The 5 Best Exercises to Lose Internal Fat

Internal fat is fraught with a greater danger than subcutaneous fat. This attack is also called visceral fat. It accumulates in the abdominal cavity in the area of ​​the kidneys, intestines, envelops almost all internal organs and interferes with the work of the body. If subcutaneous fat is more aesthetically negative in nature, then visceral fat can cause significant harm to health.

What exercises will help you get rid of internal fat? Told by fitness trainer Colady.

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Internal fat contributes to the onset and worsening of diseases such as atherosclerosis, dementia, cancer, rectal diseases, high blood pressure, as well as stroke and type 2 diabetes.

Nutrition plays an important role in the formation of this fat. Eating habits contribute to the accumulation of reserves at the waist. People who care about their health and beauty need avoiding simple fats, which are found in abundance in confectionery, margarine, oils, hydrogenated – including, and more include fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products in your menu.

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But diet alone is not enough. Most of all, internal fat loves lying on the couch or sitting in an office chair. For complete victory, you need constant physical activity… And, as studies have shown, the best in this fight are aerobic exercise, the leaders of which are running, swimming, tennis, cycling, skiing, skating, snowboarding and simply intense walking. A prerequisite is correct breathing. After all, it is oxygen that allows fat to break down under the influence of physical exertion. Access to cardiovascular equipment is the ideal solution.

Daily 10-20 minutes of exercise on a stationary bike will speed up your metabolism and help to burn off the required amount of internal fat.

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For reference: Cardiovascular equipment includes an exercise bike, a stepper, a treadmill, an elliptical cross trainer, a rowing machine, a hand-held exercise bike – hand-held ergometer, and a climber.

If there are no simulators, they will help aerobics or dance fitness

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  1. Running in place. This simple exercise for children can reduce visceral fat. You need to run for a long time, from 20 minutes. At least 3-4 times a week.
  2. Jumping in place or jumping rope. This is also a cardio load. 3-4 approaches for 5-7 minutes are enough. The secret to losing weight with these exercises is their duration and low intensity.
  3. Badminton, tennis and all kinds of outdoor games, including basketball and football. They contribute to weight loss. If you play 2-3 times a week, then no less than 40-60 minutes a day.

To get rid of internal fat at the waist, in addition to everything, you need to add abs exercises, they will strengthen the abdominal muscles. The secret to getting rid of internal fat is the variety of such exercises.

In addition to burning fat, many fitness instructors advise insulate the desired area… So, at times it will be more effective to pump the press in a warm sweater or a belt made of dog hair.

How to Lose Internal Fat – Top 5 Exercises

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  1. Classic press
    Starting position: lying on your back, arms bent at the elbows, locked behind the head. Legs bent at the knees, feet on the floor. Lying on your back, raise your upper body and touch your knees. You need to start doing this exercise 10 times a day, 4 times a week.
  2. Press the other way around
    Starting position: lying on your back. Straightened legs need to be raised until a right angle forms between them and the body. This exercise will be ideal if the toes of the feet touch the floor behind the head. Such is the gymnastics! For a start, 10 times a day 3-4 times a week is enough.
  3. Twisting torso lift
    Starting position: lying on your back, arms bent behind the head, and legs at the knees. The feet are on the floor. The same exercise on the press only at the end of the left elbow touches the right knee. And in the next approach, the right elbow touches the left knee. The daily rate is about 20-30 times a day. 3 times a week.
  4. Double press
    Harder exercise. Starting position: lying on the floor, hands locked behind the head, and legs bent at the knees. To perform the exercise, you need to pull up your legs and raise your torso, touching your elbows to your knees. Thus, only the lower back is supported. In this position, the abdominal muscles do not get proper rest, and therefore get tired faster. Hence the great effectiveness of the exercise. It will be enough 10-15 times a day, 2-3 times a week.
  5. Turns of the legs from a prone position
    Starting position: lying on your back, legs raised at an angle of 90 °. Bend your legs alternately, first to the left, then to the right. At the same time, try to touch the floor with your feet. This exercise engages the lateral abdominal muscles and helps to remove the sides. The daily rate is 20 times a day. Almost all abdominal exercises can be done every day. But the optimal frequency is considered 3-4 times a week.

We remove internal fat – video

After a month of doing the exercises, you can increase the intensity of the workout by one and a half times. All exercises should be performed gradually, gradually increasing the load. And strength exercises – such as abs – alternate with aerobic exercise.

With these simple guidelines, you can easily deal with even the most difficult-to-reach internal fat deposits.

Have you done any of these exercises? Let us know in the comments!

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