Terry Mcmillan Net Worth

How Much is Terry McMillan Worth?

There are many ways to determine Terry McMillan’s net worth. Many credible sources report different figures about this author’s networth. These figures are affected in many ways, including taxes, management fees, and the author’s divorce. We’ve compiled some of the more credible sources to find out how much this author is worth. To calculate your net worth, you can also use our handy guide!

Originally from Port Huron, Michigan, Terry McMillan earned his net worth through his career as an author. He graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. His first book Mama was published in 1987. McMillan was a freelance writer for a few months before he received national recognition for Waiting to Exhale, her second book. It remained on New York Times bestseller lists for several months. His books have helped him to earn a net worth of approximately $40 million.

Although McMillan has been married for a while, her net worth has recently increased because of her published works. In 1998, she was married to actor Jonathan Plummer. The two split in 2005 after Plummer came out as gay. She has a son named Solomon with him. In 2012, she sold her house in Danville, California for nearly $2 million. She lives now outside of San Francisco, with her son and daughter.

After the tragic fire that destroyed his house in 1992, McMillan became a devout Christian and focused on inspirational music. He released two albums with Giant Records and also appeared on several Christian television shows. His net worth and actual income could differ despite his popularity. Terry McMillan, regardless of his source of income, is an incredibly talented musician. It may surprise you to learn that he is a multi-millionaire.

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