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Kayalom arrows for the eyesAlmost any makeup will be well complemented by the dyed mucous membrane of the lower eyelid. In the case of daytime makeup, this will be an interesting accent. And for evening make-up – a bright highlight, giving the look great expressiveness.

For this, you can use special kajal or kajal pencils.

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Features of kajal pencils

As a rule, they are marked with “kajal”.

A kayal pencil is used to stain the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid. After all, not all eyeliners can be used to work out such a delicate and vulnerable area: some of them will either wash out instantly from there, and some can cause a bad reaction in the eyes.

The kayals we need are softer so as not to cause irritation upon application, higher resistance to withstand moisture.

How to apply arrows with kayalom on the eyes – instructions

I recommend using this pencil as a finishing element of eye makeup, but before coloring the eyelashes with mascara. So, after applying the eyeshadows, the eyes will already get used to external influences, so they will be much less irritated than if you start their makeup precisely with working out the mucous membrane.

How to draw arrows with kayal

To make the pencil last as long as possible, follow the instructions:

  1. Pull down the lower eyelid.
  2. With a well-sharpened kayal, begin to carefully paint the mucous membrane from the middle, moving to the outer edge, then paint over the side closest to the inner corner of the eye, not reaching it for about 2-3 mm.
  3. For the first 30 seconds after application, try not to blink intensely: the kayal should harden a little.
  4. Then take a cotton swab and bring it to the inner corner. Collect the liquid that appears on the tip of a cotton swab.

Choosing a kayal pencil shade?

With the help of drawing the mucous membrane, you can achieve different effects. As a rule, it all depends on the shade of the pencil.
Many of my clients were surprised to learn that the mucous membrane can be emphasized not only with a black shade.

Kayal for eyes of color

Beige, white

Light shades of kayals will allow you to visually enlarge your eyes, make them more open.

Keep in mind: when combined in certain shades of makeup, the natural pink tint of the mucous membrane can begin to look painful. In this case, beige kayal will be the best solution to the problem.

Try to choose matte beige pencils without shine.


Golden kayal will help to add festiveness and solemnity to the makeup. Just like beige, it will slightly enlarge the eyes, while at the same time it will serve as an interesting color addition.

It will suit almost any shade of shadows, and to any appearance. However, be prepared for the fact that, in combination with colored shadows, your make-up will look somewhat creative.

Light blue / blue

These shades will give your eyes incredible depth.

Blue kayal

Rememberthat lighter shades of the same blue are best suited for blue and gray eyes, and blues for dark eyes. It is in this situation that the color enhancement we need will occur.

The best thingif pencils of this shade have a slight shine. A matte blue or blue color on the mucous membrane will look somewhat foreign.


I really love the way green kayal looks on green, gray and brown eyes.

By the way, when used for brown eyes, their shade also becomes slightly greenish. It looks very attractive.

On blue eyes such a pencil will look too colorful.


It is very important here to choose the coldest shade of purple as possible, because if it goes red, the mucous membrane will look inflamed.

This shade will suit any eye color. A great shade option to diversify your daytime makeup.


It is simply necessary that it be radiant.

Brown kayal

And it is desirableto be a cool shade of brown. Because if it is warm – again, the illusion of sick eyes will be created.

Use it when creating brown smoky ice.


Black is suitable for charcoal smoky. It looks equally impressive both on light eyes and on dark ones.

However, my favorite is black kajal, as a complement to black smoky for gray and blue eyes.

The makeup looks contrasting and very beautiful.

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