Tibetan hormonal gymnastics will rejuvenate the body better than plastics

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics in just 5 minutes in the morningToday we are turning to alternative methods of restoring our health more and more often, choosing the simplest, safest and most effective ways to keep the body in good shape. One of the methods that is gaining momentum in popularity is hormonal Tibetan gymnastics, the almost magical influence of which is already legendary.

What is it, and how to restore your health and return the youthfulness of the body in just five minutes a day?

The content of the article:

  1. A bit of history
  2. Indications for gymnastics, contraindications
  3. Rules for doing exercises in the morning
  4. 10 exercises – in just 5 minutes every morning

What is Tibetan hormonal gymnastics – a little history

According to legend, Tibetan gymnastics came to us about 3 decades ago from a small monastery in the mountains of Tibet.

During the Soviet era, Soviet specialists were building a power plant in the mountains, and during the installation of a power line, they stumbled upon a monastery. Taking pity on the monks living without light, the Soviet workers brought light to the monastery as well.

In gratitude, the monks shared the secret of a long active life, which lies in hormonal gymnastics, which is a set of unique and simple exercises that are important to do immediately upon awakening.

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics in just 5 minutes in the morning

Why – “hormonal”?

It’s simple. Tibetan gymnastics helps to preserve the youthfulness of the endocrine glands at the level of 25-30 years. When rubbing and massaging active points, which are located in large numbers on the body, a certain process is triggered: the production of the hormone oxytocin, the active work of the hormonal system – and, as a result, the return of tone to the systems and organs, and the rejuvenation of the body.

This is why the technique is called harmonizing and hormonal.

Video: Tibetan hormonal gymnastics

The Tibetan rejuvenation technique promotes:

  1. Easy awakening.
  2. Improving joint mobility.
  3. Eliminate toxins.
  4. Normalization of the digestive tract.
  5. Treatment of sinusitis.
  6. Improvement of hearing, blood circulation, normalization of blood pressure.
  7. Improving mood, getting rid of stress, the production of the hormone of happiness.

And so on.

Indications for gymnastics, contraindications

The amazing Tibetan technique is recommended in the following cases:

  • With chronic stress.
  • With poor vision and hearing.
  • For memory problems.
  • For chronic fatigue.
  • For problems with the spine, gastrointestinal tract and lymphatic system.


It is believed that gymnastics has no contraindications.

In fact, doctors categorically do not recommend this technique for …

  1. Violations of the general work of the heart in the acute stage.
  2. Acute forms of arthritis – for example, with exacerbation of gout.
  3. With diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, especially with stomach ulcers.
  4. With Parkinson’s disease.
  5. An unequivocal contraindication: with a hypertensive crisis.
  6. Risk of pinching the hernia.
  7. In the postoperative state.

Before starting this gymnastics (especially in the presence of chronic diseases), it is recommended consult with specialists!

Rules for doing gymnastics in the morning

Charging from Tibetan monks won’t take you long. It is simple, it can be practiced at any age, and your physical fitness is completely irrelevant.

But in order to achieve the maximum effect from classes, you need to strictly follow the rules:

  • The main rule is to do gymnastics from 4 to 6 in the morning. Of course, the gymnastics that you do at 8 in the morning will not harm you, but it will not do the same good that it should. It is during this time period – from 4 to 6 in the morning – that “subtle energy” comes, renewal occurs, the very hormonal changes are provided.
  • Don’t expect instant results. It will be possible to evaluate the magical benefits of gymnastics, as the monks said, only in 20 years. But you will certainly notice positive changes much earlier – after 2-3 months of classes.
  • Do not stop classes, even if you are “lazy”, there is no time, etc. You cannot appreciate the benefits of gymnastics if you only do it according to your mood. In addition, energy tends to be disrupted, and even a short break can nullify all your efforts. Exercise needs to be done daily! A break not exceeding 2 days of rest from gymnastics is allowed. How to motivate yourself to exercise regularly?
  • Remember the priority.
  • Alcohol, tobacco and drugs are absolutely incompatible with Tibetan gymnastics. Smoking, drinking and practicing this technique is the same as losing weight lying on the bed and eating cakes. Even worse, because you can significantly undermine your own health instead of improving it.
  • Watch for correct breathing.
  • Pay attention to your bed. Charging should be done exclusively lying down, immediately after you opened your eyes in the morning, but under you should not be a feather bed, but an elastic and hard bed.
  • Gymnastics should be done with joy.

Video: Tibetan hormonal gymnastics for health and longevity

10 Exercises for Wellness and Longevity – In Just 5 Minutes Every Morning

  1. Rubbing hands. Exercise helps to get rid of malfunctioning of the body. We rub our hands for a few seconds so that the skin of the palms becomes hot. Now check the state of your biofield: are your palms dry and hot? Everything is great with your energy! Are your hands warm? The biofield level is lowered. Are your palms damp and don’t want to keep warm? Your body needs urgent attention!
  2. Palming. We restore vision (the eyeballs and receptors are nourished) and even the natural hair color (even with gray hair). We lower our palms over the eyes and gently press on the eyeballs. We do 1 second for 1 movement. Total movements – 30. Then we leave our palms in front of our eyes motionless for 30-120 seconds.
  3. We pump ears. We restore hearing, treat inflammation in the ears and other chronic diseases. The course is at least 1-2 years. We clasp our fingers on the back of the head, pressing our ears with our palms. Now, for 30 seconds, 30 times (1 press per second) press on the ears, softening the movements when unpleasant sensations appear.
  4. Facelift. We correct the oval of the face, restore the lymphatic outflow. We “cling” thumbs to the ears and with clenched fists, pressing intensively on the skin of the face, we “tighten” the oval from the chin to the very ears. Reps: 30. After exercise, you will feel the blood flow to your face.
  5. Forehead massage… We revitalize the sinuses and activate the pituitary gland. The right palm is on the forehead, the left palm is on top of the right. “Smooth” the forehead from temple to temple, 1 movement per second. A total of 30 movements.
  6. Crown massage. We restore the mobility of our shoulder joints and eliminate muscle laxity in the arms, get rid of shoulder pain and normalize pressure. We put a roller under the neck. We braid the handles into a ring so that the right handles are at the bottom, and the left handles are at the top. And now we “fly” with our hands 2-3 cm from the head, starting from the forehead and ending at the back of the head. In total – 30 exercises, after which we “hang” over the crown and begin to fly from ear to ear 30 more times.
  7. Thyroid massage. We restore the work of the thyroid gland. The right palm is on the gland, the left palm is on top of the right. With the left hand, we make a downward movement – from the thyroid gland to the very navel at a height of 2-3 cm from the body. In total – 30 exercises, after which we put the left hand on the right and freeze for 5 seconds.
  8. Belly massage. We normalize the digestive tract, get rid of constipation. We put the right hand on the stomach, the left hand on top of the right. Next, stroke the stomach in a circle, clockwise. In total – 30 laps.
  9. Shaking. We cleanse the energy, improve blood circulation. If the bed is too soft, lay it on the floor (you need a hard surface). Raise your legs and arms up so that the direction of the feet and palms is parallel to the floor. Now we rotate at the same time with the feet at the ankle joints and the palms at the wrists. Now shake hands and feet. We count to 30. If you have the strength to do the exercise longer, do it longer.
  10. Rubbing feet… Sitting on the bed, we rub our feet. In turn, or at the same time. With dry feet, we massage with oil or cream. Particular attention is paid to painful points and the center of the feet. We rub for 30 seconds, after which we rub all the legs from below to the very top.

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics in just 5 minutes in the morning

Just a few months of constant gymnastics – and you will be surprised how light will come to your body!

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