Why don’t some people like you right away?

Empath Is a person with a developed ability for empathy.

Empathy (from Greek – “passion”, “suffering”, “feeling”) – conscious empathy with the current emotional state of another person without losing the feeling of the origin of this experience (Wiktionary).

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We all faced hostility towards us from other people, or with sudden irritation and anger from old acquaintances, and there seems to be no obvious and understandable reason for such an attitude.

Of course, we are all different: we get along well with someone, and we dislike someone, but the “mirror” empath is especially acutely aware of external negativity and rejection.

What often confuses the mirror empath is why some people – quite nice and friendly – treat them aggressively.

There are actually 3 reasons why people are either disappointed or instantly dislike the mirror empath. First of all, these empaths “work” like a mirror (as their name implies). They have very high vibrations, and their calmness is often misunderstood and misinterpreted.

Reflection of other people’s weaknesses and vices

People often act and behave insincerely. They hide their nature, because they do not like some of the traits of their own personality. And the empath immediately mirrors these features.

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In addition, people play and pretend to manipulate others or to adapt and fit into a team or group.

The fear of being rejected or harshly criticized leads many to wear fake masks either all the time or depending on the situation. And when such a “masked man” encounters a “mirror” empath, the latter clearly sees or feels all the falsehood.

The mask is removed, and hidden or denied character traits float to the surface. The empath reflects them like in a mirror! Of course, this often leads to the fact that he is frankly disliked.

However, those who experience this “rejection” do not realize that their negative feelings towards the empath are simply a reflection of their dark side. Everything that has been hidden so carefully becomes visible in the “mirror of the empath”.

Mirror effect

As an empath picks up emotions, hidden behaviors, and true personality traits of others, he projects them back onto their rightful owner. Moreover, he does this not intentionally, but subconsciously.

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For example, if a person hides from prying eyes his insecurity, suppressed shame, guilt or anger, that is, what he does not like about himself, in communication the empath will constantly remind him of these hidden traits.

And this cannot be liked in any way! In other words, an empath reflects to such a person all the truth that he denies.

The empath’s vibration is too high

Sometimes it is difficult and almost unbearable for people to be around those who radiate pure energy. When you work on yourself and make positive changes in your mind, body or spirit, you become purer. And this can cause rejection in people with lower vibrations.

You may have noticed that some friends are more supportive of you when you are depressed. But when you find yourself in a space with a high vibration, radiate happiness and joy, those same friends no longer like it. They may try to dissuade and belittle you in order to extinguish your inner light. Your high vibrations can alienate even those you love.

Not everyone is ready to raise their vibration. A number of people have yet to learn at their level, and they are not yet able to move on. This is why they will try to pull the empath down. And if he does not want this, then hostility towards him arises.

Empath’s calm is misinterpreted

Insecure people often perceive the empath’s restrained behavior as disrespectful or even disrespectful. The “mirror” empath really looks somewhat distant at times, because those around him consider him an arrogant person who looks at them with superiority.

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However, if an empath is acting aloof, it is only because he is “overwhelmed.” He probably received a certain amount of negative energy from his environment and is in serious need of “recharging”.

At such moments, he simply wants to be invisible to others, since it is difficult for him to conduct even a polite conversation. This is often interpreted as a rejection or an insult.

Since other people do not feel what the mirror empath is feeling, it is difficult for them to understand why they should be left alone. Unfortunately, the more a person is not sure of himself, the more he is offended by the calmness of the empath.

So, if someone dislikes you for no reason, don’t take it personally. It’s just a mirror of the empath in action.

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