Sports after childbirth. What sports can you do right after giving birth?

Sports after childbirth.  What can a young mother do?Many new-baked mums are often tempted to exercise after childbirth. This happens for a variety of reasons. There are mothers who were actively involved in sports before pregnancy and cannot imagine their lives without it. Naturally, pregnancy and childbirth for them was a rather long pause and they want to continue their studies as soon as possible. There is another category of mothers whose figure before and after pregnancy is significantly different and they want to get rid of those extra pounds.

In any case, the question of when you can start playing sports after childbirth is quite relevant.

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Sports after childbirth. When is it possible?

Sports after childbirth.  What can a young mother do?Before giving physical activity to the body, you should consult with a gynecologist and find out how much your body has recovered after pregnancy and childbirth.

The recovery period is different for everyone. Someone already starts running in the second month after childbirth, while someone needs a longer time to recover. But even during the recovery period, when the muscles of your abdomen are in order, you can already gradually prepare for further sports. To do this, we recommend walking, walking with your child will be very useful to both of you. And putting the baby to bed, feeding the baby and the need to carry it in your arms in the first months also give you a certain amount of physical activity.

Postpartum recovery exercises

Sports after childbirth.  What can a young mother do?But while your child is asleep, you can, for example, do simple exercises to restore shape. The exercises are performed while lying on your back.

First exercise. So, lie on your back, bend your knees, place your feet on the floor. Tighten your abdominal muscles and buttocks and press them towards the floor. At the same time, the pelvis will rise slightly. Repeat the exercise 10 times. Do 3 sets a day.

Second exercise. It is done from the same position as the first. Pull in your stomach and hold it in this position for as long as possible, without holding your breath. Release tension and repeat nine more times. The exercise should also be done in 3 sets per day.
You can gradually add more difficult exercises, the main thing is that they are aimed at restoring the general tone of the muscles. If you are worried about the restoration of intimate muscles, then start wumbling.

What sports can you do right after giving birth?

After going through the recovery period, it is recommended to start practicing sports that do not involve a strong load. This can be belly dancing, swimming, aqua aerobics, Pilates, race walking.

Belly dance

Sports after childbirth.  What can a young mother do?We can say that belly dancing is specially created for women after childbirth. It gives a fairly soft load and is aimed at problem areas of the abdomen and thighs. Stretched skin is tightened and the hated cellulite goes away. It should be noted that belly dance has a beneficial effect on stagnant processes in the urinary system and joints and actively strengthens the pelvic muscles. Another huge plus of belly dancing is that it positively affects both your posture, making it more sensual and feminine. At the same time, belly dancing helps to restore hormones after childbirth.

With belly dancing, of course, you will not achieve a flat belly and thin priests, but you can correct your figure well and make your own proportions more attractive.

Swimming and aqua aerobics

Sports after childbirth.  What can a young mother do?Aqua aerobics can be started within a month or two after giving birth.

Aqua aerobics is one of the best ways to tone yourself up, water is the most unique natural exercise machine, muscles work with maximum load, and the body does not feel tension. A slight muscle fatigue appears only after exercise, but it is typical for any kind of sports.

The big plus of the pool is that you can go there with your child and teach him to swim from early childhood. This will be very beneficial for the child.

For aqua aerobics, classes three times a week will be most effective. Classes should be carried out in 4 phases: warm-up, warm-up, intensive part and relaxation. Each exercise is performed 10 times, regularly and sequentially.

Pilates classes

Sports after childbirth.  What can a young mother do?Pilates is the safest form of fitness, so you can safely go to the gym for classes. Pilates exercises gently affect the abdominal muscles and, thanks to their detailed study, the muscles quickly return to their previous shape. Exercises on the spine allow you to correct your posture and return it to its former grace.

What sports should you not get involved in?

In the first months after childbirth, you should not engage in those sports that imply a strong active load.

Such sports include running. Starting to run in the first time after childbirth, you give a very heavy load on the heart, in the first place. The body has not yet sufficiently reorganized hormones for such loads. Jogging also puts a lot of stress on the chest, if your baby is breastfeeding, then jogging can have a bad effect on lactation.

Sports after childbirth.  What can a young mother do?For the same reasons active cycling is not recommended eithert. Of course, light cycling is unlikely to have a bad effect on your health and well-being. But it is best to refuse active driving. Such loads can be given to your body after a year after childbirth, having previously consulted with your doctor about this.

It goes without saying that weightlifting and athletics, tennis, volleyball it is best to postpone as well.

Reviews and recommendations of young mothers after childbirth about sports


It will be possible to go in for sports only a month and a half after giving birth, but you will not be up to it. While the baby feed, then wash him and yourself, then rock the arms. Dressing and undressing – all this is a decent load on my mother’s body. Want more? Turn on the music and dance with the baby, he will love it;).


It depends on who considers what to be active physical activity, what kind of physical activity was before pregnancy and what kind of childbirth. On average, after a normal childbirth, the doctor gives permission to visit the gym / pool after 1-2 months. After COP – in 3-4 months. For trained mothers or mothers-athletes, the terms may be slightly shorter, for those who said goodbye to physical education in grade 1 of the school – a little more. 6 months – possibly with difficult labor.


My personal good gynecologist said: “As you start having sex, you can do sports, only within reasonable limits.” In fact, you can practice when you feel comfortable enough, and of course, you need to refrain from heavy physical activity. Once a week will be enough, and then as it grows, and I guarantee that mom is more beautiful than you will not see again.


I am a professional equestrian. After the first birth, she mounted a horse when the child was a month old. (Episiotomy was done). After the second birth – in three weeks. When the youngest was 3 months old, I took part in competitions. The form was restored in about 2-3 months. Now the baby is almost 5 months old, my weight is normal, there is almost no belly (a small fold of skin), but I don’t give myself big loads yet, because breastfeeding. So, if you feel okay, go ahead. Good luck.

And when after giving birth did you start to play sports and how?

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