Test: What kind of dog are you?

Dachshund, Staffordshire Terrier, Labrador, Newfoundland or English Bulldog? Which breed of these four-legged friends matches your personality? The next test will tell you about it.

The test consists of 10 questions, to which only one answer can be given. Do not hesitate for a long time on one question, choose the option that seemed most suitable to you.

Test what kind of dog you are

1. Loneliness or company?

A) I like to spend time alone with myself, but not too long – I lack attention, and I love to be the star of any event.
B) I prefer to distance myself from people in order to see and control everything from a distance.
C) Depends on the mood – I like solitude and communication.
D) I do not like loud companies, they tire me. I prefer to spend time only in the company of a few loved ones.
E) Where the thickest of events takes place – there I am, in the very center of it. How else? No one will achieve anything without me.

2. How do you feel about the violent manifestation of emotions by other people?

A) Usually I am responsible for emotional outbursts, so I can’t stand it when someone else pulls out the palm from me in this discipline.
B) I am calm and calm, but I enjoy watching the emotional spectacle.
C) I am calm about impulsive people, although I am closer to the rational expression of emotions.
D) Negatively, excessive demonstration of emotionality annoys me.
E) Depending on what emotions – drama and theatricality are not for me, I prefer understandable expressions of feelings.

3. What does your home look like? Is it always in order?

A) I try to maintain cleanliness, but this is given to me with difficulty – I balance better on the verge of order and chaos.
B) Everything should be strictly in its place, on the shelves, neatly laid out. I hate the mess and demand to keep order in my house.
C) For me, comfort is more important – mine and my loved ones. I love order, but I try to make it as comfortable as possible.
D) My house is always clean, but things are often not where they should be.
E) Housekeeping is not my part, I have a lot of other, more important concerns than everyday ones. questions that I seek to entrust to someone else.

4. Is it easy to make you laugh?

A) Yes, I laugh very easily and I can burst into tears just as easily.
B) I can’t say that I am a funny person, but clever jokes can make me smile.
C) Easy enough, I am an easy person and strive for positive emotions.
D) Unless with a sarcastic remark or appropriate irony – I’m quite skeptical about my sense of humor.
E) Yes, quite, I like good witty jokes.

5. Do you drive a car? (if not, choose the closest answer) Is it easy for you to park it in a tight spot?

A) I do not like driving, I prefer to move in the passenger seat. But if I need to be a driver, I will park as long as necessary, but I will not resort to the help of others.
B) It will not be difficult for me to put the car even in the narrowest parking space – when I drive up, I already understand whether my car will fit here or not.
C) If necessary, yes, but I’d better look for a more suitable place so as not to inconvenience myself or others.
D) No, it’s hard for me to feel the dimensions of the car, but I’m not ashamed to ask other motorists for help.
E) Easy, I feel great in space, so parking does not cause me any difficulties.

6. The word that is closer to you:

A) Theater.
B) Logic.
C) Relationships.
D) Calmness.
E) Power.

7. Are you easily thrown off balance?

A) Yes, I react violently to attempts to offend or humiliate me.
B) I can withstand the blows, but then I can get angry so that the offender wants to fall through the ground from one glance.
C) No, but sometimes I worry for a long time because of the negativity in my address.
D) Impossible – I am a phlegmatic person and the opinion of people worries me least of all.
E) Oh yes, especially with injustice and betrayal – my anger just won’t end.

8. What did you dream of becoming as a child?

A) Actor.
B) Mathematician. Necessarily a great mathematician.
C) A psychologist or teacher.
D) Programmer or philosopher.
E) A politician or a military man.

9. Do you make new acquaintances easily?

A) Yes, but not all new acquaintances pass my reliability checks.
B) I can easily get to know each other if I want, but I look closely at the person for a long time, analyze him.
C) Yes, I am an open person and love to get to know other people.
D) No, it is difficult for me to make contact with a stranger, I prefer a narrow circle of old acquaintances.
E) I can quite get to know the person I need and like him.

10. Describe your ideal weekend in one word:

A) Party.
B) Books.
C) Communication.
D) Silence.
E) Activity.


More Answers A


Dachshund1You know how to feel the emotional state of others and influence it, you perfectly manage to try on various roles, adjusting to each situation, and turn everything in your favor. Emotions are your element, you subtly play them like a musical instrument, evoking in those around you exactly those emotional reactions that you need to achieve a goal.

More Answers B

American staffordshire terrier

American staffordshire terrierYou love order and know how to create and control it. The world for you is a strictly structured system, where each object is connected to another by some kind of logical system. You are calm and calm, you understand well what you need, and inspire those around you with strength and calmness. However, seeing injustice, you can show aggression in order to restore order in your territory.

More Answers C


LabradorFor you, the main thing is good relations with others, it is difficult for you to change your attitude towards a person, so you do your best to maintain your disposition both to the object and to the situation. You have the ability to influence the interlocutor, successfully defend your opinion, confident in yourself and your moral principles. You feel the subordination well and observe it, demanding the same from others. You can easily be described as a reliable, balanced person you can rely on.

More Answers D


NewfoundlandObserve, track and analyze, predict the course of events and wait for the right moment for decisive action – all this can be said about you. You are an imperturbable and balanced person, next to you is calm and comfortable. You feel great the atmosphere around you. Behind the mask of solidity is a vulnerable person who reacts sharply to injustice and inattention, but you never tell about it directly – it’s easier for you to step aside and wait for the culprit of your upset to guess his mistake and come to you to make up.

More Answers E

English bulldog

English bulldogLeader, strategist, commander – all this can be said about you. You can easily subordinate others to your will, and you do it in such a way that those around you believe that you are right and follow you. You can see very well how to properly build the mechanism of the team, so that it works harmoniously and productively, and has a good sense of the balance of power in society. Your status and the respect of others are beyond doubt.

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