The beautician spoke about the benefits of floating

A large number of relaxing procedures are known to help restore strength and improve health. Today we will tell you about such a procedure as floating – a novelty in Russian spa salons. Just one session of such a procedure will help you to have a good rest, relax and correct the general condition of the body.

Why is floating good? By the beautician Bologny.

The beautician spoke about the benefits of floating - pamper yourself with a spa in zero gravity
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What is floatation and how does the procedure take place?

The floating capsule is a place where you are alone with your thoughts. The flotary is designed in such a way that you are completely shielded from the outside world – you do not hear extraneous sounds that can distract you. It is also worth noting the following features of this procedure:

  • The capsule is large. It helps to cope with claustrophobia and allows you to float freely in the water without discomfort.
  • Dense walls and doors block light and sound, which will help to completely relax and distract from the outside world.
  • In a capsule for the procedure the water level is 25 centimeters
  • Epsom salt is dissolved in water. The saturated saline solution allows you to “lie” on the water, because the concentration of salt in the water is higher than the salt level in the Dead Sea.
  • The water temperature is equal to the temperature of the human skin – 34.8 degrees. This creates a comfortable environment for the procedure.
  • Slow and relaxing music is played at the beginning of the procedure., which helps to “dissolve in space” and get rid of stress and anxiety.
  • Session duration – 45-60 minutes, but those who have already been to the floating procedure can say that this time flies by very quickly.
  • Those who are attending the session for the first time can leave the capsule door avoid discomfort.

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Benefits of a SPA floatation procedure – who is floatation suitable for?

Floating is an unusual procedure, which, like everything unusual, does not inspire much confidence at first. But people who experienced the sensation of weightlessness in the flotation will definitely want to visit the spa again.

Video: Benefits of Floating for the Human Body

Who is floating for?

  • Office workers. If you are under constant stress, then the floating procedure is perfect for you. One session – and there will be no shortage of endorphins. See also: The most common office diseases – cause and prevention.
  • Suffering from depression, various phobias and bad habits. A person can learn to control himself and feel his body.
  • Floating can also help normalize sleep. This treatment helps to stimulate the brain and cope with chronic fatigue.
  • This procedure is also suitable for creative people.… Floating capsule space allows you to quickly find a solution for any creative challenge.
  • If you play sports, then floating will help you to reduce pressure, normalize pulse, strengthen muscles.
  • This procedure is perfect for people who suffer from fractures, back pain, arthritis and migraines.
  • If you suffer from muscle hypertonicity, then floating would be a great option to relax them. This procedure will relieve the spine and joints. Several flotation sessions can be done for pregnant women to relieve pain and heaviness in the spine.

Contraindications for the floating procedure

Of course, at first glance it may seem that this procedure has no negative sides. However, as with all physiotherapy procedures, floating also has contraindications:

  • Persons in alcoholic, drug intoxication are not allowed to such sessions.
  • People who suffer from hypertension should not float.
  • In case of skin diseases, it is categorically impossible to dip into such salty water. Floating is also prohibited for people with open wounds on the body.
  • If a person suffers from epilepsy, angina pectoris, or has recently had a heart attack, then the floating session should also be abandoned.
  • Floating is contraindicated in people who carry infectious diseases.
  • If your medical record contains a diagnosis of otitis media or a ruptured eardrum, then you should refuse the procedures.
  • Do not visit the floating capsule for respiratory and lung diseases.

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