The best vision restoration techniques from ophthalmologists

Many people have vision problems. Visual impairment can be associated with a wide variety of reasons: age-related changes, deterioration of blood supply to the eye, eye muscle tension, hereditary or infectious diseases, stress and lack of vitamins. To improve vision and get rid of fatigue, it is necessary to follow certain guidelines and the most effective eye exercises. You can give up glasses forever by using alternative vision restoration techniques. Read the description of popular vision correction techniques: Zhdanov, Avetisov, Norbekov, Bates, etc.

How to restore vision without glasses – ophthalmologists present the best methods for improving vision at home.

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Bates vision improvement technique

Hive bates – an ophthalmologist from the USA – became the founder of the method for improving vision without the use of glasses. The vision restoration technique was based on a wrong theory, but this does not prevent it from restoring vision for many people.

The essence of the Bates method

Methodology relieves psychological stress, which is especially important these days. Bates did not even suspect that his technique would reach our time. You won’t be able to regain good eyesight if you don’t relax your eyes. Performing a set of exercises, you can regain your visual acuity. The Bates technique for improving vision is based on special gymnastics, which is designed to improve vision.

Bates exercises include the following

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  • Palming – an exercise during which the eyes are closed with palms folded in a house. You must first rub your palms together until warmth appears. Close your eyes and visualize black objects, concentrate well on your breathing.
  • Memories. You should remember good memories by closing your eyes. This exercise allows the muscles of the eye to relax.
  • Mental representation. Bates recommends presenting a blank sheet of white paper in front of you, on which you need to mentally write something;
  • Exit from palming. Close your eyes that you covered with your palms. Repeat the exercise several times. Then, take your palms away from your eyes, but do not open them. When you do this exercise, roll your head in different directions, take a deep breath and you can open your eyes.

Fundamentals of Norbekov’s vision restoration method, table for vision

Norbekov believed that a person must psychologically tune in a positive way… You must free yourself from the habit of thinking that you are sick, insecure, weak, and infirm. In addition, there are many specific exercises in the methodology, many of which are borrowed from the proven methodology of William Bates. Norbekov’s vision restoration technique gives excellent results to people suffering from hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism

Exercises according to this technique should be given 30 to 60 minutes a day. Before starting the exercises, it is important to straighten your back, straighten your shoulders and smile with your entire mouth. So you will relax as much as possible and get an artificial charge of positive emotions.

All exercises according to Norbekov are divided into several groups:

  • Exercises that strengthen the oculomotor muscles.
    Do rotational exercises with your eyeballs, alternately moving them in different directions. The head does not need to be moved during this exercise.
  • Exercises to strengthen the oblique muscles of the eyes.
    Keep your eyes on the tip of your finger, you need to zoom in and out from the nose. Alternate your eyes from the tip of your nose with your eyes from the sides
  • Accommodation exercise.
    Place a postage stamp on the window below eye level. Sit 25cm from the window. Look first at the stamp, then out the window. Do this exercise for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Exercise that spreads the axes of vision.
    Focus your gaze on the tips of your fingers brought to the tip of your nose. Spread your fingers apart, each time trying to follow the removed finger from your side.
  • Exercises to relax the eyes.
    Blink frequently, cover your eyes with your palms, relax your eyes.

A natural method of restoring vision – gymnastics for the eyes according to Zhdanov

The best vision restoration techniques from ophthalmologists
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Vladimir Zhdanov has developed a series of exercises that relieve fatigue and help restore lost vision. These exercises differ, depending on the pathologies (with myopia one set of exercises is performed, with hyperopia – another).

Exercises for myopia according to Zhdanov

You will need: 2 nameplates of the same size and glasses without glasses. Make one big sign, similar to the one that hangs in the ophthalmologist’s office in A4 format. Only on it there will be not letters, but the text: “There is an opportunity to restore your eyesight and improve your health.” On the first line, write the text in large letters, then smaller, etc. Hang a sign on the wall.

Second tablet should be about the size of a small wallet. It repeats the text first. To complete the exercise, you must cover the right side of the glasses with a black tape. Move away from the wall where plaque number 1 hangs at such a distance that you can read the top line.

Read the first line first on the small plate, then move your gaze to the large one. Try to read the text there. Continue the exercise by swapping the black tape with a different look. Read the next line in the same way.

Exercises for hyperopia according to Zhdanov

  • Make a fist, leaving your index finger free. Bring it to the tip of your nose at eye level. Swing your fist left and right. Then, take your finger 20 centimeter to the right, return it to its original position and again take it the same distance to the left. The head should remain motionless, gaze – focus into the distance, and not on the finger.
  • Make a fist with your thumb up as if you are showing “class!”. Stretch your hand forward, blink frequently, and look at your thumb. Bring your finger to your face at a distance of 20 cm, continuing to follow the finger with your gaze. Then, again take it into the distance.

Exercises for the eyes of Avetisov – exercises to improve vision

The best vision restoration techniques from ophthalmologists
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Gymnastics for Avetisov’s eyes is designed to prevent and restore vision. This gymnastics is recommended for schoolchildren who strain their eyes a lot.

Avetisov’s gymnastics for the eyes consists of 3 groups of exercises

  • First group is intended to improve blood circulation and ocular fluid.
  • Second group strengthens the eye muscles.
  • Third group improves accommodation.

Gymnastics of Academician Utekhin to restore vision

Gymnastics of academician Utekhin aims to relax the eyes during prolonged work… For this, the academician has developed a unique technique, according to which, with the help of an opaque screen, it is possible to achieve convergence of the eyes.

The eye muscles do not need to be strained. They should calmly turn to the designated point on the TV, picture or book.Utekhin’s gymnastics device is made of glasses without lenses. If you have very poor eyesight and cannot see without glasses, use glasses weaker than your glasses. When doing the exercise, cover one eye with a piece of paper or plastic. After making glasses, read a book with them. When reading a book, keep it as far as possible from your eyes. Every 5 minutes, bring the book to your eye 3 times, halving the distance between the eye and the book.

Read a book like this for 30 minutes.… Then, place the screen in front of the other eye and read it in the same way. So you can read for several hours, training your eyes.

Rosenblum, Mats and Lokhtina technique: an accommodation trainer for the restoration of vision

The authors of the methodology have developed exercises to relax the accommodative muscles… Using thick cardboard, make something that looks like a table tennis racket (10×20 cm). Make a horizontal slit above the handle. Insert a ruler there, 60 cm long. The ruler should move freely. Draw a 2mm letter “C” for the racket.

Place a trial spectacle frame in front of the trained eye, with which you can clearly see the tenth line of the table at the ophthalmologist. Place the shutter in front of the other eye. Attach a ruler to the eye to be trained. Now slowly move the paddle towards the eye until the letter “C” looks like the letter “O”. Now do the reverse manipulation so that the letter “C” becomes visible again. For each eye, the exercise is done for up to 10 minutes with breaks of 20 minutes.

Effective gymnastics for the eyes by Margaret Corbet

The best vision restoration techniques from ophthalmologists
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Margaret Corbett is an Austrian physician who developed the theory of vision improvement. Margaret believed that by doing certain exercises, you can learn independently bring the focal length to the retina and do without glasses.

Basic rules of exercises by Margaret Corbet

  1. While reading, you can not hold the book on your knees or chest.
  2. Shuffle the book while reading (either closer or farther from your eyes). Change your position as often as possiblereclining or straightening in a chair.
  3. Don’t read while lying in bed.
  4. Move your eyelids and eyebrows in the morning… This exercise improves blood circulation and massages the lacrimal glands and drainage ducts.

By following the rules and performing the exercises of these well-known techniques, you can significantly improve your vision.

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