The art of indifference or how to relate to life easier

Why are some chronically unlucky, while others shamelessly rejoice in life and don’t blow their minds? The answer is simple: the former, no matter how they hide it, are pessimists, and the latter are indifferent. Pessimists watch football games on TV, fight in a senseless struggle for their rights and constantly create problems out of nothing, and not only for themselves. Bullies play this football, know all their rights and make history. The line between healthy indifference and outright selfishness is very thin, and happy is the one who managed to feel this golden mean.

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Pessimist traits

  • Constant struggle for illusory ideals, salary, fame, as well as against social and medical systems, against boors, against their administration and ad infinitum.
  • Constant complaints about life.
  • Morning arduous rise with a sour face.
  • Weighty first aid kit with corvalolum, motherwort and valerian.
  • Every failure is the end of the world.

Characteristic features of a nigga

  • Sleeps a lot, eats, drinks, dreams, travels, falls in love, rests.
  • Lives for pleasure.
  • Wakes up with a smile on his lips.
  • Follows the motto: “If you cannot change the situation, change your attitude towards it.”
  • He never complains, because he is always doing well.
  • He magnetically attracts money, health and friends, thanks to his optimism.
  • The time that a pessimist spends on a meaningless struggle with himself or suffering, a do not care, in love with life, spends on self-improvement.

How to learn to relate to life easier?

Is it possible to change your pessimistic attitude? First of all, you need to clearly distinguish between a banal primitive indifference from a healthy one. Banal indifference is a free drift with the flow, selfishness and ineradicable laziness. Healthy indifference is the talent to change the direction of the flow at the right moment, the breadth of the soul and the ease to rise.

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First steps to healthy indifference:

  1. Rest (leisure) is the time that no one will return. Life itself depends on the fulfillment of life: positive results in a positive, negative – negative in progression. Filling our life with positive emotions, and rest with our favorite activities, we give our consciousness the correct constructive attitude.
  2. Whining and complaining about life are taboo. Even with your family.
  3. “Pathetic little people”, “vile saleswoman”, “bastard traffic cop” … We change the setting. Good can be seen in every person. You just need to want.
  4. “I will never earn money for an apartment (car, microwave, ficus …).” A rolling stone gathers no moss. To get something, you need to make an effort. And with a smile on his lips and with the installation “I can handle everything.” First – the goal, then a step-by-step plan, then – confident adherence to the goal. Even if it will take several years to go to it. Want to be a great photographer? So, enough drooling under the work of professionals, and a camera in hand – and on courses. Dreaming of the laurels of a writer? Find your genre and learn to burn people’s hearts with a verb.
  5. “Nothing depends on me anyway”, “I still can’t do it” … The eyes are afraid, but the hands do it! Expecting failure, a person attracts it. “Order” for yourself only positive. Installation – “I can”, “I can”, “I can handle it.” And remember the truth – “if you peer into the abyss for a long time, the abyss begins to peer into you.”
  6. Money. There are never many of them. It’s just that one doesn’t have enough for bread, while the other doesn’t have enough for diamond caviar or a fifth yacht. Here you have to decide. If it’s just that life without debt is fine, then it’s time to stop complaining about the lack of money and start enjoying fishing, picnics and sincere meetings with friends with a glass of tea. If ambitions are torn from the inside, then you should forget about all of the above and change your lifestyle, focusing on the road leading to enrichment.

How to attract money? Blasep method

First of all, you should decide – how much do you actually need? Have you decided? Write down the amount in a notebook and read on.

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The presence of at least one of the listed points is your obstacle on the way to wealth:

  • Self-pity.
  • The habit of borrowing.
  • The habit of spending in excess of earnings.
  • Greed, avarice.
  • Measuring any life values ​​solely with money.
  • Ignoring the benefits of long meticulous work and preferring instant benefits.
  • Wearing yourself out with hated work.
  • Constant comparison of their own and others’ achievements.
  • Complaints about life in every grateful ears.
  • Exaltation of your own person over people of the “second class” and other circle.

None of the items came up? Then feel free to decide on your occupation for the next few years, compare the amount written in a notebook with the chosen occupation and forward. Does not work? Re-read the paragraphs again.

Attracting health – the philosophy of a nigga

  • The truth – laughter prolongs life, is known even to children. Positive thoughts can work miracles. The scheme is simple.
  • The attitude – “everything is bad, depression, stress, inaction, negative thinking” is replaced by – “positive, constructive, decisiveness, focus on results.”
  • We change the setting – “noodles from packages, a joke with him, with caries, and an eight-hour sleep – a luxury” to – “healthy food, good sleep, timely treatment.”
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You can’t buy health – it’s not for nothing that they say so. And all great earnings are dust compared to health and its role in life. First we work to spend money on pleasure. Having earned, we understand that these pleasures are already contraindicated for us for health reasons. Only by really working on yourself, you can achieve results.

Healthy indifference. Postulates

Indifference is not a disregard for everyone and everything. Healthy indifference is the line between indifference to negativity and absolute indifference to everything with symptoms of selfishness.

  • Healthy indifference is ignoring the negative moments in life and, at the same time, the ability to notice all the good.
  • Healthy indifference is the absence of black bars in life. White only.
  • Healthy indifference is the absence of stress, depression and unnecessary worries. Pofigist does not notice evil, it is not frustrated by trifles, and it is capable of seeing good even where it has never happened.

Ten recipes for healthy indifference:

  1. Drive negative thoughts… Straightaway! Hardly such a thought tries to creep into my head. Catch her on the doorstep and drive her away. Ways for this wagon and trolley. The subconscious of a person is a soldier who unconditionally obeys peremptory orders. For example, cry out to her mentally – Get out! It works.
  2. Don’t waste nerve cells… They are not restored. Anything that should happen will happen anyway. Whether you want it or not. And if it has already happened, then there is no point in being nervous at all, you need to either act or give up.
  3. Every day is obligatory and unswervingly give yourself and your favorite pastime at least an hour (and preferably two) free time. Spit on unwashed dishes, piles of toys in a minefield-like children’s room, and outrage from family members, friends and everyone else.
  4. Learn to love yourself. Take some time to lie in a scent bath and tidy yourself up to an almost cover-up level. Make yourself a cup of coffee and have a bite of it with your favorite cake while reading an interesting book or gossip on the Internet.
  5. Learn to abstract completely from everything. Forget about global problems for five minutes an hour and just enjoy life.
  6. Learn to greet your morning with a smile, because it is known that how you meet the morning – so the whole day will pass. And you don’t need so much – your favorite music, a delicious breakfast, a smile at your reflection and a psychological attitude.
  7. Learn to control your subconscious. It is you who should give him the setting, and not vice versa. You shouldn’t attach too much importance to anything. Moreover, as Solomon said, everything goes away.
  8. Forget the illusion of a perfect life… There will always be problems in it. Bad weather, lies and betrayals, spoiled groceries from the store, etc. Learn not to notice these problems.
  9. Do not take the world as a place of survival.… Life is too short to be wasted with depression and struggles. Enjoy it and take it as a game.
  10. Accept as a fact that you are busy with your own business, or are going the wrong way, when something is given to you at the cost of incredible sacrifices and efforts. Find yourself… Feel free to experiment.

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