Smart glasses Google Glass – what is it and why you need it, price

Today we can find out the characteristics of a new unprecedented invention of Google corporation – Google Glass glasses. With their appearance on the world electronics markets, ordinary tablets, gadgets and computers will no longer seem to us the last word in technology. After all, Google Glass, judging by their characteristics, can change our lives beyond recognition.

Let’s see what kind of innovation of the future Google experts are proposing to us.

Google Glass smart glasses: learn how to become a cyborg with augmented reality glasses
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Technical characteristics of glasses Google Glass

The characteristics of Google Glass glasses leave behind all such prior inventions. The glasses are equipped with a fairly powerful processor, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, 16 GB of memory, a photo and video camera. The picture displayed by the Google Glass computer glasses is the equivalent of a 25-inch panel. They will soon not need headphones at all, since the sound will be transmitted through the bones of the skull, thanks to high-frequency vibrations.

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Glasses understand voice commands and even gestures… With the help of google glass glasses, you can read texts, entrust them with navigator control, maintain communication in video chats and do shopping on the Internet. And this is not a complete list of the capabilities of this device. In the photo of Google Glass glasses, you can also appreciate their external compactness and fashionable design.

Google Glass smart glasses – what are they and do you need them?

Like all innovations, initially, these glasses can cause distrust of the consumer. Are they needed, what new they can bring to life and will there be any benefit from them, or will the purchase of Google Glass turn into a rather large sum of money thrown into the wind?

We will tell you about the additional capabilities of this device, which will make the world around us, as if spelled out in a special program for each of us.

You can use Google Glasses just like ordinary glasses anywhere – on the street, indoors and even while driving. Thanks to the webcam built into the glasses, you can show your interlocutors what is happening around you in Skype. Moreover, the effect of presence will be achieved, which cannot be conveyed by ordinary tablets, smartphones and gadgets.

Thus, you can shoot some interesting events that you witnessed and immediately send them to the network. Of course, you can also watch these videos wearing glasses. Google Glass Live.

Work and study with Google Glass augmented reality glasses

Of course, an invention like Google Glass will help structure and simplify many of your workflows. So, for example, the management, thanks to these glasses, will always be able to see what the employee is currently doing and what is in front of his eyes. And the exchange of data between managers with the help of glasses will help to organize the work in such a way that in the near future offices may not be needed to solve work tasks, since everything can be solved without leaving home.

Also, Google Glass will be indispensable for law enforcement officers, rescuers, journalists and other similar professions, since the events being told can be supported by videos filmed in real time. These glasses can be of great help to students during the examinations. After all, all the necessary information will now be right in front of you on the screen. The only obstacle on this path to passing the exams may be an advanced teacher.

Google Glass as a life companion

Googl Glass provides us with tremendous opportunities in everyday life. Just walking along the streets, we can perform a lot of useful and necessary actions thanks to this device. For example, having seen a jacket on a passer-by that we have wanted for a long time, we can easily order the same one in an online store, identifying it with the help of Google Glass.

In the same way, it will be possible to make more voluminous purchases by simply going to the shop window and marking the QR codes of the necessary goods. An application will be automatically made to the online store, from where the courier will bring your order directly to the door of the apartment.

Google Glasses will again be able to help you find the shops and goods you need. After all, with the help of Googl, your location will be tracked, and the glasses will be able to offer you the addresses of up-to-date shops and cafes nearby, where you could go.

Also, Google Glass will be able to filter advertising neon signs using QR codes that you place yourself around the city. Thus, you will have the opportunity to see only those ads that are right for you.

Another very entertaining function of the Google Glass glasses is that it greatly facilitates the search for new acquaintances. By linking Googl Glass to social networks, glasses will tell you the location of people with similar interests nearby. For example, at a party, in a club, at an institute or just on a walk, miracle glasses may lead you to your soul mate or just help you find good friends.

Google Glass cost

The current price for 2021 Google Glass is from 157 thousand rubles.

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