Tess Holliday is outraged by haters’ scrutiny

One of the most famous plus-size models, Tess Holliday, spoke again about the attitude of others to her appearance and asked netizens not to worry about her and her health.

Tess Halliday
Photo @tessholliday

In a world of stereotypes

Tess Holliday is not only a well-known and successful plus-size model, but also a body-positive activist: she often shares with her audience stories from her personal life, motivating advice on how to love and accept herself, as well as critical posts about stereotypes about overweight people.

Recently, the star again raised the painful topic of bias towards her and lamented that many users of social networks still consider it their duty to be interested in her health.

“Today I woke up completely exhausted by the mental gymnastics that people do to deprive overweight people of the right to happiness, because in society we are taught that being fat is the worst thing that can happen to you and that this is some kind of moral flaw. People are more “worried” about my health than their own life. Don’t worry about me, I’m fine. You better worry about destroying the multibillion dollar industry selling you fake installs that you won’t be cute and happy until you reach a certain size. “

Tess Halliday 2
Photo @tessholliday

Users agreed with the model and shared their own stories and thoughts on this matter:

  • “And that’s it. I threw my scales away this weekend. I still go to yoga classes, but I no longer control the numbers on the scales. The main thing for me is my health! ” – mary_jane__8.
  • “People just don’t know. This year I put on a lot of weight, although I started to train more than ever. I cut back on carbohydrates and fast food, and added a lot of vegetables, but problems like thyroid gland and so on are of great importance. You can try your best but still have weight problems. “- killseybowen.
  • “Thanks for normalizing normal bodies” – abstract_strawberry.

At gunpoint

Despite the fact that today such movements as body positivity and body neutrality are actively developing in the world, and plus-size models are becoming more and more in demand and popular, Tess Holliday often comes under a barrage of criticism from the media and social network users.

The 155-pound model is often accused of promoting obesity and unhealthy lifestyles. So, in 2018, TV presenter and journalist Piers Morgan criticized the cover of Cosmopolitan, where Tess was portrayed in a green swimsuit. And also the TV presenter turned to the model herself, recommending her to lose weight so as not to die of obesity.

There are many such cases: the media, netizens and haters often state that Tess Holliday suffers from obesity and that this cannot be positioned as the norm. The model herself has repeatedly stated that she loves herself the way she is and is not going to lose weight.

Tess Holliday 3
Photo @tessholliday

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