Singer Shura was overpowered with questions about weight loss, and he gave advice

All over the Internet there is information about Shura’s radical transformation.

The biggest excitement was caused by his weight loss of 30 kilograms. Of course, many losing weight have become interested in his secret method.

And this is what the singer replied on his instagram:

“My dear, how you have tortured me. Sasha, how did you lose weight, how did you lose weight. Easy. I am telling you a little life hack for you. Take frozen sea buckthorn, blend, add a little boiled milk, two teaspoons of coffee, a spoonful of cinnamon, a spoonful of coriander. What else. Well, drop the raisins. Stir. Have a drink. Preferably near the toilet. You will lose weight like me. Thank you, ”Alexander Medvedev joked.

Naturally, you do not need to take this advice seriously and try to lose weight with this “miraculous” cocktail. Alexander Medvedev is a great joker and joker, he often amuses his subscribers with sketches of his own composition.

But what is the real reason for the singer’s weight loss?

On September 10 this year, the singer attended the show “Evening Urgant” where he shared the amazing news about his weight loss.


“Vanechka, I have lost 30 kilograms. It was a medical emergency. Just at 45, I think, let me swallow this gut, which we all hate, ”the singer joked again.

After the procedure was over, the artist was told not the most joyful news.

“I was told: you have a hernia in the stomach, you urgently need to lie down on the table.”

Naturally, everyone understood which table. And in March, the singer underwent surgery. After which it was necessary to follow a strict diet and give up alcohol. During self-isolation, he lost 28 kilograms. This was done thanks to willpower and a great desire to look good.

shura 2

Alexander himself added that the hardest thing was to give up sugar. If earlier he added three tablespoons of sugar to coffee, then at the moment only half a cube.

And also before this whole story with the stomach, Shura suffered from a constant desire to eat.

“He even ate at night. Imagine, I could not sleep: I got up and ate at three o’clock in the morning, at four. In recent years, he began to feel a kind of grief. He said that he could not do anything because he wanted to eat – and that’s it. It is impossible to stop. He consumed tons of sweets, rolls, ”- recalled the director of the artist.

Photo: @ shuramedvedev

There were periods when the artist tried to lose weight. I drank special pills, but the result from them was short-lived and then the singer gained even more extra pounds. When the coronavirus pandemic began, as a result of which concerts were canceled, Shura, sitting at home, decided to take on himself. And he finally succeeded.

That’s the whole secret of a wonderful transformation.


Only a firm decision to change your life can give a positive result. For some people, this happens only after they sink to the very bottom. And then some kind of protective mechanism turns on and a person, by an effort of will, overcomes his problem of being overweight. We are happy for Alexander and wish everyone to take control of their health.

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