? Because this type of relationship – let’s call them market relations – leads you mainly into the role of a mistress, because there are 2 states:

  • consumer mistress;
  • the wife is the creator.

A lover rarely becomes a wife and does not receive the most important gift from a man – a happy and harmonious relationship.

Therefore, one of the main laws of relationships that is worth remembering is not happiness in gifts.


5 rules for a harmonious relationship with a man

  1. If your goal is a high-quality long-term relationship with a man, do not measure the seriousness of his intentions in monetary terms, because sometimes even expensive gifts in your understanding can become a litmus of a short-term affair, because the concept of “expensive” is different for everyone. For example, if a man is successful and fulfilled in life, then even a ring with a diamond of several carats is not an indicator of his serious intentions.
  2. If a successful man, on the contrary, does not give you even some trifle, with a probability of 98% he checks you for your true attitude towards him, and not about his money. The direct question also applies to the same provocations. “What gifts do you like?” In response to such a question, do not start listing everything that you saw at TSUM, but rather name what you can use with your partner – for example, a balloon flight or a joint trip to a concert.
  3. If a man realizes that you become happy, gentle and affectionate only after he gives you something, then you will collapse in his eyes like the demand for oil during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, if you really really want to get boots-beads-fur-coat-earrings, do not stand in the position of the beggar, but use female wisdom – formulate your desire not from the side of “Buy, give, take”. Master the technique “Drawing a picture” – believe me, it will help not only motivate a man for gifts and victories, but will also significantly improve existing relationships, and also allow you to start new ones if you are now free.

In this video, I go into detail about this technique. Study it carefully, apply it in life and watch with joy how your relationships with men become juicier and more interesting.

  1. If a man does not give you anything at all, and you really want to get some kind of material sign of attention, apply the effect of a personal example: introduce new traditions and holidays that apply only to your couple, and make the first gift yourself. Just don’t take loans and spend the last money – your gift should be valuable, not expensive.
  2. When evaluating a man’s gift, pay attention to its significance for you – how much the man was “confused”, how much he picked up the gift for your desires and hobbies. Maybe his secretary chose the diamond ring? Or a man, knowing your love for art, attended courses and independently painted a reproduction of Gauguin for you? In any case, be sincere in responding to the gift, but even if you don’t like the gift, be grateful for it – remember that attention is important.


And finally, let’s look at one more point. If you do not strive for market relations, then you should not take the role of a lover who spends time on a man, and for this a man spends money on her. Believe me, such women sooner or later get tired of the monetary and energy exchange and also want something more serious.

The role of the woman-wife

Always play the role of a woman-wife – when meeting and during the development of a relationship, because this role is most beneficial. A woman-wife receives the most expensive gifts from a man – his love, closeness, fidelity, happiness, creates and keeps a hearth, pleases herself and rejoices in the warmth. Believe me, such women receive their own fur coats and convertibles, telephones and earrings, because men themselves are happy to give them such gifts. And why? Because a serious, status, successful and self-confident man is looking for a woman to match:

  • which is not wasted on trifles;
  • who values ​​a man more than his money;
  • that shares his values ​​and aspirations.


But do you know what is most important? That a woman-wife is not a mask or a marketing ploy to “catch that handsome guy in a Cadillac.” Not! A woman-wife is an internal state and an external manifestation, it is a diamond among rough diamonds that attracts the eyes and hearts of the best men. Do you want to become such a diamond, learn to build relationships and understand male psychology? Then go ahead for the most expensive gift in your life!

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